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Ash and co are now at a forest Pokecenter. Ash, Brock, and Max exit and look down the trail ahead. Ash asks Max what way Fortree City is and Max points down the trail, saying they can reach it just by heading down it. At this, all three become excited and prepare to head off, but Brock suddenly realizes May isn't with them.

May is busy in her stay room packing up her feminine oils and such when Ash walks in. He begins to yell and drags her from the room saying they are leaving right now. May then skids to a stop when she spies a mirror causing Ash to topple over. As she inspects herself, Ash gets up and begins to yell some more. He tells her how they are running late and he wants to get to Fortree fast. May seems interested, and then sarcastically apologizes for slowing him down by trying to look her best. Ash is now extremely steamed and begins to yell some more.

On the road, May begins to complain and make comments about Ash. He strikes back with harsh words of his own and it ends up in another argument. As each one insults the other, Max wonders how long this will go on. Brock says knowing Ash it will never end. Suddenly, two strange people dressed in very royal looking outfits calls out to them from up the road. The guy in a soldier suit introduces himself as Oscar and the girl in her pink gown introduces herself as Andrew, together they make the Tag Battle Couple. Max is excited as he has heard of them and Brock is just in love.

The two begin to tell Ash and May that fighting is a sign of love, but May and Ash are just insulted. Oscar and Andrew continue to agree that Ash and May like each other, but the two just turn their heads and shrug. Oscar and Andrew then challenge Ash and May to a double battle. Ash is enticed and asks May is she wants to. May agrees as it would be good training for Pokemon contests. Oscar and Andrew then begin to explain stuff about tag matches until Brock suddenly interrupts. He introduces himself to Andrew and begins to flirt. Andrew is confused but Brock goes on and on until Max pulls him away.

Oscar then declares that it is time for the match and the two can't wait to show off their "royal skills." The scene then changes to each tag couple on separate sides of a field. Brock explains the rules and then Oscar starts things off by releasing a Nidoking. Ash is excited and scans the Pokemon with his Pokedex. Andrew then steps up next and calls out a Nidoqueen. May seems to like this one as she scans it with her dex as well. The two Pokemon pound their chests and roar as Max exclaims how excited he is to see them in battle.

Ash knows that the two Pokemon are ground types so a water would work well. With this in mind, he sends out Corphish. Ash then tells May it's her turn and she begins to consider which of her Pokemon to release. Ash becomes impatient and tells her to pick one fast. May begins to yell back at him and Max sighs. May then finally comes to a decision and releases Skitty. Ash has Corphish start things off with bubblebeam and May tells Skitty to use assist. Skitty uses it and ends up getting an ember. Both attacks head straight for Nidoking, but collide right in front of the Pokemon and cancel each other out.

Nidoking stares confused at this. Corphish gets pissed and yells at Skitty. Skitty turns to argue back but forgets to stop its attack and ends up burning Corphish. Corphish yells some more but Skitty just begins to scratch itself. Ash and May then begin to argue as well allowing Oscar and Andrew to command mega punches from their Pokemon. Both hit dead on and cause Corphish and Skitty to fly back.

Ash tells Corphish to attack again and it leaps forward to do so. May then tells Skitty to use blizzard, but it launches the attack forward right into Corphish and ends up freezing it. May then tells Skitty to de-thaw the Pokemon with an ember assist, but Skitty launches a string shot and wraps the frozen Corphish up more. May sighs and Max comments that this isn't going well. Skitty uses assist again and comes up with a gust, but the attack just carves a perfectly sculpted Corphish out of the ice. Oscar and Andrew think it's beautiful but it's short-lived as Skitty finally gets an ember. The ice melts but Corphish's rear is also burnt.

Corphish leaps up now more enraged than ever. It glares at Skitty and then begins to chase it around the battlefield. May tells Ash to make it stop as Skitty was just trying to help, but Ash yells back that a partner isn't supposed to freeze and fry its fellow battler. May says it was Corphish's fault for getting in the way and the two scream at each other again. Oscar and Andrew are now a little embarrassed for their opponents and decide to finish them off. Hand in hand, they tell their Pokemon to use rollout. Their Pokemon grab hands and feet and begin to roll towards their opponents in a rollout of love. Skitty and Corphish don't even notice before they are launched into the air by the attack. They both land passed out.

Brock declares the Royal Tag Team Couple the winners. The two hold hands and declare their love as they congratulate each other for winning. They then say their goodbyes and both them and their Pokemon rush off into the forest hand in hand. Ash and May yell for them to come back as they go.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is somewhere in the forest depressed as ever. Jessie and James are hurt by the fact that their first Hoenn base has been destroyed and Meowth comments that the only way to regain their honor would be to give Pikachu to the boss. Jessie thinks they could try harder and succeed next time and the three begin to plan their next attack. Suddenly, the Royal Tag Team Couple comes from the forest calling them out. They ask the rockets if they would like to have a double battle, but Meowth and James refuse. Jessie then tells them to hold on as this could be their chance. James wonders what she means and she explains that they could weaken the Nido's that the trainers have and then steal them for the boss. They whisper their cheer and then accept.

The battle takes place on a green open field. Jessie and James have released Seviper and Cacnea to join the Nido's in battle. James orders a needle arm and Cacnea rushes in. Jessie then commands a wrap and Seviper lunges. The Royal Couple tells their Pokemon to use mega punch, and both Pokemon slam their fists into Cacnea. The cactus flies back and smashes into Seviper sending them both sailing. When they land, Seviper is wrapping Cacnea who struggles to get free. Jessie and James yell at each other until Meowth tells them to quit arguing and start battling.

Oscar and Andrew then tell Nidoking and Nidoqueen to use hyper beam. Both Pokemon launch the attacks which form a heart before striking the rockets. The explosion causes Team Rocket to be sent flying into the sky. Oscar then grabs Andrew's hands and the two declare their love for each other once more.

Ash and co are now walking along a river. Ash is ahead of the others complaining about May's battling. May then comes back saying he wasn't any better and another argument ensues. Max and Brock sigh and Brock tries to look on the bright side. Meanwhile, Team Rocket wanders through the forest arguing as well. They blame each other for a LONG time until James begins to sing about Jessie's bad battling. Jessie covers her ears and sings about him as Meowth sighs.

Both groups continue to argue until each person declares that they could battle so much better with a different partner. At this, the groups notice that they are right next to each other. Jessie immediately grabs May and declares her as her partner. James grabs Ash hand says he chooses him. The two yell some more until each challenges each other to a double battle, shocking May and Ash. Max, Meowth, and Brock are very depressed by this.

The four takes sides of the field next to the stream. Ash and James are using Corphish and Cacnea while Jessie and May have Skitty and Seviper. Jessie tells May that they have to work together and the two begin to collaborate at what to do. James notices this and begins to do the same with Ash. Jessie starts by telling Seviper to use poison tail on Corphish. May then tells Skitty to use blizzard on Cacnea. James orders a pin missile on Skitty and Ash tells Corphish to use protect. Seviper sends its tail at Corphish, but the Pokemon has made a barrier to protect itself. Cacnea launches the pin missile and Skitty sends out a blizzard. Both attacks collide and send each Pokemon flying back.

Seviper and Cacnea strike each other with a needle arm and poison tail and James congratulates his Pokemon angering Jessie. Skitty then launches an ember assist as Corphish sends out a bubblebeam. The bubbles push forward through the ember and strike Skitty hard. Seviper then goes to bite Corphish but it dodges and hits the snake with a crab hammer to the head. Skitty tries to tackle Cacnea but it is sent flying by a pin missile. Jessie is now enraged that they are loosing and sends out Dustox to join the match. May is shocked that she's cheating.

Dustox uses gust blowing both Ash and James's Pokemon away. James and Ash yell at her for being unfair, but Jessie says they would loose if she played by the rules. May just stares embarrassed. Brock doesn't know what to do now and is even more confused when Wobbuffet pops out. Seviper hits Corphish with a poison tail while Dustox blows Cacnea back with gust. James tries to have Cacnea use pin missile, but they are sent back at the group by a gust from Dustox. Jessie taunts Ash and co as Seviper wraps Corphish. The Pokemon lets off a bubblebeam straight at Jessie causing her to run around. In the process, she steps on a new sleeping Skitty's tail and makes it use blizzard.

Jessie rushes behind James and the attack hits him, turning him into a Popsicle. (Too much chaos, hard to write.) Jessie laughs at his misfortune, but Skitty then launches an ember assist de-thawing James and burning both Rockets. All five Pokemon begin to launch attacks at each other and Ash and May are now starting to regret this. Brock tries to call order as Wobbuffet copies his moves. Jessie gets mad at them and has Dustox blow the two into Max and Pikachu with gust.

Max wonders what they are going to do and Meowth begins to ponder if Team Rocket will ever make a name for itself in Hoenn now. He then notices Pikachu next to him and comes up with a scheme to steal it. He leaps onto a rock and tries to get Jessie and James's attention, but the two are now beating the crap out of each other. They finally notice him and play a game of charades before finding out he's telling them it's their chance to nab Pikachu. They stop fighting and have Cacnea use sandstorm while Seviper releases a smog. While everyone is blind, Team Rocket uses a net a snatch up Pikachu. When the smoke clears, Ash notices them running away and demands they come back.

Team Rocket turns around and says their motto before rushing off again. Ash tells Pikachu to use thunderbolt, but naturally the net is shock proof. May has Skitty use string shot assist snagging the Rockets and tripping them up. Ash thanks May for helping him and May says it was nothing. Jessie tells Seviper to use poison tail on Skitty, but Corphish leaps up and bubblebeams it before it connects. May thanks Ash before the Rockets Pokemon come back for another attack. Corphish leaps in front of Skitty and uses harden to block the incoming pin missile. Skitty then leaps over it and uses double slap on all three of Team Rocket's Pokemon. It then double slaps Jessie, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet knocking Pikachu free. Skitty then uses blizzard to freeze the Rockets, and Corphish blows them away by smashing through the ice with a crab hammer.

Ash hugs Pikachu and tells May she is a great double battler. May agrees and the two begin to compliment each other instead of arguing. Max is relieved they are back to normal and the episode ends.

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348: The Bicker The Better

348: Tag Battle! Ash VS May!!

Littleroot Town



Pikachu Corphish
Wobbuffet Dustox Seviper

Ash & May have a couple of Tag Battles
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