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It's just not Team Rocket's day once again. They've just tried pulling another trick on the twerps, and to utter failure not only got blasted off beyond the atmosphere, but Pikachu's charge had a bit more of an effect. The static seems to have gotten so high, that it's created an "Afro-Beam" getting their hair all frizzy and afro-style. Of course, they still haven't noticed that, being dizzy from the blast and the fall, landing in front of a huge mansion. James and Meowth are the first to notice each other's odd hairdos, which leads to an argument and a fight about having let the twerps' Pikachu do that much to them. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if they fought like this every time they got blasted off. Eventually, they fight so hard that Meowth accidentally kicks Jessie in the face, leading to yet another blame for "ruining her beautiful face". Although James is the one to point out that looking at her, Meowth barely did anything… and this just leads to more fighting between the three of them scolding and wrestling each other. Suddenly, unbeknownst to them, a small shadow of a Pokemon peeks out from behind a nearby bush, notices them… and within seconds, a small red glow freezes them in place for a second giving them confused bewildered looks.

Ash and the others are also nearby as usual, and unfortunately the "Afro Beam" had a bit of an effect on them as well. Brock, however, seems to be rather fond of his new look, being the fashion man. Suddenly they come across a fork in the path, so Max checks out the PokeNav, and eventually decide to take the left path.

TR's hair seems to have also gotten sorted out back to normal, and they're acting like nothing even happened! However, they're still aware of who they are and what they are supposed to be doing, and as soon as they notice themselves in front of a mansion-its robbing time! As Meowth uses his trusty claws to easily pick the lock (wow, first success in a while), they walk in and start to admire the beautiful scenery-but to their dismay, the double doors suddenly shut behind them, locking them in! Meowth desperately tries Scratching at the doors, but instead of opening they get decorated with some scratchmarks. This leads to another fight between the three about who's idea it was and who's fault it is and whatnot…

Once again, sneaking from behind the stairs, the same silhouette figure casts that red glow on TR, not only stopping the fight, but making them happy and forgetting it. They can still remember breaking into the mansion, though, and decide to go on with their plan and raid the rooms like professional burglars.

Meanwhile, outside it's started to rain. Luckily (maybe not to Brock), the rain seems to have fixed the twerps' hair back to their normal states. As they run, desperate to find shelter, sure enough they come across that same mansion. As they knock, once again that shadow figure is spying on them…

Unfortunately for them, the mansion seems to be current vacant, as there's no answer at the door. At first they get ready to wander on looking for another shelter, but to their surprise, the double doors open up, out of the blue! At first they're a little suspicious and scared and not sure whether it would be safe to enter, so they ponder that for a few seconds. At the same time, while halfheartedly deciding to enter, it didn't really seem like they had a choice, since a huge bolt of lightning strikes, frightening May to run right into the mansion. Looks like they have no choice but to run after her.

As they enter and run in, they hear a slam, and turn around and notice the doors have shut! And no, they won't open for them either, and then they notice the scratches. May then starts whining about how they're locked in and how she wants to get out, but Max then reminds her that it was her fault. Once again, they get into another one of their sibling quarrels…

The same shadow figure watches them, preparing to make a move again, and as Ash and Brock try and calm it down, it just gets stirred up so much more that Max gets angry and runs through the open double doors in front of him into the next room. Ash, May, and Brock follow, but the doors shut before they can catch up to him, separating them! Ash then gets worried, but May almost seems reluctant to go looking for Max, but gives in anyway.

On the other side of the doors, Max is worried about May and the others, but he's also been in such situations handling himself, so he knows to stay calm and decides to explore a little bit on his own. After all, he is pretty angry at May since he sees it as her fault, since she lead him in there in the first place. As he walks down the hall, insulting her to himself in anger, he fails to notice that he's being followed by that shadow figure (clearly seen in the light as a Shuppet now, but as if that wasn't expected). As he continues taking his stroll, once again Shuppet's eyes begin to glow as it follows him, and once again sucks in a red glow from Max. Max may not notice that, but he does feel it, and immediately stops insulting May and expressing his anger. This time, he forgets why he's there, and only remembers being separated from them and wants to get back. Then, as he turns towards the window, he finally notices that Shuppet. However, instead of being scared like most people would, he's actually excited to see something that exotic, and it would be expected that someone like Max would know what a Shuppet is. With that, he introduces himself, and Shuppet seems to like him already. As he goes up to pat it, however, it disappears, but then it laughs behind him. For a while, enjoying their new friendship, Max and Shuppet play apparate-and-seek for a bit.

A bit later, Shuppet runs off and glides down the stairs as Max chases it. Suddenly, he trips and almost falls on his face, but Shuppet saves him and puts him back on his feet with its Psychic. As impressed as Max is to be saved by a Pokemon move, Shuppet is just as happy having fun. Then, it goes off and motions for Max to follow… and as they get to the library in the basement, Max still isn't sure what Shuppet is up to. But when it uses its Psychic once again, two bookcases start to move apart, revealing a secret room full of toys and games and whatnot! A little déjŕ vu from the Lavender Town tower for us, but Max has never been there, so he takes the time to enjoy it as much as he can with Shuppet, sliding down the Donphan slide and riding the Ponyta-go-round.

While the rest of the twerps are still worried sick over Max, they still haven't found him. May seems to have slightly changed her mind, and wants to find him as much as Ash and Brock do.

Meanwhile, in the storm, another woman has arrived at the mansion, and she seems to be the owner, as she has a key. However, as she gets ready to open it, the doors surprise her by opening before the key even touches them! Then, she is even more surprised and scared when she notices the scratchmarks on the door. All signs point to an intruder!

While Max and Shuppet are still on the old Ponyta-go-round (Shuppet is using Psychic to make it turn), Max suddenly hears a familiar voice calling his name, and warns Shuppet to stop, since his sister is nearby. As Max and Shuppet get off and peak through the basement window, sure enough they see May and his other friends walk by, calling him. They don't even notice him and Shuppet in the window, but they just walk by! Just as Max expected, but then to his surprise he hears May say that she's still worried and wants to find him. Apparently Max was scared of her and thought she was still mad, but now there has been a change of plans.

As the twerps enter the kitchen, once again the doors slam behind them. Even though that's happened enough times already, May shivers as she tries to believe it's only the wind. Even the curtains on a nearby window are billowing hard.

Of course they don't know that Max and Shuppet are under the table, giggling silently to themselves. Ah yes, pranks. Max then signals Shuppet to make a move, and then to May and the others' surprise, all the plates and candlesticks and other equipment go floating off the tables! Next thing they know, the plates start flying out of the cupboard and even the chairs and tables and cupboards themselves start dancing! Eventually, they get so scared that they run out the door (now open) back into the hall. Then, Shuppet puts everything back in place with its Psychic, and it and Max let out their laughter at them falling for it.

As they run off, May seems to be the most scared and running the fastest, and as they turn a corner, they bump right into that woman, and apologize. At first she's angry and accuses them of breaking into her property. Before they get to explain, Brock goes and starts hitting on her as usual. Now, with the absence of both Misty and Max, now its May's turn to pull him away by the ear.

After May and the others explain the situation and Max's disappearance, the woman introduces herself as Emily, and offers to help. But first, she feels they should know the story of the mansion, so she talks about that as well. Apparently it used to be some motel resort, and later got closed down.

As Ash and the others take out Pikachu, Torchic, Mudkip, and Swellow, they arrange a whole search party for Max. While Max and Shuppet are still hanging around in the kitchen they hear Team Rocket enter the room and quickly take their places once again. However, before they do anything, the cry of Torchic interrupts both Max and TR. Torchic has now entered the kitchen, and Team Rocket are hiding behind the table now ready to make a move on it. Max then sits frozen in fear, remembering when May got her Torchic, and how she likes it… its got stolen in the past, yes, but now it will be his turn to save it. Suddenly, TR jump out at Torchic, scaring it as they begin to chase it around. Shuppet once again works hard on draining Max's negative thoughts, and giving him happy thoughts. Forgetting all his stupid sibling rivalry with her, he remembers the happy moments, like when she used to tuck him into bed… then Max loses it and jumps out at them. Team Rocket recognize the little twerp, and James recognizes Shuppet with the help of his Pokemon cards. Before they make their move, they're interrupted by yet another twerp, being May who passed the open door and saw TR. As she enters, Max notices her and picks up Torchic, keeping it away from TR as possible. May actually seems more relieved to see Max than to see Torchic, surprisingly. As they say their quick hellos, TR sends out Cacnea and Seviper. Seviper tries Biting Torchic, and is stopped by its Quick Attack. A Pin Missile from Cacnea is then burned off with Torchic's Ember. Seviper then tries a Poison Tail, which Torchic dodges. However, the tail hit the floor a little too hard, and the bookcase falls down on them!

May rushes to protect Max, but she didn't really need to, as Shuppet's Psychic is strong enough to stop it and stand it back up. Next, Ash, Brock and Emily enter the room, and Brock also seems to know what a Shuppet is. They all watch as Shuppet once again uses its Psychic to lift the utensils off the table, and make them beat up TR. Emily then stops for a second, as she seems to know that Shuppet. As a little girl, she remembers playing with it a lot here, especially with all the toys in the basement and stuff which have long been stored away. Emily then says her greetings and tries getting Shuppet to remember her, and after blinking a bit, it actually does remember her in her childhood! Team Rocket then start to cry at such a touching reunion, but then Jessie remembers who she is, and thinking fast, grabs a net and swipes it! Following that, they leap out the window, right into their balloon! Ash then sends Swellow to go save Shuppet, but Cacnea tries to stop it with a Pin Missile again. Swellow easily dodges that, and breaks the net free with its Wing Attack! Shuppet then happily floats to Emily, hugging her. Once again, Pikachu's Thunder attack gives them some spiffy afro hairstyles, and blasts them out of the way.

May then thanks Max for rescuing her Torchic, and apologizes with tears for acting so mean earlier. Max then says its okay, as he learned a lot from this and had tons of fun. Either way, they promise they are going to "try" to be nicer to each other from now on, hehe…

As they leave, they congratulate Emily on finding her old Shuppet and being its new owner, and she even says she's considering reopening the inn sometime soon. Max is sad to leave his new friend, but either way they need to get to Fortree City pretty soon!

Thanks To Spinazak For Writing this for us

357: Take This House And Shuppet

357: The Mansion of Shuppet

Between Littleroot and Fortree



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