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CRASH! At the crack of dawn, a meteor has just landed on earth, and sent a shockwave off for miles. Of course, the PFC (Pokemon Fushigi/Mystery Club) Ken and Mary are psyched about this, so they hurry to check it out. Taking out their flashlights and equipment, they use their skills to construct another one of their mechanical vehicles with robotic arms and whatnot. This mechanism has a searchlight as well, so they use that to search for the meteor and successfully spot it, then use their missile-launcher to blast it, enough to get samples or maybe discover something.

Out of the meteor comes a bright glow, and within seconds, the Moon Pokemon Lunatone rises up from the rocks. This is the kind of exotic find that would especially spark the PFC's interest, so now its time to use the arms to grab Lunatone and study it. Unfortunately for them, Lunatone is very agile and good at dodging and evading the arms. Suddenly, as it gets a chance, it uses its Psychic to lift the heavy vehicle, distracting K&M. While they desperately try zapping it and just get the energy absorbed, Lunatone opens its eye and interrupts with a red glow of Hypnosis, freezing them in their tracks, as Lunatone floats away and escapes to the nearby town.

Sure enough, while Ash and the others are making their way to Lilycove City, they'd stumble upon this town as well. Just to basically rest at a Pokemon center, Max sees "Valley Town" nearby on the PokeNav, so they might as well go there.

Team Rocket, hiding in the nearby bushes and snacking on rice crackers have heard the crash, and as well as spying on Ash & Co., are interested in the meteor as well. They actually have an idea of where it landed, so as usual, they're gonna get it for "the boss".

Ash & Co. have arrived in Valley Town… and my, what a ghost town. No people out, tumbleweed rolling by… and basically rather creepy, a bit like Dark City in Kanto. As they make their way to the Pokemon Center, it also seems to be all deserted and empty, even no Joy behind the counter! Well… maybe not, it seems she was just in the back room, and having heard them, she came to investigate. However, although Brock doesn't realize it, she's not very nice. In fact, she's acting like she doesn't know what they're doing here, and when asked to heal Pokemon or let them stay, she rudely refuses, and tells them that this is a bad choice for a Pokemon Center, and walks out.

Ash & Co. are flabbergasted at Joy's strange behavior, there's got to be a reason she's like that. Brock, however, considers himself the "Nurse Joy expert" and takes out of his backpack something he's been hiding from us for a long time… a photo album of all the Joy's! He claims to know them all very well, and NO Joy would ever act like that without reason. But anyway, since Valley Town Joy is being so stubborn, they might as well let them all feast on their own meal.

While Ash & Co. are snacking, and the Pokemon are noshing on Brock's chow, Lombre suddenly seems to be picking up something, shrugs, and walks away. It's just seconds later that Brock realizes Lombre is missing, and its dish is still full. Apparently, Lombre heard something in the nearby bushes and decided to investigate, only to be grabbed by two suspicious looking people, which then grab the twerp's attention. They instantly suspect TR, but are shocked to realize that these people have a PokeDex machine they are using to get info on Lombre, something Team Rocket would never have in a million years. After getting the info, they decide to remove their masks, and reveal themselves as Ken and Mary from the PFC. Ash and Brock sure remember them from back when they helped that Cleffa. They then explain that recently, a meteor crashed around here, and they were the first to get to it. After much investigating, they found a mysterious Pokemon emerge, which must mean there are more Pokemon in outer space. Thinking fast, they say their goodbyes and rush off to look for it.

The person most interested in this seems to be Max, who can't wait to discover it. Brock explains that a while ago it's been discovered that Clefairy came from outer space, so it's possible. Then, they realize that with such an incident as this one going on, its no wonder Joy would be busy, she's probably studying data! Time to make their way back to the Pokemon Center and help, being who they are and all… but they must be careful not to annoy Joy.

Team Rocket are also just as interested, so while spying on them in the bushes, they decide to follow them to the center. Unfortunately for them, its closed by the time they get there, so they will have to get in through the window. With a simple ladder, it's pretty darn easy for them. However, they make a bit too big of a crash when landing inside.

Yes, Ash & Co. heard it, so they follow where it came from. When they get to a long hall, they see a rather… disturbing shadow, and Max wonders if that could be the Pokemon from outer space being studied here. Nah, its just TR, threatening to get to the meteor before them. Not like they have a clue what "meteor" they're talking about, but before they can ask, Joy's voice interrupts. Nervous, Ash & Co. and TR head to the nearest hiding place, afraid to be caught.

Well, they both wound up in the storage room. Before they all plan their next move, a rustling sound in the nearby boxes interrupts. James turns on his flashlight, and to his surprise, finds a Lunatone hanging about in here. Ash checks the PokeDex for info, and gets a lot more than just that—it classifies it as the "Meteor Pokemon", and says that it is said to have come from outer space… this must be it! However, if this is it, then why would it be in the storage room? Must be so no one would find it.

Suddenly, the light clicks on, and Joy appears in the doorway. She's definitely surprised they found it, and even moreso when TR threaten to catch it. Sending out Cacnea and Seviper, they try a combined Needle Arm and Bite. Lunatone opens its eye and easily takes care of them with a Psychic, knocking them both out. However, after such a powerful attack, Lunatone collapses on the floor, tired out. Brock then goes all lala and offers to help Joy with Lunatone, before she even asks! While they're going about it, Meowth is having a conversation in the corner with Lunatone. He actually seems to feel quite sorry for it, and wants to help it. However, Team Rocket outrule him and insist on using force, commanding a Needle Arm and Poison Tail. Realizing that Lunatone is too tired to battle, Ash has Pikachu interfere and blast all three of them off (including Meowth) through the roof with a Thunderbolt.

While examining Lunatone at the table, Joy declares that it's in a really weak condition, and there's only one way they can heal it. They will have to expose it to moonlight. Ash & Co. already want to help, seeing as this will be an exciting adventure. However, Joy tells them that the best place in the area to be exposed to bright moonlight is on Camerupt Mountain. It's not hard to miss, as its just over the river and through that area, with twin mountains that look like the formation of a Camerupt's back. That would be no trouble for them, seeing as they saw a Camerupt recently and have a basic idea in their mind of what the mountain would look like.

As they embark on their journey through the mountains, they bring Lunatone with them in a big cardboard box on wheels, along with some other aid equipment. Pikachu is in there too, to keep an eye on Lunatone and make sure it's okay, and that it doesn't go crazy.

Suddenly, they run into the PFC once again, who ask if they've seen the meteor or the mysterious Moon-shaped Pokemon. Not trusting them, they think fast and say they have no idea where it is, but then decide to lie and lead them on a wild goose chase, giving random directions, and then passing by, glad to get them out of their way. Ken is a little suspicious, so they take out their kit and once again build a machine to help them find it…

Ash & Co. have nearly reached the top, and Max is the first to notice a distant formation in the rocks which looks exactly like the back of a Camerupt, according to him. Being the Pokemon expert, they trust them, but Joy confirms him correct anyway. As they let Pikachu and Lunatone out, Joy checks her watch, and says that the moon should rise right about now. And here it comes! A big round yellow thing rising above the mountains… hah, no, that's Team Rocket in their balloon, still not having given up. Good job posing as the moon though!

As they stretch out their claw to grab Lunatone, Ash tries jumping in the way—but he doesn't need to, as something else has already stopped their claw. Although that's not good news, because that thing that stopped them is the claw from the PFC's vehicle, who are also after Lunatone! Great, now they're gonna fight for it. They sure do remember each other from the Cleffa incident, and that's not getting in their way one bit.

After a bit of verbal arguing, Ken and Mary's vehicle being heavier uses this to their advantage, shaking them around a bit. But they don't let go! Not like that's a problem, seeing as how both arms are made of metal, they're easily able to zap the balloon and send TR off. Now its all a matter of stopping the PFC.

Pikachu tries an Iron Tail, but is knocked back by the machine's arm. Mudkip tries a Water Gun, hitting them a little, but suffers the same fate. May tries a different strategy, using her long lost Beautifly's Silver Wind, dealing them a lot of damage! Mudkip still has some energy, so it helps with Water Gun. As does Pikachu, who helps a bit with Thunderbolt. Not much damage is done to the machine, unfortunately.

Suddenly, Joy notices that the moon is rising, and this time it's the real deal. Everyone watches as it slowly rises, and Lunatone uses its Moonlight technique, replenishing all its energy back to normal. Lunatone is back now, and stronger than ever! So strong, that it's a perfect target for the PFC. Not a wise one, though. As they make one final attempt to grab it, Lunatone uses its Hidden Power, destroying the machine, and blasting it off!

Ash sure feels proud, being involved in solving such a huge mystery, and helping an exotic Pokemon like Lunatone. However, it's time for them to part, as Lunatone is headed back to its home on the Moon. Everyone waves and slowly watches as Lunatone drifts off, until they can't see it anymore. Another day, another side adventure, now, back on the road to Lilycove City.

Thanks To Zak For Writing this for us

363: Crazy As A Lunatone!

363: Mystery! Pokémon From Outer Space?!

Between Fortree and Lilycove


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