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The scene opens showing the waves wash aside, revealing the walkway to Brawly's arena. Everyone watches in amazement. Ash then makes a fist, telling himself he'll do well. The group begins to head across the walkway towards the rock island.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is already inside. Weight lifting equipment litters the area, but Team Rocket has found something better. They drool over the refrigerator full of berries and assorted vegetables. The three begin to go on and on about how they hit the jackpot and Jessie says they must have good luck. The three remember back to their last blast off, where Jessie used a parachute to save herself. Meowth used an umbrella and James clung to him. As they floated away, James became too heavy and he and Meowth plummeted through a hole in the rock island. Jessie also fell down on top of them. They then remember finding the fridge and opening it.

When the flashback stops, Meowth is dressed in a chef's outfit with vegetables all around him. He begins to explain that he is going to make a feast, but he notices Jessie and James are already chowing down. He becomes aggravated, exclaiming that they are eating all his ingredients. Jessie and James don't seem to care, so Meowth decides to try something. He picks up a can of tuna and bites down on it. Little does he know that cans aren't food, and he hurts his teeth. At this, he becomes mad and throws the tuna away.

The can rolls along the ground when it is picked up. Brawly holds it, wondering how it rolled over here. The group then looks up to see Team Rocket. They say their motto with full mouths, and Shinobu demands that they drop the food. Brawly asks how they got here and James remarks that Team Rocket always ends up in strange places. Jessie then says that this is the perfect time to get Pikachu, and she releases Seviper.

James calls out Cacnea and the fight begins. Seviper uses smog whilst Cacnea uses pin missile, but Ash and co just dodge. Ash then tells Pikachu to thunderbolt them, but Brawly stops him. He tells Ash to let him handle this, and he begins to talk with Team Rocket. Shinobu and Brawly keep the rockets occupied, then after some conversation, Brawly remarks that the hole they fell through was made by an underground geyser. Team Rocket realizes this too late, and are sent blasting off when the geyser erupts below them.

After the little mishap, Brawly leads the group past the weight lifting equipment, explaining that this is where he and his Pokemon get in some much needed training. Shinobu replies that she would like to train with Meditite here. The group then enters a large area, and Brawly shows Ash and co the battlefield. The group looks in awe at the large rock formation surrounded by a small moat. Max informs Ash that Taillow would be a good choice in this match, but Ash says he knows what he's doing. Max is a little worried, and May asks Brock if he can win, Brock says he has confidence in Ash,

Brawly and Ash take their sides of the battlefield. Brawly remembers Ash and his previous match and is eager to see how Ash has improved, but he still feels confident he'll win. Shinobu decides to ref, and announces the rules of the match before it begins. A wave envelopes Brawly and he surfs it, releasing Machop. Ash responds by releasing Treecko.

The battle begins with a karate chop from Machop, but Treecko waits for it and dodges with ease. Brawly remarks on how much Ash's Pokemon's evasiveness has improved. Ash tells Treecko to remember the wave training, and it dodges another karate chop with no sweat. Machop makes a fist, angry that is keeps missing. Brawly tells it not to give up, and it sends a barrage of karate chops at Treecko, but it manages to dodge every one! Brock now informs everyone that Ash's new strategy is to wear out Brawly's Pokemon. Machop is now gasping for breath, worn out from the many attacks that failed. Brawly orders a cross chop, but Machop stumbles, allowing Treecko to quick attack it, knocking it down. Everyone thinks its out, but Machop recovers! Ash is shocked, and Brawly exclaims that it'll take a lot to wear out his Pokemon, as Machop is now bulked up. Ash is worried.

Brawly orders Machop to use cross chop. It prepares for the attack as a small geyser erupts below it. Machop rides it, preparing to strike Treecko, but Ash recalls it before the attack can get off. Machop's attack shatters a rock where Treecko stood. Ash then calls out Corphish! It uses bubble, sending Machop back. Ash then tells it to finish off Machop with crab hammer, but it blocks the attack with karate chop. Ash thinks fast and orders another crab hammer, which strikes Machop, taking it out! Shinobu declares Corphish the winner and Brawly recalls Machop.

May knows the battle isn't over, and Brock adds in that Ash still has Hariyama to beat. Brawly rides another wave as he calls it out. He orders an arm thrust, and Ash has Corphish use harden. It does so and takes what Hariyama dishes out. Ash remarks that Corphish has to hold on a little longer. Brawly tells Hariyama to thrust harder, and it begins to knock Corphish back. Corphish holds on, but it seems to be weakening. After some time, Ash tells it to dive into the moat. It does so, and Brawly tells Hariyama to follow. It leaps onto a small platform in the water, and looks for Corphish.

Ash becomes overconfident, exclaiming that Corphish has the advantage now. May and Max agree, but Brock notices Brawly isn't worried. Corphish watches Hariyama from behind, and leaps from the water and crab hammers it. Hariyama falls back as Corphish dives again. Hariyama then recovers and smashes the area Corphish dove in, creating a wave that exposes Corphish! Hariyama then takes this time to use seismic toss, smashing Corphish into the ground and taking it out!

Ash recalls it, and May remarks that Corphish couldn't cut it. Brock then adds in that Treecko is Ash's last choice. Ash pulls out Treecko's Pokeball, hoping it can beat Hariyama. He recalls the previous match and how Treecko never stood a chance. He then hopes that Treecko now has the dodging abilities. He calls it out. Treecko takes the field and places a twig in its mouth. It eyes Hariyama before the battle starts.

Hariyama makes the first move, trying to arm thrust Treecko, but it dodges. Ash tells Treecko to stay low and avoid Hariyama's arms. It uses slam on Hariyama's foot, then backs away. Hariyama tries to arm thrust Treecko again, but it leaps towards a rock and uses its tail to swing around it. Hariyama can't turn around in time, and Treecko slams its foot again. May wonders what Ash is planning, and Brock exclaims that Treecko only stands a chance if it stays low and away from Hariyama's powerful arms. May and Max think Ash can do it, and they begin to cheer him on.

Treecko is now tiring, and Max hopes it has enough strength left to dodge. Brawly notices this too, and tells Hariyama to attack again. It approaches Treecko, but trips allowing it to dodge. Brawly becomes aware that Hariyama's foot is injured from all the slams. Treecko is now breathing heavily and Max is starting to worry. The field begins to rumble and Ash realizes that another geyser is approaching. Ash tells Treecko to stand over a hole and ride the geyser to attack. Brawly hears this and tells Hariyama to do the same. The two Pokemon eye each other as they await the geysers.

Brock knows that both trainers are taking huge risks here, and he watches eagerly. The geysers erupt and both Pokemon take to the air. The geysers push them right toward each other, and Hariyama leaps off to attack. Treecko does the same and both Pokemon meet in the middle, striking each other. The two then land on opposite sides of the field and eye each other. Everyone watches, wondering what will happen. After several seconds of silence, Hariyama falls! When the dust from its fall settles, Hariyama is unable to battle! Shinobu declares Treecko the winner and everyone cheers. Ash thanks Treecko and it nods.

Back on the mainland of Dewford Island, Ash is presented with the Knuckle Badge. Brawly informs Ash that it was a great match, and Ash has inspired him to train harder. Shinobu then winks at Ash, saying she learned a lot too. Brawly then adds in that Ash is a talented trainer, and he is sure to go far in the Hoenn League. Ash thanks him and does his famous badge pose. After many episodes, Ash has finally earned two badges, and he will now continue on towards his 3rd badge!

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307: Just One of the Geysers

307: Dewford Gym Rematch! Surfing Battlefield!

Dewford City



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Ash battles Brawly and Finally wins his Knuckle Badge
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