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Ash and co are now heading down a quiet forest road on their way to Verdantuff City. Max checks the Pokenav and informs the others that the city isn't too far off. Brock comments that May is one step closer to competing in another Pokemon Contest. May is excited by this, and brags about how she's going to win. Ash laughs and remarks that she is quite confident now.

Just in front of them are a group of workers digging a hole. They are obviously Jessie and James, but since this is Pokemon we're dealing with, Ash and co are too dumb to know it. Jessie waves a caution light to inform the group to avoid the hole. They pass by without even acknowledging them and continue on. Suddenly, a crash is heard as Ash and co fall into another cleverly placed hole. Jessie grins and gives a peace sign to the screen.

Oh no! Ash and co are once again in a pit. They won't get out of this one though! Team Rocket gloat at how easy their capture was, and Ash demands to let them out. James then pulls a net from out of nowhere and sends it down to nab Pikachu. However, when he hoists it up he realizes he also allowed Ash and co to grab hold of it. The group lands behind them and thanks James for the help.

Jessie becomes angry and releases Seviper to battle. Ash counters by calling out Torkoal. James sends in Cacnea, who does its usual hugging. Seviper tries to bite Torkoal, but the Pokemon withdraws into its shell and Seviper just hurts itself. Ash is happy with this, and demands a flamethrower. Torkoal emerges and lets one loose, burning Seviper. Cacnea then releases a pin missile which strikes Torkoal.

May decided to join the battle and calls out Skitty. It prepares to use assist, but Seviper smashes into it and sends it flailing right onto Torkoal's shell. Torkoal is frightened and releases smoke from its shell, causing Skitty to fly up into the air coughing. It crashes to the ground injured and May rushes to it. Torkoal looks a little saddened. Jessie then orders Seviper to attack again, but Brock calls out Mudkip. It uses a massive water gun to send Team Rocket into oblivion.

Ash and co rush to May to find out if Skitty is ok. It weakly coughs and Max remarks that it may be stunned from inhaling so much smoke. Torkoal isn't happy with this at all. May also comments that it looks a little flushed, which makes Torkoal cry. Brock becomes the sensible one and suggests they head to the nearest Pokemon center. They always seem to make things better. Ash asks where the nearest city is and Max checks the Pokenav. After finding out there's one near here, the group rushes off.

The center doesn't seem to be anywhere in sight. Ash and co rush around it to find many people shopping, but no center. Ash stops a nearby woman for directions, but the lady informs them that there is no Pokemon Center here. The group becomes depressed, and May wonders how on Earth she'll be able to help her Skitty now. The woman smiles and explains to them that there's a Pokemon spa center now far from here. The group thanks her and heads off.

Ash and co arrive at a large building. A young boy exits with his Makuhita and thanks someone on the way out. Brock is excited to find out who the breeder is, but Max just sighs. Ash enters asking for the breeder and a VERY VERY VERY large woman exits. The ground thunders under her steps. She holds an Aron in her arms and begins to babble about breeding. Ash and co are a little turned off by this, but soon a much nicer looking woman appears. She introduces herself as Ayane, and asks how she can help.

Brock goes goo-goo eyed again and rushes to greet her. He begins to explain to her that he was the gym leader of Pewter City and how he became a breeder. The whole time his heart is pumping out his chest. Max ends this by snatching him and pulling him off. May then rushes up and tells Ayane that her Skitty needs help. She explains that it was injured in battle as Ayane sets it on the table. She then says that it inhaled too much smoke. Ayane checks it out, and then begins to massage its back. She explains that it helps relieve tension.

She then begins to explain to the group that each Pokemon has its own special treatments. Brock then cuts in and enlightens on what she said. She agrees and asks how he knew. Brock then shouts out that he wants to be the greatest breeder in the world so he studies everyday. They talk some more till Ayane asks Skitty how it's doing. Skitty weakly coughs, but it seems to be getting better. May is overjoyed by this. Brock then takes this moment to lay on the moves, but Max pulls him away long after making a fool of himself.

Ayane then begins to pet Skitty as May wonders how she's so good at this. Ash then notices a picture on her desk of herself and a large trophy. Next to her is a Skitty. Max notices that it’s a Pokemon Contest trophy and Brock adds in that it looks like it's from the Master Rank Competitions. May is suddenly made aware that she has heard of Ayane. She exclaims that Ayane is "the coordinator". The guys are confused and May pulls out a Pokemon Coordinator magazine she purchased earlier. In it is a large section on the profile for Ayane, a legendary Pokemon coordinator.

Ash and co are very impressed by this. May begins to brag about how much she wants to compete in the grand festival and win just like her, and she still can't believe she's in the same room with her. She then bursts out asking Ayane if they can see all of her awards. Ayane happily agrees to show them.

In the room, everyone admires the many ribbons she has displayed. May then notices the Master Rank Trophy and stares in awe. Ayane explains that she won that contest with her Skitty(Joanie) by her side. May then begins to think she can do it too. Ayane tells the group that Joanie's main act of appeal was a juggling one. And each time it got her a perfect 30. She then goes on to explain that in the match battles she had no problem winning because she taught Joanie every possible attack it could learn. She has flashbacks of it taking out a Kirlia with double slap, Zangoose with blizzard, and Swampert with solar beam. She then ends by saying this always won her the audience and she ended up winning the competition and getting fame.

The group then sits down for some drinks as Ayane explains more about her contest training. May asks to meet Joanie, and Ayane says she can soon. Brock wonders how she got into Pokemon Spa treatments and Ayane explains about the day she walked home from the contest. It began to storm and she came across a shadowy trainer in the road. She immediately decided to battle him, but Joanie was sent flying down some rocks by the Pokemon's (which is a Flygon) flamethrower.

Ayane rushed her injured Pokemon to this particular spa, and she watched as the owner massaged her Skitty. The next day Skitty was running around like new, and Ayane explains that it was so full of life that she had to learn how to treat Pokemon like that. She goes on to explain how she became a pupil to the massage therapist. She would visit him everyday and take notes as he helped Pokemon. She then began to do it herself as the owner watched and after some time, she became an expert.

Ayane was eventually asked to take over the spa, and she was more than willing to oblige. That night, the owner gave her something that changed her whole career. Under a full moon, he presented her with a moon stone. Joanie placed its head against the stone and evolved into a beautiful Delcatty. Ever since then she has worked here with Joanie by her side.

May is now obsessed with meeting Joanie, and Ayane happily leads them to her backyard. She calls for Joanie and it rushes to the door. May takes out her dex and scans it. May is in love with its beauty, and she begins to pet it.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is spying on the group from the top of a building. Jessie and James really want to nab Delcatty, but Meowth says a package is better. They become confused and he explains to them that the boss will be doubly impressed if they bring him an evolutionary chain, mainly Delcatty and Skitty. He has a vision of the boss examining them and becoming happy. Delcatty remains still as Skitty stretches, sleeps, etc. The vision ends and everyone cheers at the idea. James then interrupts wondering how they plan to pull this off. Meowth is angered by this and begins to yell.

Ash and co are now watching Skitty chase its tail on the ground. Ayane then enters the room holding two orange balls. She explains that she wants to teach Skitty how to perform Joanie's trick. She calls for it and it rushes to her. It sees the balls and jumps up waving its arms. Ayane laughs and tells it to bounce the balls with its tail. Skitty looks confused as it stares at its tail, but it soon gets back on all fours and wiggles it.

Ayane throws one ball and Skitty juggles it on its tail. She throws the second and miraculously Skitty juggles it too. Everyone is shocked and Max tells May that its getting the hang of things. Ayane then hands the balls to May and tells her to try. May agrees and tosses one to Skitty, but it just bounces off its tail. She throws the second one and the same thing happens. May asks what the matter is and Skitty just smiles.

Suddenly, someone calls out from the front desk. Ayane tells them she'll be right there. She arrives to find a Meowth wrapped up like a mummy and a man and woman dressed in German outfits saying it needs treatment. (They are obviously Jessie and James). Ayane tells them to follow her and Jessie smiles under he disguise knowing they'll be led right to Skitty and Delcatty.

Ayane massages Meowth while Jessie and James describe its symptoms. She then removes the bandages from its head and Pikachu instantly recognizes him. Meowth freaks out and Ayane asks what's wrong. Jessie and James nervously say that its just tense. Ayane begins to rub other parts of Meowth's body as Jessie and James lean over to examine Skitty and Joanie. They pet them and tell Ayane that they really like them. Ayane thanks them and continues to run Meowth, who is trying not to talk.

Jessie and James then slip green collars onto Skitty and Joanie. Ayane continues to massage Meowth and she asks how it feels. Meowth continues to say his name, but he suddenly says it feels good. Ayane says that's good and Jessie and James become nervous. Ash and co realize who it is and Ayane suddenly realizes he spoke to her. Meowth freaks out and covers his mouth, but that does no good. James yells at Meowth and Ayane asks who they are.

Jessie and James retort to their motto. When they finish, Meowth still seems to be in heaven from the massage. Jessie grabs him and releases Seviper to create a haze. When the smoke clears, both Skitty and Joanie are missing. Ash looks out the window to see Team Rocket escaping in their balloon. The group gives chase and yells for Team Rocket to return the Pokemon, but Jessie just waves to them.

Inside the balloon, Skitty and Joanie are attached to the pole by the collars. Skitty looks happy but Joanie is trying to break the basket with tackle. Team Rocket freaks out and James begs it to clam down. Joanie becomes angry and its tail begins to charge in energy. In a matter of seconds, the balloon is filled with a solar beam. It smashes the balloon portion to pieces and it begins to quickly loose altitude.

The balloon crashes into a canyon spilling everyone out. Skitty falls towards the ground, but Joanie jumps up and catches it on its back. Team Rocket however, crash with a thud behind them. Ash and co arrive and Ayane hugs her Delcatty. Both collars come loose and May asks Skitty if its all right. Meowth bursts from the balloon demanding they return the Pokemon. When May refuses, Jessie and James send out Seviper and Cacnea. (Where the heck has Dustox been?) Ash prepares to release Treecko, but Ayane cuts in and says she wants to handle this.

Seviper goes to bite Joanie, but it jumps onto its head and dodges. Seviper hits a wall and comes back to wrap Joanie. The Pokemon can't seem to get out in time and Seviper gets a hold on it. But Joanie then squirms its way out. Seviper tries a poison tail, but its blocked by Joanie's safeguard. Max is in shock at how well Ayane has coordinated it. Joanie then uses a thunderbolt dealing massive damage to Seviper. James tries to have Cacnea use needle arm while Joanie charges up a solar beam. Joanie strikes first and Cacnea is sent flying into a rock. The rock shatters and Cacnea falls down fainted.

Ash is shocked at how many different attacks Joanie knows. Max says that it doesn't seem to take type into affect at all. Brock nods and says it's been trained very well. May is impressed and wants to do the same for her Skitty. Team Rocket's Pokemon miraculously have recovered and both chare in to attack. May sends Skitty in and it tackles Cacnea, but is blown back by Seviper's poison tail. Joanie tells May to have Skitty try a blizzard, but May says it doesn't know the attack. Joanie smiles and says it can learn now. She has Joanie demonstrate the attack first, which smashes into Cacnea and blows it back.

May isn't so sure Skitty is ready, but Ayane becomes irritated and tells her to try. May orders the attack, but it just stares at her. May becomes depressed and Ayane tells Skitty to watch her Delcatty. Joanie releases a blizzard and Skitty tries, but it just coughs up snow. Seviper lunges and Joanie blows it back with thunderbolt. Ayane then tells May to try again. She orders a blizzard and this time Skitty launches one perfectly. As Seviper is blown back, May jumps for joy and Ayane congratulates her.

Cacnea and Seviper lunge again, but both Skitty and Joanie use blizzard, turning Team Rocket's Pokemon to popsicles. The two Pokemon are blown into their trainers, and the ice shatters. Ash then has Pikachu send them blasting off with thunder. Ash and co are now very impressed with Ayane and Max can see how she became a famous coordinator. She taught her Pokemon the prefect moves and it releases them flawlessly. May thanks Ayane for teaching Skitty a new attack and she then goes on to say that she will win her next contest with Skitty. Ayane thinks she can do it.

That evening, May thanks Ayane once again and says that she'll do her best to win her next contest. Ayane says that with blizzard on her side it should be no problem. Brock then approaches and says his goodbyes. He adds in that he learned a lot from her. Ayane smiles and says she's sure he'll become a great breeder. After a little bit more goodbyes, the group heads off. May tells Skitty that it's going to do great in the next contest, and she throws it into the air. Skitty poses and the episode ends.

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