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Ash and co are now heading up a mountain trail on their way to the next gym. Ash comments on how great the weather is when a few raindrops suddenly drip down. The group stops for a second and then freaks out as it begins to pour. They all begin to run along the trail heading for a tree just in front of them. Lightning strikes it and the group backs off scared.

It then randomly stops raining and begins to snow. As Ash and co wonder what is happening, a Castform in snow form hovers towards them. Ash scans it with the dex to find out it's a weather Pokemon that changes shape with the type of climate. May wonders what it's doing out here and Max says it must be causing the storm. Brock mentions that it could lead them out of the snow and Ash asks it to. The Castform nods and begins to hover away as the group follows.

Soon after the four begin to walk, the weather calms down and goes back to normal. Ash and co wonder what is going on and May notices Castform. The group looks up and sees it change back to its normal form with the weather back to normal. Ash and co are very intrigued by how unique Castform is.

Suddenly, a male and female duo in lab coats come running up the road. They apologize for the weather problems and ask the group if they are ok. Castform lands on the man's shoulder as he explains to them that they work at a nearby Weather Institute and were experimenting with a machine to that changes the weather. Brock rushes up to the woman researcher with a Ditto on her shoulder and begins to flirt. Ash and the siblings sigh and Max prepares to go pull Brock away.

The three then notice that he isn't flirting anymore. He is, instead, sitting their confused. Ash asks what's wrong and May asks why he isn't flirting. Brock then replies that something is odd. Something just doesn't feel right to him but he can't tell what it is. The male researcher then introduces himself as Baru and then introduces the woman as Milly. Ash introduces everyone and Baru then inquires whether the group would like to visit the Weather Institute. Ash and co seem excited and they agree.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is in a snowstorm in the forest. They pop out of the heavy snow like daisies and Jessie complains wondering why it's coming down so fast. Meowth seems to enjoy the coldness and wants to sleep, but Jessie begins to strangle him saying he can't rest now. The three begin to argue as the scene rises to show the snow cloud is situated right above them and nowhere else.

Ash and co are led across a bridge from the mountain that leads to the Weather Institute. There, Milly and Baru show them a large satellite that they call the Weather Control Machine. Baru asks Milly to show the group around while he does some more tests. She happily obliges and leads the group away. Inside the institute, Milly explains to Ash and co that they store weather data in a large computer. They use the temperature and patterns to do experiments and such. Ash and co seem to understand.

Outside, Team Rocket pop out of the bushes covered in snow. They overheard the researchers talk about the Weather Control Machine and are now staring at it. They know it must be very important and so they instantly decide to steal it. They cheer at the thought until Meowth wonders what they could possibly do with a twenty foot satellite. James says they could sell it but Jessie just wants to make it sunny and get rid of the snow.

Suddenly, the sounds of helicopters fill the air. The three look up to see one approaching in the distance. Inside, Milly shows Ash and co the control room. It's a large room filled with pipes and computers. They enjoy looking at it until Ash notices the helicopter approaching on one of the computer screens. Inside the helicopter, Tactical Commander Isabel of Team Aqua prepares to invade the Weather Institute. Ropes fall from under the copter and Aqua grunts begin to slide down.

They land on the ground and aim ring guns at the researchers (including Baru) who surround the Weather Control Machine. When Isabel lands, the grunts launch the rings; which wrap around the researchers subduing them. Isabel releases two Crawdaunts who land in front of the researchers. She then informs them not to move or things could get ugly.

On a nearby hill, Team Rocket looks down on these invaders with displeasure. They are not willing to give up their chance at the Weather Control Machine and prepare to attack when they are discovered by some Aqua grunts. The three grunts ask who they are and Team Rocket begins their motto. Meowth interrupts saying they are wasting time, but Jessie and James refuse to go on without finishing. Once the motto is done, however, the three (and Wobbuffet) are instantly bound with rings.

The researchers and Team Rocket are placed on a platform surrounded by a moat. Jessie and James demand they be released but Team Aqua just stares at them. Meowth says they should know how to escape seeing as how they used these before. Jessie then asks James and he gets an idea. He begins to suck in air turning himself into a shriveled up freak show. The ring slips off and James begins to dance. Meowth and Jessie do the same and soon all three are free.

Jessie then demands that Team Aqua step aside so that they may steal the Weather Control Machine. Isabel refuses and tells one of her grunts to power it up and test it out. He nods and begins to fiddle with the computer. The satellite starts to spark and soon storm clouds form above. Castform changes into its rain form on Baru's shoulder and Baru tells the researchers to get down. They all fall to the ground with their faces down as Team Rocket wonders what the heck is going on. Suddenly, the machine shoots electricity at the storm clouds which in turn release many lightning bolts; three of which fly right down and electrocute Team Rocket. They fall down smoking and realize why the researchers fell down.

Inside the control room, Ash and co watch Team Rocket get fried on the computer screen. Milly wonders who they are and Brock mentions that they are Pokemon thieves. May and Max then wonder who is causing the trouble if Team Rocket isn't. Outside, Isabel asks the grunt if he found anything yet. The grunt replies that the information on the ancient legendary Pokemon isn't on this computer. Baru hears this and immediately knows that they want info on Groudon and Kyogre. Isabel grins at this when the grunt suddenly interrupts. He explains that he can access the data from the main computer with a pass card that the head researcher has.

Baru hears this and pulls out the pass card. He wraps it around Castform's neck and tells the Pokemon to get the card to Milly. Castform nods and floats off. Isabel says it's getting away and sends her Crawdaunt duo to stop it. Baru has Castform use weather ball, which smashes into one of the Crawdaunt and blows it back. The other Pokemon launches a bubble beam which scores a direct hit on Castform. The Pokemon falls to the ground as the sun appears shining brightly through the clouds. Castform changes to its sunny form and launches a fiery weather ball at Crawdaunt. The attack hits but doesn't seem to affect it.

Isabel laughs; explaining that as a water type, Crawdaunt isn't affected by weak fire attacks. The other Crawdaunt rejoins the battle but Baru tells Castform to just get out of there. It nods and floats away; turning back to its normal form and escaping through a vent in the building. Isabel tells her grunts to search the building for Castform and retrieve the pass card.

Inside, Milly says that they have to get that pass card before Team Aqua does. Ash says he'll do it and rushes off, but May reminds him that Aqua grunts are now inside the Institute. Ash topples over at this and May says they should come up with a plan. Suddenly, some sliding doors open below allowing a Crawdaunt and two Aqua grunts entry to the control room. They walk through it searching for Castform as Ash and co watch quietly above.

The grunts notice the ventilation shaft on the ceiling begins to shake and watch as Castform bursts through. The male grunt orders Crawdaunt to attack and it rushes towards the Pokemon. Castform flies away and Max calls to it. Milly yells for it to come this way and it floats towards them as Crawdaunt gives chase. Castform floats into Milly's arm and she takes the pass card off of it. The Aqua grunts below rush towards the stairs to stop them. Milly says they have to get it out of here and Ash says he and Pikachu will distract them while the others escape. They agree and rush off.

The grunts make it to the top of the stairs and Ash orders a thunderbolt. Pikachu leaps from his shoulder and shocks the grunts and Crawdaunt, who pass out on the floor. Ash cheers and then turns and looks down the hall hoping May and the others make it out safely. As more Aqua grunts search the facility, a vent on a ceiling hallway opens. Milly and the others are in the vent and Brock wonders how they will get down and get outside the facility without being spotted. Milly says she first has to get to the main computer and make a copy of the data. That way she can erase it from the main computer and use the pass card to fool Team Aqua.

The group jumps down and begins to sneak down the hall. Max turns a corner but doubles back against the wall telling the others that two grunts are just around the corner. One of the grunts is talking into a walkie talkie. He informs Isabel that they have yet to locate Castform but they are nearing the main computer. Brock wonders how they can get past them but Milly has a plan. She has her Ditto turn into Castform and bounce down the hall with the pass card. The grunts notice this and begin to chase it; allowing the others to gain entry to the main computer.

Castform Ditto bounces down the hall until it notices Ash in front of it. The Pokemon leaps into his arms and the two rush down another hallway as the grunts give chase. In the computer room, Milly inserts a disk into the main computer and begins to make a copy of the data. Brock wants to know what the data is of and Milly explains that it gives insight to the location of the two legendary Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre. Max wants to know more and she continues on saying that in ancient times, Groudon and Kyogre raised war against each other. Groudon constantly heated the earth and erupted volcanoes while Kyogre brought torrential downpours to the world, but they were later sealed away. As Max and May think on this, Milly finishes the copy and takes the disk out. She then deletes the data from the main computer.

Brock makes sure the coast is clear and then the group sneaks out of the computer room and through the hallway. Suddenly, Ash turns a corner and collides with Brock; sending Castform and Castform Ditto to the ground. Ash wonders why there are two of them and Milly explains that they fooled the grunts by using Ditto. Ditto transforms back and Ash realizes he had the fake one. Max makes a comment that as a trainer he should have realized it right away. Suddenly, the Aqua grunts come rushing down the hall towards the group. Ash releases Torkoal who comes out in a thick smoke. The grunts are blinded by it allowing Ash and co to escape.

The group runs outside to find the remaining members of Team Aqua waiting for them. Ash tells them to let the researchers go, but Isabel refuses. She says they will be set free once they get the pass card. Ash refuses and Isabel orders a grunt to power up the Weather Control Machine again. She plans to cause another lightning storm if they don't give in. To demonstrate what she will do to them, she first has the machine strike Team Rocket again. This time, the shock causes them to blast off.

After, Isabel says if Milly doesn't hand over the pass card, she will send another lightning storm on the researchers. Baru tells Milly to get out of there and not give in, and she doesn't say anything in return. Isabel grows impatient and tells the grunt to turn it back on, but Milly stops them. She says she will hand over the pass card shocking everyone. Max wonders why and she says she can't allow her fellow researchers to get hurt.

She tosses the card to Isabel who hands it to the grunt. Baru falls to his knees in disbelief that Milly gave away the information. The grunt places the card into the Weather Control Machine's computer and accesses the main one, but finds that the data is gone! Isabel becomes enraged and asks what they did with it. Milly pulls out the data copy and smiles. She then leaps up to the top of the Weather Satellite and Baru asks what she is doing. Milly explains that she doesn’t need to put up this act now that she has the data on the legendary Pokemon.

Baru is still confused and Milly smiles. She pulls off her disguise to reveal that she is in fact Brody, a MALE Team Magma Executive. He sports blue hair with an orange streak and a green tattoo under his eye. Isabel recognizes him and Ash and co still stare in shock. Isabel has her two Crawdaunts attack and Brody has ditto turn into one. The Crawdaunt duo launch bubble beams at it, but Crawdaunt ditto counters with some of its own bubble beams.

May calls out Combusken to join the fight. It tries to use sky uppercut, but is KOed by a crab hammer from Crawdaunt Ditto. Ditto transforms back and returns to Brody's shoulder. The Magma executive then thanks it before powering up a jet pack on his back. He laughs evilly and takes off escaping into the horizon. Isabel just smiles as he leaves. She knows this isn't over, and they will triumph in the end. She calls her grunts back to the helicopter and they take off.

Baru falls to his knees still in shock that Milly was a Team Magma agent. Suddenly, Milly walks up with bags in hand saying she has arrived. Everyone thinks it's Brody and stare unsure at her. Brock then cuts in and begins to flirt causing everyone to realize she's the real Milly! Max pulls Brock away and Baru approaches her. He is glad to see that she is the real deal.

The group enters the Weather Institute and Milly learns of what went on. She explains that they have a copy of the data on backup, but it will take some time to retrieve. They head to an office full of papers and Ash and co are unsure. Milly wants to get started right away and Baru joins her. May and Max are happy everything turned out ok, but Brock is depressed that he never got to know the real Milly. Ash wants to head off to the next gym, so they depart.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket slowly presses on through a blizzard that has picked up in the forest. They begin to complain some more, but they know thinks will pick up soon…hopefully.

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Team Magma gets off with the only copy of data on Groudon & Kyogre
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