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Ash and co are now sailing on toward Dewford Town in Mr. Briney's Peeko boat. They are all enjoying the beautiful ocean breezes and commenting on the great weather. Ash then asks Mr. Briney when he thinks they'll be in Dewford, and he tells him that they should arrive in a matter of hours. Ash asks Pikachu if it's ready, and it gets a determined look on its face. May then throws her two Pokeballs to release Torchic and Wurmple. She comments that their Pokemon should get some fresh air too, so Ash releases Taillow and Treecko while Brock releases Forretress and Lotad. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are pedaling after them in their Magikarp sub while chanting. Jessie notices the boat is pulling away and tells them to pedal faster. They all begin to chant faster and pedal faster, but the boat still pulls away. Jessie says to shift into overdrive and they begin to chant and pedal extremely fast. Wobbuffet pops out, making Jessie angry. Wurmple eats some Pokemon food then falls asleep. Treecko looks out to sea while Forretress rests and Lotad sprays Pikachu and Torchic. Taillow and Peeko fly above.

May comments on how great the ocean is and how she would love to relax and take a swim before heading to Dewford. Mr. Briney informs her that there is a small island up ahead that they could stop at for a bit. May and Max get excited, but Ash says he wants to get to Dewford quick. He turns to Pikachu for support, but all the Pokemon are relaxing. May laughs, saying Pikachu must agree with them. Ash is now a little annoyed, but Max starts to compliment him on his great battle in Rustboro. Everyone butters him up and Max adds in that stopping at the island would also give him time to train, which settles it. Max laughs to himself, saying it works every time. Mr. Briney then turns to the boat and they head toward the island. A little while later, Pikachu awakens from its sleep and jumps on Ash's shoulder. Ash points to a small island ahead and says they are going to stop there for a while. The boat speeds on while a dark figure swims after it under the water. The boat pulls into the bay while Max comments on how perfect this place is. Brock checks the guidebook as Mr. Briney explains that he used to come here all the time.

May opens the door and comes out in a pink and polka-dotted bathing suit. She models it to everyone saying how she just got it before she went on her journey. After some more modeling, she steps on the side of the boat and dives in. She surfaces a few seconds later and tells everyone the water is great. At this, Max jumps in and they begin to laugh and splash each other. From under the water, the echoes of laughter are heard by a mysterious black figure. On board, Ash asks the Pokemon if they would like to go for a swim. They all agree, but Torchic doesn't want too. Brock laughs, saying as a fire type, Torchic doesn't like to swim. They suddenly hear May and Max scream and they rush to the side of the boat to see them surrounded by a pod of Sharpedos! Mr. Briney notices this and tells Peeko to hurry. It flies over to them and they grab onto its feet. It flaps as hard as it can to lift them from the water. It slowly flies towards the boat as Sharpedo after Sharpedo leaps up to bite them. Ash tells Taillow to help and it begins to tackle the oncoming Sharpedos. One Sharpedo leaps up and skims Max's leg, leaving it bruised. Mr. Briney tells him to watch out as Sharpedo's skin is very rough. Max thinks Sharpedo is a cool Pokemon even though they are trying to devour him.

Pikachu tries to thunderbolt the pod, but they keep coming. Peeko and Taillow finally bring Max and May over the boat and drop them onto the deck. They breathe a sigh of relief. Mr. Briney asks if they are ok, and May says she's shaken up but fine. She then notices a tear in her bathing suit and rushes to the edge of the boat to yell at the Sharpedos. One of them leaps at her and she backs away frightened. Max holds his leg hoping the pain will stop. Brock says being a shark; Sharpedo's skin is very rough and could leave cuts if touched. Ash scans it with the Pokedex as the pod stares at them. Mr. Briney tells them that they have to get out of here fast as Sharpedo pods are very dangerous. The pod surrounds the boat and begins to ram it back and forth. Ash and co rock around while the leader of the pod dives and rams it again. Ash tells Pikachu to use thunderbolt, shocking the pod and giving them enough time to maneuver the boat away. That night, Mr. Briney brings the boat ashore at a different part of the island. They make a bon fire and Brock serves dinner. Mr. Briney comments on how good the food is and Brock offers them all tea. Ash then asks Mr. Briney when they plan to head for Dewford again, and he explains to him that it will be very difficult with the Sharpedo pod around.

He points out to sea where 3 Sharpedo fins protrude from the water and move around. He then explains that Sharpedos are known to be relentless, and will not leave sailors alone. Brock cuts in, saying he has heard sailors telling horrible stories about Sharpedos. He then adds in that their leader must be a good problem solver, as it figured out how to ram the boat to try and get at them. May and Max are now frightened. Meanwhile, a little offshore, Team Rocket's sub surfaces. Team Rocket emerges complaining of hunger. Jessie notices the island and Meowth says that there may be food there. Suddenly, their sub is knocked from the side by a Sharpedo. It continues to nudge the side while Jessie and Meowth freak out. They turn to James, who is frozen with terror. Just then, Meowth and Jessie notice the reason he is scared; the whole pod is on the other side! James thinks they are screwed, but Jessie decides to release Seviper. She tells it to use poison tail, which strikes a Sharpedo, but it counters with bite. Jessie tells it to use poison tail again, and it manages to strike it. Team Rocket thinks they've won, but the Sharpedo resurfaces and leads the pod in a giant rampage on the sub. Team Rocket is sent soaring. As the go, Jessie notices the Wingull boat in the bay of the island and they decide to return and steal Pikachu. That morning, Ash and co come up with a plan to stop the Sharpedo pod. Ash gets in a bucket and has Taillow and Peeko pull him across the water like in the 5th movie opening. Ash surfs across the water taunting the Sharpedos. They all charge and he speeds away.

The leader Sharpedo doesn't go as it knows it's being tricked. May, Max, Brock, and Mr. Briney now pull up a fence from the water trapping the leader in the bay. It however, speeds toward the fence and rams it, causing May to fall into the water. May surfaces to see Sharpedo heading right toward her! Everyone is too afraid to watch, but Brock thinks fast and releases Lotad. It lands in the water blocking Sharpedo. Max then has May grab onto a rope and he pulls her in. Ash makes it ashore and asks if she's ok. Sharpedo heads straight for Lotad now, and Brock tells it to use water gun, but it just sits there. Sharpedo bites down on it and swims around with it in its mouth. Brock tells it to use water gun again, and it fires a huge blast at Sharpedo. Brock tells it to strike again, but Sharpedo just lies there.

Lotad swims up to it, but it still sits there. Its eyes close and it flips over fainted! Ash and co are shocked and Brock feels bad. He brings it ashore and explains that Sharpedo seems to be poisoned! Brock feeds it some Pokemon food and says it'll be fine, but it still doesn't wake up. He tells Ash and co that it needs round the clock care, and he agrees to help it out. Lotad wants to help too. That night, Ash and co eat by the bon fire while Brock continues to stay by Sharpedo. May comments that he must really care for Pokemon; as he helps even the ones who try and harm him. Ash agrees. Brock and Lotad stay by Sharpedo as Brock tries to soothe it. The sun soon rises and everyone is asleep. Brock sleeps on top of Sharpedo and Lotad sleeps next to it. Sharpedo wakes up to see Lotad and becomes angry. It then looks at Brock sleeping on it and calms down. It places its fin on him and continues to sleep.

Suddenly, the fence around the bay breaks in an eruption from the water. Team Rocket's sub emerges and uses a net to snag Pikachu. One heads for Brock also, but Sharpedo pushes him out of the way and gets caught itself. Team Rocket says their motto and gloat at their capture. Brock tells them to release Sharpedo, as it is poisoned and needs help. Jessie laughs, saying her Seviper poisoned it with its poison tail attack. Brock gets angry and notices Lotad surfacing right by the sub. He tells it to cut the nets with razor leaf. It does so and Sharpedo and Pikachu swim away. Pikachu makes it ashore and Ash tells it to use thunderbolt. He then stops it and says he'll let their new friends take care of it. Team Rocket is confused and Ash tells them to look behind them. Team Rocket turns to see the whole Sharpedo pod behind them! They ram the sub as before, sending them blasting off!

Brock runs into the water to make sure Sharpedo is ok. It swims up to him and Lotad jumps off of it and into Brock's arms. Suddenly, the whole pod swarms Brock. He freaks out, thinking their rough skin will hurt him, but he suddenly notices that they feel smooth. Mr. Briney laughs, saying Sharpedo skin is only rough to opponents or prey. May and Max walk up to them and begin to pet their smooth bodies. Ash does the same and Brock asks Sharpedo if they can leave peacefully now. It nods and they take off. That evening, the Peeko boat makes it to Dewford Town's harbor. Ash and co thank Mr. Briney for all his help. They then turn to the Sharpedo pod, which have followed them to Dewford. The pod turns and swims away, waving their dorsal fins as they go. Ash then makes a fist, now ready to compete for his 2nd Hoenn badge!

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295: Sharpedo Attack!

295: Escape! Sharpedo's Island!

Between Rustboro and Dewford


Mr. Briney

Pikachu Treecko Taillow
Forretress Lotad
Torchic Wurmple
Wobbuffet Seviper
Mr. Briney:

Ash Finally gets to Dewford City
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