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Fresh from winning his first Hoenn badge, Ash and co enter a new town on their way to Dewford Town. May looks at the map, saying Dewford is across the ocean, so they should stock up here before they go. Max is excited and hopes there is a restaurant nearby, and May says there is. They arrive at the restaurant to find it shut down with the doors boarded up. It looks long past condemned. May doesn't get it, as the map says it should be open.

Max yells at her while she defends herself, saying that is what the map says. She then notices the maps print date and nervously replies that it is out of date. Ash and co scream in agony. Now at the harbor, Ash collapses in hunger. Brock does too and they begin to complain while May angrily stares at her map. Max runs up, saying there is no ferry! They all look out over the ocean to see no boat anywhere. Ash gets depressed, as he is very hungry and has no way of getting to Dewford now. May laughs, saying she isn't the only one who made a mistake, which angers Ash. He yells at her then continues to sulk. Max asks what he plans to do about his match now, and Brock comments that there has to be a boat here somewhere. May offers to find one and walks off.

May walks along the harbor noticing it is in ruins. Windows are busted and boats are half sunk. She looks out to sea and thinks about Ash yelling at her, which ticks her off. She suddenly notices an old man fishing off the dock. She gets excited that there is actually life here. She rushes to him and asks if there is a boat around here. The man says there hasn't been a ferry service for a while, and he is the only one left in the harbor. He gets up and introduces himself as Mr. Briney just as a Wingull flies down. Mr. Briney welcomes it back and calls it by the name of Peeko. May seems to like it and scans it with her Pokedex. She then comments on what a great Pokemon it is, and Mr. Briney laughs, saying it is the greatest one of all.

May bends down and holds out her hand to Peeko, but it gets scared and hides behind Mr. Briney. He laughs, telling her that Peeko is shy around strangers. She motions it again and it nervously hops up to her. She begins to pet it softly. Mr. Briney laughs again, saying that Peeko really seems to like her. May pulls out some Pokemon food and offers it to Peeko, who scarves it down happily. Mr. Briney then asks May what she's doing in a dump like this, and she begins to explain how they are trying to get to Dewford.

From some rocks off the harbor, Team Rocket spies on May. Jessie comments that if May is here then Pikachu can't be too far off. Meowth suggests they follow her to find it and then snatch it. They all agree and cheer.

Mr. Briney tells May that he owns a small boat and could give them a ride to Dewford. May gets very happy and thanks him. Mr. Briney smiles and begins to explain to her how back when the town was flourishing, he was the best sailor around, and he would sail the seas for days on end. May thanks him again and runs off to find Ash and co.

Team Rocket is still sitting on the rocks. James thinks that Peeko must be very strong and the others agree. Jessie says it would be a perfect addition to their team; as Seviper, Cacnea, Wobbuffet, and Wurmple can't cut it. She then takes out Wurmple and begins to cuddle with it. James and Meowth then make plans to catch Peeko while Jessie dances with Wurmple in the background.

Mr. Briney continues to fish when a Team Aqua agent spies on him. May leads Ash and co towards Mr. Briney's boat house. They ask her why she is in such a hurry and she explains that she found the best sailor ever to take them to Dewford. She tells them how nice, strong, and cool he is as they approach his house.

May greets him, but to her surprise he screams at her. He tells her he cannot give them a ride and they should go away. May doesn't understand, but never gets to as he slams the door in their faces. Ash and Max thank her for getting them the "greatest sailor ever", but she is too stunned to care. She looks down at the jar of Pokemon food she was planning to give him sadly.

Mr. Briney closes the curtains as he watches them go. He then turns and tells the Team Aqua member that he did as told. He then asks him what he wants with him, and the Aqua member says that he needs a boat to take him somewhere, and he will do as ordered or he'll never get Peeko back. Mr. Briney looks down to see Peeko in a small bird cage. He calls for it and begins to approach it, but the Aqua member releases Crawdaunt, revealing that this is actually the same Aqua member from the Devon Corp building.

Ash and co are now back on the harbor mopping. Suddenly, Officer Jenny pulls up. She steps off her motorcycle and explains to Ash and co that the Devon Corp Aqua member escaped and the police have yet to find him, but there have been reports that he is in this area looking for a boat. Ash and co say they'll look out for him, and Jenny drives off. Hearts flutter above Brock's head as he watches her go.

Ash and May are now very confused and Ash asks May if Mr. Briney was that mean to her before. She says he was very nice before, which makes Max and Brock ponder. They begin to think why the Aqua member would be in an abandoned city. They then realize that only one person here has a boat, and if the Aqua member somehow got to Mr. Briney, there would be no witnesses to stop him!

In Mr. Briney's boat hangar, the Aqua member inspects the boat. He tells Mr. Briney to get in, but he refuses. The aqua member then signals Crawdaunt, and it threatens to crush Peeko in its claw. Mr. Briney begins to listen when he hears Ash banging on his door. The aqua member laughs and signals Crawdaunt to take care of them. Max points to the hangar and they head toward it.

Crawdaunt leaps from the hangar with Peeko still in its claws. May recognizes it and Ash tells Pikachu that they have to get it back. The Team Aqua member steps out and Ash and co instantly recognize him. Ash tells Pikachu to attack Crawdaunt and both Pokemon leap at each other. Suddenly, bombs fall from the sky, blowing them back. Ash and co look up to see Team Rocket in their balloon. They say their motto and Ash asks why they are here. They explain that they plan on taking Pikachu, Peeko, and maybe even Crawdaunt. The aqua member laughs, calling them pathetic. Meowth turns on a vacuum which begins to pull Pikachu in. Crawdaunt places a claw in the ground to support itself, but the cage handle holding Peeko snaps and it is sucked into the vacuum.

Mr. Briney calls for it and Brock releases Lotad. He tells it to use water gun, and Team Rocket freaks out, but the water gun barely even leaves its mouth. Team Rocket begins to laugh, when it suddenly starts a huge water gun, striking the balloon, and sending Pikachu and Peeko falling. Mr. Briney runs to get his Pokemon, but Crawdaunt grabs it first. The aqua member then tells it to get rid of Team Rocket, and it uses bubble, popping the balloon and sending them blasting off. The aqua member and Crawdaunt then leap into the boat and take off. Ash and co wonder how they'll catch him now, but Mr. Briney says he knows how. He pulls a latch and the water in the hangar drains, revealing a Wingull shaped boat. Ash and co are shocked. The water level returns to normal and they all get in.

The boat's three engines start up and it speeds after the aqua member's boat. Inside, Mr. Briney explains about the day he met Peeko, and how it just landed on his head while he was fishing and followed him home. He then adds that it was Peeko who inspired this boat, and he has to get it back.

The aqua member gloats at how great of an escape he made when Crawdaunt notices the Peeko boat speeding toward them. Mr. Briney demands Peeko back on a loud speaker, but the aqua member refuses. Mr. Briney notices they are approaching some big rock formations on the monitor, and explains that they need to catch up with the boast before then. Ash and Pikachu get on top of the boat, but before Pikachu can attack, Crawdaunt sends two crab hammers straight for them. Mr. Briney manages to dodge it, but Crawdaunt follows up with bubble. A giant wave strikes the boat, sending Ash and co flying. When they look back at the other boat, only Peeko remains in it. Ash and co look ahead to see the boat is heading straight for a giant rock. Ash has Pikachu shock it, which breaks the top part of the rock off, but not enough to stop Peeko's boat. Mr. Briney steers the Peeko boat to the side and cuts off the other boat just enough to make it fly safely over the top of the rock!

Mr. Briney then dives into the water and retrieves Peeko. Suddenly, a giant Team Aqua sub rises from the ocean. Ash and co watch the aqua member jump into it and it then sinks, leaving everyone in shock. That night at the harbor, May feeds Peeko. Soon, Max and her stomachs growl, making Mr. Briney laugh. He says Peeko must be eating better then them. May explains about the closed restaurant incident and Mr. Briney tells them that he'll give them a feast! They all thank him. The next day, everyone boards the Peeko boat and they speed off towards Dewford Town and the next badge!

Thanks To GoldenNoctowl For Writing this for us

294: On a Wingull and a Prayer

294: Old Man Briney and Peeko The Wingull!

Between Rustboro and Dewford


Aqua Grunt
Mr. Briney

Wobbuffet Wurmple
Aqua Grunt:
Mr. Briney:

Ash & Co. save Mr. Briney's Wingull from Team Aqua
Ash & Co. Head to Dewford City
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