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Once again, we find our heroes in the middle of the forest. Ash, May, and Max are drooling over the stew that Brock is preparing. Brock says it should be done soon and that they should let the Pokemon out for some fresh air. Ash releases Taillow and Treecko, May releases Torchic, and Brock lets out Forretress. The Pokemon stretch, then notice Treecko. They seem a little nervous around it, but Ash tells them that Treecko is their new friend. The Pokemon all say hello and keep talking, making Treecko nervous. Treecko runs up a tree to get away. When it reaches the top, Ash calls for it to come down. Treecko grabs a twig from the tree, places it in its mouth then leans against the trunk. May wonders why Treecko acts like that, and Brock explains that Treecko still has that rebel attitude from before, and it’ll warm up sooner or later. They then sit down and enjoy the stew. May takes a bite and thinks it’s delicious. The 4 of them then look to see Torchic running around with an apple on its back. Max tells May that Torchic has a lot of energy, and she gloats on how energetic Pokemon means they are healthy. Max then adds in that it can’t be too healthy if she doesn’t even train it. May looks down embarrassed. Ash looks up and tells Treecko to come join the Pokemon. Treecko just sits on the branch, looking towards the sky. Ash tempts it with some Pokemon food, but it still doesn’t come down. Suddenly, Treecko notices the bushes below shaking. The bushes shake in different areas as the thing in them moves towards Ash and co’s camp. Suddenly, a Seviper peeks out of the trees at Ash’s camp. It notices Torchic running around and immediately wants the apple. It ducks down out of site again as Torchic runs happily past. Suddenly, Seviper’s tail stretches out, tripping Torchic. The apple rolls away. Torchic freaks out and chases after the apple. When it reaches it, Seviper slithers up, towering over Torchic. When Torchic notices it, it goes insane with fear. Seviper lunges and swallows the apple whole. Torchic gets mad, as it was planning on eating them apple when it was done frolicking with it. It yells at Seviper, insulting it. Seviper gets angry and lunges to bite Torchic, but suddenly a twig dart hits the ground in front of it. Treecko leaps from the tree and pounds Seviper’s head. It then jumps in front of Torchic to protect it. Seviper lunges at Treecko, who leaps to attack it as well. However, Seviper dodges and goes straight for Torchic.

Ash and co hear Torchic’s scream and run to investigate. When they get there, Seviper is bouncing Torchic around on its tail like a rag doll. May tells it to stop as Ash scans it with his pokedex. Brock then says they have to stop it, and Ash sends in Pikachu and Taillow, while Brock sends in Forretress. Seviper releases a smokescreen, blinding the Pokemon. Max says he can’t see where Seviper went, and Treecko scans the area. It spies a tree just above the smoke and jumps onto it. It climbs up and looks around, seeing Seviper with Torchic wrapped in its tail. Treecko leaps down and smacks Seviper in the head with its tail. Torchic flies from the tail and Treecko grabs it. It runs to Ash and co and sets Torchic down. Torchic runs scared to May, who picks it up and hugs it. Ash tells Treecko that it did a great job. Suddenly, Seviper lunges for Treecko. Brock tells it to watch out behind it, but Seviper smashes Treecko into a tree. Max then yells for Treecko to watch out for its poison fang attack. Seviper lunges at Treecko, fangs prepped. Ash tells Taillow to use quick attack, and it smashes into Seviper right before it connected with Treecko. Brock then has Forretress use pin missile, striking Seviper. Finally, Ash tells Pikachu to use thunderbolt, frying Seviper. It flees into the bushes. Ash and co rush to Treecko. It is holding its arm and squinting in pain. Ash asks if it’s all right, and it tries to get up. Brock tells it to rest, and it collapses. May says it shouldn’t be like this, it was only trying to save Torchic. Brock says they have to get it to a Pokemon Center, and Ash picks it up. They rush off down the road.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is spying on Ash and co, as usual. Jessie looks through some binoculars. Jessie says that Seviper was really strong, and Meowth agrees. He says it’s just the kind of Pokemon Team Rocket needs. Jessie decides she will capture it, seeing as how she likes snake Pokemon, and all she has is the stupid blob Wobbuffet, who just happens to pop out at that time. She yells at it, saying it should stay in its ball. Ash and co reach the Pokemon Center with Treecko and rush inside. Meanwhile, a group of Agehanto and Zigzagoon are happily enjoying some apples. Suddenly, Seviper lunges from the bushes. The Pokemon flee and Seviper swallows 3 apples whole. Team Rocket is watching it from a branch above. James suggests that the other Pokemon must fear Seviper, making it the dominant Pokemon of the area. Meowth tells them that it’s heading for the trap. They look down to see Seviper slithering on. It then notices a basket of fruit ahead of it. There is also some suspicious looking grass in front of the fruit. Seviper approaches. Team Rocket is excited at how close it’s getting. Suddenly, Seviper stops in front of the grass. Team Rocket gets angry, wanting it to go on. It looks around, suspecting something. It then smirks and uses its tail to bring the basket to it. It then turns around and slithers away. Team Rocket jumps from the bushes and yells for it to come back. It was supposed to fall in the hole, not gorge on the fruit. They then realize that they are standing on their trap, and fall into the hole themselves.

Next, Team Rocket is again in the bushes. Jessie says that their new trap can’t fail. Meowth and James complain, but Jessie tells them to be quiet, as Seviper is approaching. It slithers out and Jessie yells for James and Meowth to throw the net. They do, and it covers Seviper. Jessie steps out and tells Seviper that it can’t escape, and it’s now her Pokemon. James and Meowth then try to pull it, but Seviper won’t budge. It bites the net, ripping it open and sending the rockets into a tree. It then slithers away. James and Meowth are exhausted, and want to give up, but Jessie wants Seviper very badly now.

Meanwhile, at the Pokemon Center, Ash watches Nurse Joy work on Treecko. He presses against the glass and tells it that it has to get better. Back to the hunt, Team Rocket is now taking a break by the river, eating rice balls. They suggests plans on how to get Seviper, when they realize there is only one rice ball left. All 3 of them grab it, and end up fighting over it. After a while, it ends up flying through the sky into the river. James and Meowth go pale and start to cry, but Jessie laughs and pulls out another one. James and Meowth yell for her to share it, but she opens her mouth to put it in. But before she can eat it, Seviper’s tail grabs it and it brings it to its mouth, consuming the whole thing. Jessie gets mad and tells it that it’ll pay, and James and Meowth remind her that this is the perfect chance to capture it. Jessie remembers and send out Wobbuffet to battle. She tells it it better do go, and it runs in. Wobbuffet and Seviper stare at each other for about a minute, then James informs Jessie that Wobbuffet can’t attack unless Seviper attacks, which doesn’t look plausible. Jessie gets angry and recalls it. She then grabs Meowth and throws him at Seviper. Meowth yells that he doesn’t want to battle. He is then smacked back at Jessie by Seviper’s tail. When Meowth collides with her, a rice ball falls out of her pocket and rolls towards Seviper. Jessie runs to grab it and dives as it rolls up to Seviper’s mouth. As it bites down, Jessie’s hair is caught in its mouth, chopping it off!

James and Meowth grab each other, knowing Jessie is mad. She suddenly becomes possessed and freaks out. Her eyes turn red and she screams at Seviper, saying it is in for a beating. She lunges at it. Seviper is very scared. James and Meowth start to sweat as Jessie fury swipes Seviper. She then mega kicks it a few times and smacks it before grabbing it by the neck and holding it up. She screams at it, not realizing that it’s fainted. James then reminds her that she can capture it now, and she suddenly snaps out of her trance. She drops it and throws a pokeball, capturing it! Jessie is happy and does an " I caught a Pokemon" pose.

Meanwhile, back at the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy informs Ash that Treecko will be fine. She tells them it needs to rest awhile. May then asks her if she is by any chance related to the Oldale City Joy, and she says she is. Brock explains that they are all related and May says there must be a lot of them, seeing as how many centers there is. Suddenly, Chansey rushes up to them, saying that Treecko escaped the center. Nurse Joy asks why it left and Chansey explains that it wanted to re-challenge the Seviper. Ash and co rush out of the building calling for Treecko. Max sees the bandages on the ground and calls for Ash and co. Brock says Treecko must of ran off down the road. Treecko is now at the edge of a waterfall. It looks down reluctantly, then gets a determined face. There is a rock below in the water. It throws its twig down into the ground below and cries out as it dives off. Ash and co are calling for Treecko as they walk through the woods. Brock says this is hopeless, as Treecko could be anywhere. Max then notices a waterfall through the bushes.

They walk up to it to see Treecko smash against the rock in the middle of the water with its tail, but it gets hurt in the process. It then leaps into the water and climbs up again. Max wonders what it’s doing as it does the same thing again. Brock explains that Treecko is practicing its pound attack for the rematch it wants with Seviper, and if it can break the rock, then it’s ready. May admires its determination. It tries the same thing again, but each time, it gets hurt on the rock. It slowly climbs up again, and with a great look of determination, it leaps off. Ash is worried that Treecko will get hurt again, but this time it spins rapidly, then smashes its tail against the rock, shattering it! Treecko used slam! Ash and co are very surprised. Ash is happy and runs out to congratulate Treecko on its accomplishment, when suddenly a robotic hand lunges from the bushes and grabs Pikachu. Ash turns around in surprise. Team Rocket come out of the bushes with Pikachu in a cage (sort of like the one from "The Wayward Wobbuffet"). They say their motto, and Ash demands for them to return Pikachu. They refuse and Pikachu tries to use thunderbolt, but nothing happens. Meowth laughs, saying the cage is shock proof. Ash then releases Taillow for battle. James releases Cacnea, who comes out and hugs James. It then uses pin missile. Ash tells Taillow to dodge, and it does.

Team Rocket then gloat at how their new Pokemon are really good, and Jessie says that Cacnea isn’t there only new Pokemon. She then releases Seviper! Ash and co are really surprised, and Treecko steps up for its long awaited rematch. Ash tells Treecko to believe in itself and use all it learned from the waterfall and it'll do fine. Treecko smiles then turns to Seviper. Jessie tells it to use poison sting and its tail glows as it heads for Treecko, who dodges and pounds Seviper. Jessie tells it to try again and its tail again lunges at Treecko. Treecko jumps up in the nick of time slams Seviper, causing it to fly back into Team Rocket, unable to battle. Pikachu falls down and the cage opens. It runs to Ash and they hug. Treecko grins and picks up its twig and puts it in its mouth. Meowth translates that it has now defeated Seviper, its task is fulfilled. Jessie yells at Seviper, then Ash tells Pikachu to use thunderbolt, sending them blasting off. Ash then congratulates Treecko, saying it did an awesome job. Treecko then grins and holds out its tail. Ash and Pikachu smile and shake it. It looks like Treecko has gained respect for Ash and Pikachu. Who knows what adventures await Ash and his Pokemon as they head off once again to Kanazumi City......

Thanks To GoldenNoctowl For Writing this for us


284: A Tail With A Twist

Petalburg Woods


Nurse Joy

Pikachu Treecko Taillow
Wobbuffet Seviper
Nurse Joy:
Zigzagoon Beautifly Seviper

Captures a Seviper
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