It starts off with Ash and his friends resting in a park. All of their pokemon are sleeping. I heard of Ledyba flew by, wakening Togepi. Togepi jumps up and watch’s them. Then Togepi yawns and falls back, while doing so; she falls down a hill, wakening pikachu and the rest of the group’s pokemon. Pikachu then goes after Togepi. Meowth, while exploring, finds himself lost. When Togepi rolls out of nowhere and smacks him right in the face. Togepi rolls on some more with meowth now rolling behind. They both fall down a tree stump. The group’s pokemon are calling for togepi, but don’t get a response. Psyduck then comes running down the hill and knocks pikachu and the rest’s pokemon down the tree stump. The pokemon are pikachu, marill, psyduck, squirtle, bulbasaur and venonat. The tree stump leads off a mountain. Some ledyba just caught them before they hit the ground. They ride the ledyba while looking at the pokemon in the water and in the sky. The ledyba drop them off in some leaves. They say good bye and are left in the middle of the rain forest. They come face to face with an Elekid. He shows his electricity and pikacthu shows his electricity off too. Lots of pokemon in the trees all around watch. Then we see meowth stuck hanging off a tree branch. While hanging by his bag he screams for help. Wakening a gyarados, the gyarados appears out of a waterfall and almost eats meowth, just missing him though.

Pikachu then asks elekid if he’s seen togepi. Elekid tells pikachu and the rest to follow him. So they do, they walk into a cave and see lot of pokemon, while doing so. They walk out of the cave and follow elekid up a tree branch; alkyd then points up the tree. They all look up to see some exeggcute in a nest. In the nest they also see togepi. Pikachu runs up the tree and tries to get togepi back, but the exeggcute don’t want togepi to leave. Bulbasaur then use are his vines to grab togepi, but one of the exeggcute bites his vine. Squirtle then counts the exeggcute and notices that one egg is missing. They explain that they want togepi to fill in for the missing egg. So pikachu and the rest go in searcth for the lost egg. So they can get togepi back.

Whilst looking they see a group of bellossom, they put on a show for pikachu and the rest. Lots of pokemon around the forest also join in the dance. After it finishes, Pikachu goes in a cave and meets some clefairy. The clefairy use their metronome attack. The attack happens to be explosion, blowing a hole in the cave and also launching pikachu and the gang in air. They fall on some leaves outside of the cave, and jump on the leaves leading them to the top of the tree. Pikachu and elekid both jump too far on the last leaf and go flying through the air, landing right into meowth who was still stuck in that tree.

Then meowth, pikachu and elekid fall down the tree landing on a snorlax. They all bounce off snorlax landing in the waterfall next to the tree that meowth was stuck in before. The same gyarados as before comes out of the waterfall. Pikachu, elekid and meowth all hang on to gyarados's head. Pikachu and meowth have a fight over who gets to ride gyarados. Pikachu uses thunderbolt, which launcher meowth into the air. While meowth blasts off he says "look I’m blasting off alone again". At the same time pikachu and elekid land on a tree. They both meet up with Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Venonat, Marill and Psyduck again. Just as when they think there safe some dark clouds cover the sun and a thunderstorm starts up. It’s very windy.

The exeggcute, who are all around in their nests, almost fly off in the wind. But thanks to pikachu and the rest, they don’t. They help out by grabbing the nests. They almost lose them, but then out of nowhere lots of pokemon from the forest help out. Snorlax helps out pikachu in which the nests that pikachu’s got has togepi in it. The storm then gets worse. Pikachu and elekid fight off the thunder by using their thunder attacks. But a streak of lightning gets through and hits a tree, causing a fire. Squirtle and Marill put the fire out by using their water gun attacks. When all things seem to be fine, the nest with togepi in it blows away. Bulbasaur uses his vines to catch the nest.

He gets the nest but almost gets blown away too. So a machop grabs bulbasaur and so do all the pokemon in the forest. They form a long chain all holding each other. Snorlax, who is on the end of the chain, grabs the chain of pokemon until he grabs the nest. He puts the nest on the ground and togepi and the Exeggcute jump out. The sun then comes out from the clouds and a dragonair fly’s across the rainbow, pikachu then grabs togepi in happiness, The Exeggcute are also happy but still are missing one of there eggs. Then a Chansey comes out of a tree and pulls out the missing Exeggcute egg out of her pouch. The Exeggcute jump around in joy, and while doing so they evolve into Exeggutor, (Jumping around a leave stone caused them to evolve). Pikachu then says bye to the Exeggutor and the Elekid. He also says bye to all the other pokemon that helped out. They appear just before sun down in a lake next to Ash, Tracey and Misty. Ash calls pikachu over and Tracey says that they must have been playing in the lake the whole time.

Pikachu's Rescue Adventure

Pikachu's Exploration Party


Power Of One