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Ash walks out of Dewford Town's Pokemon Center, prepping his gloves and eager to get to the gym. He asks Pikachu if it's ready, and it nods. Both of them then rush off. A very tired Brock and Max follow out, Max asking why Ash is up so early. Brock laughs and says it's never too early to Ash for a gym battle. A couple seconds later, an annoyed May walks towards them asking what is going on. Max asks her why she's holding a pillow, and she looks down and notices that she is. She becomes embarrassed and exclaims that the Pokemon Center pillows are so comfy that she wanted one for herself.

After some running, they all make it to the entrance of the gym. Max notices a picture of a Machop and Machamp embedded on the entrance arc, and exclaims that this gym leader must train fighting types. Brock recalls that knows of this gym leader, and heard that he trained with the Cianwood Gym leader Chuck. He informs Ash that this will not be an easy match, but Ash still thinks he can handle it.

He walks up to the doors and knocks, but no sooner then he does then a group of surfers burst out, smashing him away. Ash lies on the ground stunned. A man walks out and apologizes to Ash. Brock instantly falls in love with the many girls surrounding the man. He rushes up and begins to flirt as the man leans down to help Ash. He asks Ash what he's doing here and Ash explains that he is looking for the gym leader. The man laughs and introduces himself as Brawly, the Dewford gym leader. Ash becomes excited and asks him for a match, but Brawly says he going surfing with his pupils now, and he could have a match later. He then stands up and walks off with the horde of girls following.

Ash is mad, and says gym leaders are supposed to accept every challenge, and he adds in that he doesn't see what's so special about him. May interrupts, saying how cute he is and she's going to go watch him surf. She rushes off as Brock comments that if he goes to the beach he could meet some girls, so he too rushes off. Ash calls for them, but they are too far away by now. He sighs and Max says they might as well join them.

At the beach, many people surf and lay out in the sun. A man and woman walk into a nearby refreshment stand and ask for some drinks. The 2 owners just happen to be Jessie and James with Meowth as a cook. They say their motto in a service manner, confusing the two customers. They nervously ask for two sodas, receive them, then high tail it out of there as fast as they can. Jessie and James wave goodbye, but their happiness is shortlived. Meowth runs to them and begins to yell, saying if they want to make money they have to stop scaring the customers. He then notices Ash and co on the beach and points to them. Jessie gets excited, saying it's the perfect chance to get Pikachu, but James thinks they should just stick to selling refreshments. Jessie becomes enraged but is interrupted by Meowth before she can say anything. He explains that they play it cool now, but when the time comes, they'll snatch Pikachu.

On the beach, May says she wants to get into her bathing suit, but Max tells her not to. She doesn't listen and strips down right on the beach, revealing her bathing suit. She models it off saying how cute she looks, making as hand Max uneasy. Brock notices all the girls and goes gaga-eyed. May then notices Brawly on the beach with his surf board. He calls out his Makuhita, and they both take to the sea on their surf boards. Ash thinks it's neat and scans it with the Pokedex. He then gets excited to face it.

Brawly and Makuhita reach the waves and Brawly begins to tell it how to surf. It does it well, but when Ahs calls out for a match from the beach, it begins to loose balance. Brawly tells Ash he is to busy at the moment, then explains to Makuhita how to regain its footing. It does so and they continue to surf. Ash gets angry and leaps into the water. Brawly wonders what he is doing, and is frightened when Ash pops out behind him. He demands another match, but the wave breaks, sweeping over them.

Max sighs from a nearby table. May wonders why Ash is so bent on getting the match right away. Brock notices Brawly is resuscitating Makuhita and they rush to see if it's ok. Brawly says it'll be fine, when Ash pops out of the sand demanding a match. Suddenly, a net comes up and snatches Pikachu! Ash and co look to see Team Rocket. Pikachu tries to use thunderbolt, but the net causes the attack to hurt itself! Meowth laughs, saying whatever Pikachu dishes out the net will dish back.

Brawly demands to know who they are and they begin to say their motto. Meowth interrupts them; saying if they don't leave fast Pikachu could escape. They agree and leap into a motor boat and speed away. Brawly tells Makuhita to go after it and it leaps onto the surf board and paddles as fast as it can towards them. Team Rocket sees this just when Makuhita slams the surf board into the back of the boat, sending Pikachu flying into the water. Ash grabs it. Team Rocket tries to plug the many holes in their boat, but James gets tired and releases it. Water begins to spurt out, but Jessie and Meowth tell him to grab it. Ash then has Pikachu use thunderbolt, blowing up the boat and sending the rockets blasting off.

On shore, Brawly comments that Ash really cares for Pikachu. Ash thanks him and asks if they can have the match now. Brawly agrees and they head to the gym. AT the gym, Ash does some stretches while Max and Brock try to think of a good strategy to beat Brawly. Brock suggests that Ash uses Taillow, as it is a flying type, and Ash agrees. May comments that Taillow may not be powerful enough to beat Brawly's Pokemon as it doesn't have much experience, but Ash feels confident.

On the arena, the ref tells the basic rules; 2 on 2 battle, no time limit. Ash releases Taillow and Brawly calls on Machop. May looks it up in the Pokedex and warns Ash that it'll be tough. Ash laughs and says Taillow can win if it gives it its all. The battle begins with a wing attack from Taillow. Machop takes the hit and flies across the field, but gets back up. Ash gets over confident and tells Taillow to keep at it. Machop takes wing attack after wing attack, but gets up every time. Brock seems worried, as Machop still looks prepped for battle. He warns Ash that Brawly must behaving Machop use bide. Ash tells Taillow to use wing attack again, but Machop dodges this time and uses karate chop on Taillow, sending it sprawling across the field unable to battle. Max doesn't get it, as karate chop isn't supposed to be that effective against Taillow. Brock figures out that Brawly has his Pokemon dodge as if they were surfing and he informs Ash of this.

Ash takes that in mind and releases Treecko. He orders it to use slam and it hits, but Machop rolls away and gets back up. Ash orders it to repeat slam after slam, but Machop just keeps rolling out of the way. After a while, it trips, giving Treecko a chance. It uses quick attack, but Machop dodges. It tires again and this time it hits, sending Machop flying to the ground unable to continue.

Brawly recalls it and complements Ash. May thinks Ash is doing well now and Max agrees, but Brock disagrees. He points out that Treecko looks very tired, and they all notice it. Brock doesn't believe Treecko will have the strength to fight Makuhita. Brawly releases Makuhita and the match begins.

Makuhita does a sumo stamp, and Ash orders Treecko to use slam. Makuhita dodges in the same technique as Machop. Treecko tries again and again, but Makuhita keeps rolling away. It goes in again, but gets tired and stops to rest. Ash tells Treecko to use quick attack, and it stops its rest and rushes in, but Makuhita catches it and uses slam. Brawly tells it to follow up with arm thrust, and it repeatedly hits Treecko. It falls to the ground, and Brawly thinks the match it over, but it slowly gets up. It rushes in, but Makuhita catches it again and uses seismic toss. Treecko lies on the ground with a smiling Makuhita next to it. Ash is ready to give up when Treecko gets up again!

Brawly and Brock and co are shocked. Ash is excited and tells Treecko to attack, but Makuhita begins to glow! Brawly realizes that Makuhita is evolving! It stops its glowing and takes the form of Hariyama! May looks it up in the dex and Brock tells Ash to forfeit, as there is no way he can win now and he shouldn't put Treecko through this. Ash refuses and tells it to use slam, but Hariyama easily catches its tail and uses mega punch, sending Treecko into the wall and taking it out. Brawly tells Ahs he should take Treecko to the Pokemon Center, then he leaves.

At the center, Ash asks Joy how Treecko is doing. She tells him it took a lot of damage, but a few days of rest should make it feel better. Brock and Max try to cheer Ash up, saying he put up a great match. Ash gets angry and says he didn't. Brock tries to tell him that they'll come back when he has more experience, but Ash gets even angrier and screams that he won't leave till he wins. He then rushes out followed by Pikachu.

On the beach, Ash tells Pikachu how it's all his fault that Treecko is hurt. He continues to mope when he hears Brawly. He looks out over the water to see him and Hariyama surfing. Brawly is explaining to Hariyama how to balance but it can't keep it and falls into the water. Brawly tells it to keep trying and this time it manages to stay afloat. After some surfing, the two come to shore and Brawly congratulates it on a job well done. Ash greets Brawly, who greets him back. He asks how Treecko is doing and Ash says it'll be fine after some rest.

Brawly says that's good, and he tells Ash that he is going to continue to surf. Ash tells him to wait and explains how he felt when he lost and how he doesn't think he'll ever beat him. Brawly laughs as Brock, Max, and May approach. They watch as Brawly gives Ash a small speech about if he works together with his Pokemon and practices till they get things right, he'll surf the seas and win. Ash thanks him and Brawly and Hariyama rush back into the water. Brock, Max, and May rush to Ash and ask if he's calmed down now. As looks at them, and makes a fist with his hand, saying he'll train hard and beat Brawly one day, and he won't leave the island till he does. Will Ash ever defeat Brawly? Find out in the upcoming episodes !

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296: Dewford Gym! Enter Brawly the Surfing Gym Leader!

Dewford City



Pikachu Treecko Taillow
Machop Makuhita Hariyama

Ash Loses his match with Brawly

Makuhita evolves into Hariyama
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