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The episode begins with the narrator reminding everyone of Ash's previous gym battles. It then turns to a shot of the group in front of the Mauville Gym. Ash makes a fist exclaiming that he will do well. Brock tells him not to be overconfident and May and Max add in little pep talks. Ash then approaches the door and places his hand out to open it. As he does, the door gives way and falls down causing Ash to stumble inside. His friend's join him all standing on the fallen door. Bars suddenly pop up on the sides and Brock notices there's an electrical track below them.

The door has now turned into a horizontal escalator. A sliding door closes behind the group as it begins to move forward. Ash and co are a little nervous as it speeds along the trail. It begins to wind drastically and then goes uphill. Max is now extremely nervous at this, and May screams that she wants to get off. They make it to the top and the platform begins to plummet down roller coaster style. Everyone screams as the scene is viewed on a video screen. It zooms out to show that Wattson is that one enjoying his little prank. He laughs to himself as he watches them.

As he laughs away, a nerdy looking assistant approaches. He nervously asks Wattson if all this is really necessary, and Wattson replies that it keeps trainers on their toes. He then continues to laugh away. The platform speeds into an indoor lake and bounces forward. Ash and co are still holding on nervously. The assistant sighs again and says he should focus more on being a gym leader then having fun. Wattson tells him to close his mouth as the group is approaching the grand finale.

The platform leaves the lake and heads back into a tunnel. May shouts that the gym leader must be insane to put his challengers through this. The platform turns a corner where a sliding door opens. On the other side is a Raikou! Max is overjoyed to see it but something seems weird about the Pokemon. The Raikou roars and releases a massive thunderbolt, causing Ash and co to duck. Pikachu leaps off Ash's shoulder and uses thunderbolt, but the Raikou withstands it easily.

Pikachu then uses iron tail right on its head. Suddenly, electricity begins to build up and Pikachu cries out. Ash and co wonder what's happening as electricity sparks around Pikachu. An explosion then sends them all flying. When the dust clears, Raikou is missing its head. Max exclaims that it was actually a robot. Ash asks if Pikachu is all right and it turns around. A large grin forms on its face and it sparks wildly.

A door then opens and Wattson steps out laughing away. His assistant wearily follows. He begins to laugh hysterically while telling Ash and co they made it through his little prank. May is somewhat annoyed and demands to know who the gym leader is. Wattson laughs again and exclaims that he is the Mauville Gym leader. He then introduces his assistant. Ash is overjoyed and exclaims that he is here for a match. Wattson accepts and makes a small joke. He then laughs again.

On top of a hill overlooking the city, Team Rocket stands in front of a large power station. Jessie and James wonder what they are doing here and Meowth explains that it would be the perfect place to set up a Team Rocket base. This sparks an interest in his two friends, and they instantly agree. James opens the door to find the room is full of Voltorbs, Magnetons, and Magnemites. Jessie and Him shriek and close the door. Seconds later they open it to peek back inside. When they see the Pokemon are still there, they nervously close the door again.

They lean against the door wondering how to get rid of the electric types. After some pondering, they give up and start to walk off. Meowth instantly stops them. He explains to them about capturing the electric Pokemon and giving them to the boss. It then shows his daydream of the Voltorbs giving Giovanni a mild jolt to wake him up in the morning and the Magnetons powering his blow dryer. He ends by exclaiming that the boss will give them a promotion if they give him all those Pokemon. Jessie and James's interest is sparked anew, and they go all goo-goo eyed. They then all begin to cheer.

Back at the gym, Ash and Wattson have taken their sides of the battlefield. Wattson's assistant declares the usual rules of the match; exclaiming that it'll be a 3 on 3 match. Wattson tells Ash he is in for a hard match, and then begins to laugh. A Voltorb, Magnemite, and Magneton surround him. Max also thinks Ash will have a hard time. He remembers that Treecko is tough against electric types, but then adds in that it's also not good against steel types. May adds in that Corphish is weak against electricity, and Brock finishes with adding in that Taillow is as well. They all wonder what he's planning.

Pikachu then leaps from Ash's shoulder and he decides to go with it. Brock and May think it's the best choice. Wattson says Ash is good for a laugh, and then he does just that. He exclaims that using an electric type against his Pokemon is not a good choice. He then sends in Magnemite. It uses swift, but Pikachu easily dodges. Ash then tells it to counter with thunderbolt and Wattson laughs again. Pikachu launches the powered up attack, KOing Magnemite in one hit! It falls hard to the ground as Wattson looks on stunned.

Wattson's assistant also is amazed, but he puts the flag up signaling Pikachu a victory. Brock, Max, and May are all trying to figure out how Pikachu got more powerful. Wattson laughs exclaiming that it must have been a fluke. He then sends in Voltorb, but before it can attack, Pikachu shocks it too. Voltorb falls to the ground smoking. The assistant declares Pikachu the victor again. Wattson then sends in his strongest Pokemon- Magneton. It launches a massive thunder, but Pikachu counters with one of its own. The attack causes the ground to shatter and strikes Magneton hard. It too falls KOed.

Ash is declared the winner as Wattson looks on stunned. The battlefield is now smoking from the attack. Ash congratulates Pikachu as May and Brock remark on how strong it's gotten. Wattson is now looking very depressed, but he then cheers up and walks over to Ash. With a fake smile, he presents him with the Dynamo Badge. Then with a fake laugh, he walks off. His assistant watches him go, knowing he is down. He then turns to Ash who is holding Pikachu in his arms. It seems to be really ill.

At the Pokemon Center, Wattson hands his Pokeballs to Joy. She tells him to pick then up later and he thanks her. He then picks up his case and starts to walk off. Joy calls out, asking what is wrong with him. She remarks that he's not his usual cheery self. Wattson just says he isn't in the mood and heads out of the building. Seconds later, Ash and co rush in with Pikachu. Ash holds it out to Joy and she looks worried.

By the ocean, Wattson looks out to sea. He goes through the match in his head exclaiming that it was a total shut out. He then remarks that he may not be cut out for leading a gym. Suddenly, something pulls on his shirt. He turns to see an Electrike growling happily. Wattson smiles and asks what its doing. The Pokemon comes to his side and places its head on his lap. Wattson pets it as the Pokemon relaxes. He then takes out some Pokemon food and feeds it. As the Pokemon happily eats, Wattson lets out a low laugh.

At the Pokecenter, Nurse Joy has Pikachu connected to a large machine. Ash sadly watches as sparks fly everywhere. Nurse Joy studies the machine and explains that Pikachu has overloaded on electricity. She says though it may have powered Pikachu up, it also can't contain all of it. She turns to Ash and says it must have been caused by contact with a large amount of electrical activity. Ash recalls the Raikou incident and thinks it must have something to do with it.

Nurse Joy continues reading the machine and asks if they can recall anything. Brock speaks first, exclaiming that it came in contact with a Raikou. Nurse Joy is shocked and Ash explains what happened with the mechanical Raikou at the gym. Nurse Joy wonders why Wattson would play a prank like that, and then activates the machine. It begins to drain the electricity out of Pikachu. Soon it stops sparking and Pikachu seems better. Nurse Joy unhooks it and tells Ash that Pikachu will be fine. Ash thanks her and asks if Pikachu is ok. It smiles and puts up a paw, signaling it is.

Suddenly, Wattson's assistant rushes into the room. He tells Joy that Wattson is missing. Nurse Joy ponders for a second and them remarks that he wasn't his usual self at the center this morning. He then hands her a letter that he found at the gym. It's from Wattson, and it explains how he has gone to the mountains to think. It adds in that his loss to Ash has hit him hard, and he's trusting his Pokemon to the Pokecenter till he returns. Ash and co are shocked, and May tells Ash that the battle really wasn't fair. The assistant asks why and Ash explains how the Raikou bot powered up Pikachu. The assistant steps back surprised and Joy asks him where Wattson could've gone. He tells her that Wattson likes to go to the power plant, so there's a good chance he's there. Ash agrees to help find him as he feels bad.

Back on the mountainside, Wattson hugs Electrike. It licks him and he laughs, exclaiming that Electrike has made him forget all his troubles. Electrike then leaps from his arms and growls as electricity sparks around it. Wattson laughs exclaiming that it has a sparking personality, but then he realizes what it's growling at. Team Rocket is behind him in a giant Pokeball-like car with a vacuum sticking out the front. They head straight for the power plant. Meowth laughs as the vacuum smashes down the door and begins to suck the electric Pokemon out. They all appear in back of the car in a large cage. Jessie remarks on how easy this is and James puts his arms behind his head, exclaiming that he can just sit back and let the vacuum capture them. The Pokemon try to shock their way out of the cage, but it does nothing. Meowth giggles as he explains about the electricity proof cage.

Wattson rushes up and asks what they think they are doing. Team Rocket says their motto and Ash and co approach at the end of it. Wattson wonders what they are doing here and his assistant pleads for him to come back to the gym. Wattson puts his head down and says he can't. Ash then exclaims of how the match was a fluke and wasn't won fairly. Wattson turns around confused. Meowth then exclaims that now's the perfect time to catch Pikachu. The vacuum sucks it up and then Jessie says they should get Electrike too. The vacuum pulls it up as Wattson calls out to it. Ash tries to release a Pokemon, but James fires a net over the group. The car then speeds away as Pikachu and Electrike call out sadly.

Ash pulls the net off and begins to go after them, but Wattson stops them. He laughs as he says he has a better plan. Team Rocket cheers as they speed along the road. Suddenly, the Raikou bot appears in front of them. James recognizes what it is, and Meowth says there is something strange about it. Ash and co step up behind the bot and tell them to hand the Pokemon over. The Raikou roars and begins to spark. James says it sure acts like a real Raikou and Meowth nervously tries to tell them that it can't do anything. Jessie agrees with James and Meowth begins to as well.

Brock releases Forretress and May calls out Torchic. Forretress tries to rapid spin the car as Torchic embers them. James stares at Raikou who still isn't doing anything, but he and Jessie are still unsure. Wattson then tells Raikou to hold and his assistant wonders why. Wattson remarks that Raikou is to scare them while they get the Pokemon. He then makes a joke and laughs. His assistant just sighs. Pikachu tells the Pokemon to stop shocking the cage. It then begins to iron tail the bars and Electrike bites at them. The Pokemon all begin to ram it.

Jessie and James continue to watch the Raikou as it does nothing. James says it sure is taking a while, and Jessie says it's their chance to destroy it. She calls out Seviper and James releases Cacnea who hugs him like usual. Seviper uses poison tail on the Raikou, but to their surprise, the bot breaks into pieces. Team Rocket is shocked by this and Meowth exclaims that it really was a robot! Suddenly, the bars break from Pikachu and Electrike's attacks. The Pokemon rush out as James sees this. He informs the others and Jessie gets mad. She asks Meowth why he didn't make the cage durable, and he explains that all the money was put into making it shock proof. Jessie then pushes his head down.

Pikachu rushes to Ash and he picks it up. Electrike runs to Wattson who bends down to hug it. Jessie gets mad and wants to get the Pokemon back. She releases Seviper and James calls out Cacnea who hugs him. Jessie tells Seviper to use poison tail. Pikachu dodges and James has Cacnea use pin missile. Pikachu dodges again and uses thunderbolt on the Pokemon. It then sends them flying into the car with a quick attack. Jessie still isn't willing to give up and releases Dustox. It uses gust to blow Pikachu back. It then prepares for a psybeam, but Electrike uses thunder wave. With Dustox paralyzed, Pikachu uses thunderbolt, shocking all of the rockets and sending them blasting off.

Pikachu smiles pleased with itself. Ash congratulates it and then the other Pokemon. Pikachu walks up to Electrike and signals that it helped. Ash then walks up to Wattson and holds up the Dynamo Badge. With his head down, he explains that Wattson should have it back as the match was a fluke. Wattson is confused and his assistant explains what happened with Pikachu. Wattson turns to Ash and tells him to keep it. Ash wonders why and Wattson explains that Pikachu us strong even when it isn't powered up. He adds in that Ash showed his skills by defeating Team Rocket, and it was his fault Pikachu as powered up anyways.

Ash thanks him and holds up his new Dynamo Badge. Brock, May, and Max all congratulate him on his victory. Wattson then picks up Electrike and says he's made a new friend. It growls happily in his arms. His assistant then asks if he will be returning to the gym. Wattson explains that he was feeling pretty low, but Electrike cheered him up and made him realize that gym leaders are not unbeatable. He then adds in that he has no remorse for loosing to a skilled trainer like Ash. His assistant begins to cry; moved by the speech. Wattson then makes a joke and everyone laughs as the scene rises to the sky.

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316: Watt's With Wattson?

316: Mauville Gym! Wattson's Electric Shock Battle!

Mauville City



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Magnemite Magneton Voltorb

Ash wins in his battle against Wattson and earns a Dynamo Badge
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