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The episode begins with a lengthy recap of everything that occurred in the previous episode. It then shifts to Ash as he runs down a road that borders a forest. Snorunt waddles after him and soon Ash turns to the Pokemon. He explains that the faster they perfect the attack, the faster he will get to go see May perform in person. Snorunt nods and turns its back to him, preparing to launch yet another ice beam. The icy bubbles form, but it can’t seem to get it off.

Ash grows angry and orders another try. Snorunt manages to launch the attack straight at the trees. It passes through a peach tree, freezing one of the fruits and causing it to fall to Pikachu’s feet as an ice cube. Pikachu happily picks it up but is then forced to juggle it because of the cold. It tosses the peach away as Snorunt laughs at it. The ice type then begins to send ice beams off in random directions again.

Meanwhile, James rushes along another road with a big green sack in his arms. He is a little nervous, stating that he needs to get back to the Contest Hall with it before Jessie starts her match. He then hears the commotion that Ash and his Pokemon are making and turns with curiosity. A stray ice beam strikes the road he’s on and freezes it. James begins to stumble and slide on the ice but regains his footing and skates across it. He laughs, exclaiming that he gets the enjoyment of ice skating while making it to the contest faster. This never happens though as he notices the ice leads to a cement wall ahead. He freaks out and tries to stop before smashing into it.

Back at the Contest Hall, Vivian declares that the Contest Battle round is about to begin. She explains the usual rules of the round and then says that the first battle will commence. Brock and Max peer down, wondering which of the two pair ups will battle first. The view shirts to a video monitor which flashes before revealing that the first battle is between Erika and Jessie.

Five minutes is placed on the clock as the trainers and their Pokemon enter the battlefield. Jessie taunts Erika, claiming that she’ll be the victor. Erika won’t give into this however. She knows that she will win and she and Toshki will become champions. She goes into her little daydream of her and Toshki getting to the finals together, each of them calling it a draw, and both accepting half of a ribbon together. She giggles to herself as Jessie wonders if she lost her marbles. She asks Meowth if he can beat the crazy girl and Meowth remarks that he and James came up with a plan.

James watches from behind a wall wondering how Meowth will fair in this battle. Meowth, whose stomach appears to have a pouch now, stares over at Erika and Jynx. He’s a bit nervous, and stumbles back when Jynx gives him a seductive wink.

Vivian declares the start of the match as the clock begins to start. Erika orders a lovely kiss. Jynx lets off the pink lip-shaped cloud and Meowth leaps over it to slash the Pokemon. As he lunges, Jynx gives off another enticing wink. He stops just before slashing her and turns to flee. Jynx is surprised by this and waddles after him with hearts in her eyes. Meowth is freaking out as he runs in circles, Jynx following like a girl after a famous actor. Vivian is confused by Meowth’s strange display and the crowd doesn’t seem to enjoy it. Because of this, Jessie’s bar drops and she loses appeal points.

Jessie tells Meowth to stop running an attack Jynx, but he thinks that is easier said than done. He then recalls his pouch and has a flashback to James telling him that if the contest goes bad, he can reach into the pouch and appeal to the crowd with a surprise attack. As Jynx prepares a hyper beam, Meowth does what he remembered and in a flash of smoke, he reappears disguised as a Sunflora. Vivian is in shock and Max doesn’t know how a Meowth can learn transform. Brock states that is isn’t possible. Everyone seems in awe by this.

Outside, Ash hears Vivian explain what just happened from the video monitor. He is confused as well and May and Toshki don’t know what to think. Vivian asks for opinions from the judges. Nurse Joy doesn’t see a problem with it, Contesta has never seen anything like it, and Skizo is as impressed as always.

Jessie orders Meowth to use razor leaf. His hand holds some leaves under the costume and he tosses them as Jynx, letting out a Sunflora cry in the process. Erika has Jynx freeze the leaves with an ice beam, dropping Jessie’s bar to the halfway point. Jessie gets worried and tells Meowth to transform again. This time, he reappears from the smoke disguised as a Kirlia. As Vivian states what just happened, Meowth hopes that Jessie doesn’t order a psychic attack.

Jynx releases another lovely kiss and Meowth rushes forward, trying to transform again. He trips in the process and lands on his stomach as the lovely kiss flies over him. Brock and Max mention that the Kirlia is not very graceful. Contesta seems a bit suspicious and states that though the Pokemon can transform, it doesn’t seem to be able to attack. Jessie orders Meowth to transform again, and in a blast of smoke, the battlefield is filled with a massive Wailord disguise. Meowth is a little speck on the Pokemon’s mouth, trying his best to make a Wailord call.

Erika and Jynx are rendered nervous by this. Vivian excitedly explains what happened as James compliments himself for such a great plan. Erika quickly turns her nervousness into confidence, ordering Jynx to use psychic. Jynx lifts the Wailord balloon into the air, causing Meowth to panic. His claws scrape against the inside of the rubber, popping the large Wailord disguise and sending it spiraling into the air. James rushes up to Jessie with his hands on his head, throwing a fit as to how Meowth screwed up the plan.

Vivian stares up at the deflating Wailord wondering what happened. They quickly figure out that it was a sham, and each judge declares that Jessie is disqualified. A big black X appears over her picture and Vivian declares Erika the winner by default. Jessie won’t take this sitting down, however, and she and James remove their disguises. They say their motto as Meowth still deflates above. When the motto finishes, a blue headed Meowth lands in front of them dazed as can be.

Ash sees this display from the video screen and rushes towards the Contest Hall. Erika recognizes them and asks what they want. Meowth wipes his face clean as Jessie and James declare that if they can’t win the contest, they can at least leave with some Pokemon. James pulls out a net launcher and shoots it at Jynx. Erika has Jynx use psychic to turn the net back at the Rockets. It then follows up with a hyper beam to send Team Rocket crashing through the roof and blasting off again.

Ash approaches Brock and Max in the stands and asks what happened. They explain that Erika won her match because Jessie was disqualified. Erika approaches May with an angry expression. She states that though she would have liked to win fairly, she is now one step closer to making her dream come true. She tells May that she better not beat Toshki. She then goes into a daydream of her, Toshki, and their Pokemon running along the beach. She then declares her intentions of having them both win and Toshki just nervously shrugs her off. She comes back to the present, stating that she can’t let May get in the way of her desire. May tells her off, exclaiming that Erika is blowing her friendship with Toshki way out of proportion.

The scene then shifts to May and Toshki already in a heated match. Houndoom launches a swift, but Skitty dodges it and uses tackle. It then goes in for a double slap, but Houndoom dodges and smashes the kitten with its tail. Houndoom then follows up with a powerful shadow ball (which shouldn’t have affected Skitty, seeing as it’s a normal type). Vivian is busily and excitedly announcing the events and Erika smirks when she sees how well Toshki is performing. Skitty tries a blizzard, but the attack is disintegrated by a flamethrower. Skitty gets a flaming streak to the face and blows backward. May’s bar drops further and Vivian wonders if Skitty can continue. Everyone believes that Toshki is the victor except Ash, who urges May to think up a new strategy. May takes his words in and knows exactly what to do. Houndoom launches a swift and May tells Skitty to use assist. It does so, launching a razor leaf storm to deflect the swift. It then tackles Houndoom across the field again.

Vivian exclaims the beauty of May’s quick combination, and Erika begins to realize that May is giving it her all. Skitty tries another attack, but is blown back by another shadow ball that defies the laws of type advantage. May smirks at Toshki, telling him to not hold back. The two nod and Erika realizes further that she may have misjudged Toshki and May’s friendship as something more than it is. Houndoom fires a flamethrower and May has Skitty use blizzard, shocking Max. Erika wonders what she plans to accomplish by this, but surprisingly, the blizzard remains to counter the flamethrower. Both trainers bars drop rapidly as the attacks continue to push against each other. Toshki and May begin to taunt each other on the field, making Erika realize perfectly well that they do not like each other further than friends. The clock now has less than thirty seconds left, and as it dwindles down, both Pokemon increase the power of their attacks. An explosion ensues, and with one second left, Houndoom flies back. It quickly gets up, but Skitty managed to stay in position. Because of this, Toshki’s bar has dropped more than May’s! May is declared the winner and everyone applauds her. Toshki doesn’t seem that disappointed and Erika realizes that though her dream has been shattered, she knows now that May was not planning on taking Toshki from her. Erika joins May on the battlefield as Vivian shows the audience the two finalists. Erika states that she plans to give it her all, and while May tries to interject with a witty comeback, she hears Erika apologize! May listens as Erika explains that she had been selfish and it took May’s battle with Toshki to help her realize that the two were not more than friends. She states that May is a great coordinator, and she respects her for that. She hopes that they can become friends, and May agrees. The two girls shake hands and the audience cheers. Toshki and May’s friends all acknowledge the fact that Erika did a noble thing.

The battle soon begins and Skitty starts off with a tackle. Erika has Jynx use psychic to lift the kitten Pokemon into the air. Jynx follows up with a lovely kiss to put Skitty in a dream state. While it’s dazed, Jynx spins and lets off a powder snow that flings Skitty back. May’s bar drops drastically from this barrage of attacks. Skitty lands hard, but manages to get up.

May orders an assist and her friends watch on, hoping that she’ll get a decent attack. Skitty gets a string shot, which wraps around Jynx and shocks everyone. Erika’s bar drops and May orders another assist. It gets a razor leaf this time, which slices the string off of Jynx. Jynx lifts Skitty with another psychic and then launches a powder snow. Skitty tries assist again, getting another string shot. The attack freezes from the snow. Skitty uses it again, getting a vine whip that is stopped by Jynx’s psychic.

Everyone is shocked when May relies on assist yet again, this time getting a petal dance that sends Jynx back a ways. There is now thirty seconds left and May’s bar is a lot lower than Erika’s. Her friends know that she has to think of something fast. May knows that if she can just get the right combination of attacks with assist, she might have a chance. She orders the attack again, and gets a flamethrower as Jynx launches a hyper beam. The attacks collide, but the flamethrower breaks through and smashes into Jynx for a massive amount of damage. Vivian is now screaming with excitement as she explains the situation.

Skitty then launches itself into Jynx for a tackle, blowing the burned Pokemon backward and taking it out! With Jynx unable to continue, May is declared the winner of the Pacifidlog Pokemon Contest! Skitty leaps into her arms and she thanks it as the audience applauds her. Her friends are happy for her and Brock remarks that she really showed how great of a Contest competitor she is today.

May is then presented with a purple ribbon which she flaunts to the crowd. Skitty is also wearing one around its neck. Her friends realize that she now has five ribbons, which is enough to compete in the Grand Festival!

That evening, Erika and Toshki say their goodbyes to May. Erika apologizes again, and then wishes May luck at the Grand Festival. She remarks that her and Toshki will continue to travel together trying to win contests. May thanks her and Ash remarks that after the Festival, he will finally be competing in the Ever Grande Tournament. With this in mind, the group waves goodbye as they head off down the road.

Special Thanks to Golden Noctowl for writing this for us

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