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As our heroes make their way to the next Gym in Fortree City, they come across a mountain full of thick fog. Having lost the way, they don't realize they lost another thing as well-Ash isn't with them!

In another area of this mountain, J&J are lost as well, and are busy thinking of a way out of this. Meowth then desperately calls out… for the twerps, since they always seem to be experts at finding their way around. However, Jessie doesn't approve of that and shuts him up.

In yet another neck of the woods (or the mountain), our friend Ash is all alone with Pikachu, lost. Suddenly, the fog gets so thick that he doesn't realize where he's walking, and trips over a steep ledge and starts to slide down the hill. As he lands, he hears the voice of a lady singing a beautiful tune, and his attention is drawn to her. As he listens to the words, he could make out something about a treasure hidden in ruins that only something called a "Baltoy" is capable of opening. Suddenly, he realizes that he's all alone when he tries turning to May about this. So… he runs off looking for them. As he sets off, he doesn't know that this mysterious woman in the red cloak and hood who was singing the song is aware that she got his attention, as she watches him carefully, going back to singing her song…

Whew, Brock and the others have finally made it out of that foggy mountain area. May turns around to tell Ash that they're near Fortree, but she then realizes he's missing! They must have gotten separated in the fog! Desperately, they start calling for them.

Unfortunately, Ash doesn't hear them, and continues wandering through the mist, looking for them. Suddenly, he notices a ledge, and just manages to catch himself before he falls off that cliff into a deep gorge. A bit later while he's pondering, he starts to hear an odd voice, and then notices a vague silhouette of a top-like Pokemon in the fog. Even though the PokeDex recognizes it as Baltoy and mentions something about ruins, Ash hasn't had time to put the obvious pieces together, since he notices it's spinning willy-nilly and about to fall off the cliff! Quickly, he rushes to save it, as he has Pikachu try a Thunderbolt, but it just ignores it and goes on. Ash then rechecks the 'Dex data, and realizes that it's not only Psychic type, but Ground as well, thus giving it a resistance to electricity. It's nearing the edge now, so Ash thinks fast and has Pikachu Quick Attack it, stopping it in its tracks, but unfortunately fainting it as well.

Just then, Ash hears a different younger girl's voice calling for Baltoy, and seconds later that young girl arrives, notices her fainted Baltoy, and scolds Ash for it. Ash then explains he saved it from going off the cliff, so she apologizes and thanks him instead. Then, they introduce each other, and her name is Kuruyo, and she and her Baltoy have been hanging out around here for a while.

Meanwhile, J&J stumble upon that same steep hill, as they lose their balance and slide down. Jessie then sees something that looks like its been struck by electricity, and has no doubt that Pikachu got his Thunderbolt on it…

While Pikachu playfully interacts with Baltoy (ketchup style, hehe), Kuruyo tells Ash about why she's here. Her dream is to become an archaeologist and make an important discovery, and she feels she has a chance, having her Baltoy with her in this area. Ash isn't quite sure what she means, but then she takes out a book, and tells that according to this book, there are supposed to be ruins somewhere in a foggy mountain in Hoenn that only Baltoy is capable of opening, and rumor has it there is a precious valuable treasure in there, and she's pretty sure this is the right place. Ash still doesn't quite understand, so she tells him a little bit about the background story. A few days ago, she got this book as a present from her parents, and read it and heard about the legend. Then, after they left, the phone rang, and a mysterious voice told her she knows about the legend as well, and that she has a Baltoy, and that she somehow knows that the ruins in the foggy mountains are the ones close by. Creeped out, she is also told by the voice on the other end to come immediately, because she needs her help. Apparently only her and her Baltoy can help her. Thus, longing for adventure, she decided to come here and find the ruins and this woman.

Ash is also into adventure and is now starting to find this interesting. He asks if there's any more info she knows, and she says she remembers a song about it as well. Remembering the words, she starts to sing a few lines. This happens to be the same song Ash heard from the cloaked woman! With that, he surprises her by finishing the last few lines. Kuruyo is flabbergasted and asks how he knows it, so he tells her about the cloaked woman he saw singing it, and describes her voice. Kuruyo remembers this similar to the one she heard on the phone, and she's almost positive it's correct! Ash seems to think he remembers where he saw her, so he guides her there.

J&J have been eavesdropping on Ash and Kuruyo, so they go with the obvious plan-beat them to the treasure. Luckily for them they heard Ash talk about where he saw the woman, so that's where they're gonna go. Surely enough, TR find the red cloaked woman pretty easily. As they confront her, she seems to be familiarized with them. At first she's not sure, but as soon as they ask about the ruins, she seems to recognize the duo more, and somehow knows that they should not be trusted and refuses to say anything. Of course, they're surprised since they have never even met the woman before, but either way they won't let her get away that easily. As they send out Cacnea and Seviper, the woman sends out a Xatu. Cacnea starts off with a Pin Missile, but Xatu easily Reflects it off. Just then, Ash and Kuruyo pass by, and notice this big scene as well. TR seem to stand out to Ash, but Kuruyo is more than positive that this woman is who she is looking for. Next, the woman has Xatu Teleport behind them, and Peck at Cacnea. Just then, Ash talks a bit too loud when he notices TR, and their attention is turned to the twerp. James then has Cacnea Pin Missile them out of the way, but Kuruyo's Baltoy sends the needles back at them with Rapid Spin. Seviper then tries a Bite, but the yellow rat easily stops it with Thunderbolt. A final Shadow Ball from Xatu sends them blasting off.

Now with them gone, Kuruyo is ready to deal with the reason she's here. As she introduces herself and asks what she wanted with her and her Baltoy, and the woman in her most mysterious voice tells them to follow her. As they walk, she starts singing the song, and they eventually end up at a cave… and suddenly, the ground below them drops, as they fall down a long chute! Screaming all the way, they eventually get to the end and land on a small haystack in some underground chamber. As they get up, Kuruyo notices on the walls some Baltoy drawings, and her Baltoy leaps in pride as well at the notice. Ash then reminds her the main reason they are here, so Kuruyo asks the mysterious woman what they want her to do now. The lady then points to the other side of the room, where there's a huge portal that looks exactly like the one on her book cover as well as one of the drawings on the wall, except the only problem is it's covered in heavy boulders. The woman then explains that her own Baltoy is there, and trapped under those rocks, and neither she nor her Xatu are capable of moving them. Ash then goes to the portal and tries lifting one of the rocks, but to no avail. The woman then in her most mysterious tone tells Kuruyo to use her Baltoy, as if she knows exactly what she's talking about. Everyone moves back as Xatu uses its reflect to set up a barrier, and Kuruyo has Baltoy use Confusion to lift the rocks off the portal, and blast them to smithereens. The Reflect barrier keeps them from getting hurt from the flying rocks.

As Xatu gets rid of the Reflect, they take a closer look at the portal, and find a fainted Baltoy there! This one belongs to the woman, who's worried about its condition, and lets it rest for a while in its Pokeball. As she thanks them, Kuruyo takes out her book and points out that the portal looks exactly the same as the one on the cover, and wonders if it actually is the one. To her surprise, the woman takes out the same book as well, but it's a bit older, and says that she has been working on this for a while, and knows for a fact that it is indeed the same one. She then explains that she and her Baltoy were investigating this portal, and her Baltoy got stuck under there, and if it weren't for Kuruyo and her Baltoy, who knows what would have happened. However, the mystery still remains unsolved as to how exactly the woman knew to contact Kuruyo, let alone her phone number. Not too many trainers out there have a Baltoy. Although Kuruyo is a bit jealous of this girl, she's still glad she helped.

Now, Enigma-lady says that judging by the pictures on the wall and in the book, all we need now is for Baltoy to stand on the portal and use Rapid Spin! Suddenly, the ground begins to rumble, and the next thing they know, TR appear breaking through the wall in one of their machines. They never give up, do they? Before the twerps manage to do anything, they take out one of the extending arms and grab Kuruyo's Baltoy! Then, Meowth presses a button turning the machine into a bulldozer, and chases after the others! Thinking fast, the woman has her Xatu Teleport on top of the machine, and Peck it to death. However, as it starts to do a pretty good job, Meowth activates one of the arms to knock Xatu off, fainting it. Next, Ash tries the all time classic Pikachu Thunderbolt, and it actually works! Yes, on one of TR's MACHINES! Jessie then scolds Meowth for forgetting about the most important resistance. After that, Kuruyo's Baltoy uses a Rapid Spin, tearing the machine apart. Xatu then uses a Shadow Ball, and blasts them through the hole in the cave that they made back to where they belong.

Time for Baltoy to turn on the portal via Rapid Spin. As it stands in the middle and starts spinning, the portal begins to glow and a shaft of light emerges. Everyone watches as the woman steps on, and removes her cloak and hood, revealing herself to be… Kuruyo's clone! Except, she looks a lot older. She then reveals that she's Kuruyo's future self, and explains that the "precious treasure" hidden in these ruins is time. The portal happens to be a time machine, which is activated by Baltoy, based on the direction of its spin determining whether they travel to the future or the past. Kuruyo then understands the whole thing, and why she knew to contact her as well as everything about her. However, Kuruyo notices her there and worries she's about to go back, and runs up to ask her a few questions about this treasure, and about being famous. Unfortunately, she cannot reveal any secrets, but she does say that if she wishes to be a famous archaeologist and make a breaking discovery, she needs this precious treasure, that is time. Feats like this require a lot of patience, so Kuruyo takes advice from her future self, and promises not to take it so hard. Then, she agrees that it wouldn't be fair if she learned about her future from her future self, otherwise, it would be like opening Pandora's box on the hardships. As future-Kuruyo is about to go back to her time, she asks to hear Kuruyo sing the song one more time, and her future being vanishes… along with Baltoy! Worried, Kuruyo watches as the light clears, and seconds later, Baltoy materializes in the center, dizzy as heck, and falls over from dizziness. Her future self must has realizes that the past Baltoy came with her, and had it return to the present.

As they get out of the cave, Kuruyo is pretty proud of her discovery and thanks Ash for his help. She couldn't have done it without him, even though it was her Baltoy that was at the heart of it all. Then, he tells her that he's training for the Hoenn league and wishes to become a Pokemon Master. They wish each other luck, as Kuruyo heads off.

Suddenly, Ash hears some familiar voices calling him, them being of Max, May, and Brock. He almost forgot that he's alone, and its sure gonna take some effort getting them to believe this story. Instead, he has another idea up his sleeve. As they greet each other and ask where they've been, Ash just says he's been looking for them. However, he's made a decision, and that would be not to hurry so desperately to Fortree City. Everyone's surprised to hear Ash's change in attitude, but he explains that somehow he just thought that if they just head there without being in such a rush, it would make it easier, because patience and time are virtues. Everyone stares at him oddly, wondering what he's up to, but they also decide it doesn't matter, and its good that he's changed, so they all head to Fortree City-but no rush!

Thanks To Spinazak For Writing this for us

352: Me, Myself & Time

352: Baltoy & The Ruins in the Mist

Between Littleroot and Fortree


Calista (Future)

Wobbuffet Seviper
Calista (Future):
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