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As usual, we start off with our heroes and their companions having a picnic Brock’s special meals. As they finish up, Ash leaves to do a little more Snorunt training. Munchlax is fitting in the team pretty well... but it hasn’t exactly been taught good manners yet. All of the sudden, it grabs the plates of the rest of May’s Pokemon and wolfs down the food. A small fight begins to break out between them.

Snorunt’s Ice Beam is still pretty weak and pathetic, as it can’t seem to make it all the way. Suddenly, Ash and Snorunt hear something bounce down the hill, and pretty soon they notice a giant rice ball (or donut, whatever it won’t be called) rolling down the hill. Ash catches it just in time, but then he hears a high pitched scream in the distance, followed by rumbling. Then, as he notices something stampeding down the hill, he’s met by some chubby redhead punk who crashes into a tree. The guy is about to ask Ash if he’s seen his rice ball... but then they notice that Munchlax has caught up, and is in possession of it. Too late, it’s already been eaten. May and the others then come and apologize for Munchlax’s manners, but the punk frustratedly lets out a scream which can be heard through the entire forest.

The scream sure felt good enough to forget about it. The boy introduces himself as Morrison, and explains that he’s from Verdanturf Town and training to be a Pokemon Master and headed for the Hoenn League in Ever Grande (Uh-oh). Ash gets excited and of course introduces himself and explains he’s in the same boat. Everyone watches as they have a playful friendly argument over who’s the better trainer, and of course they end up settling this with a battle.

Ash uses his prime Pokemon as usual, and Morrison takes out a Beldum. Beldum starts off with Take Down. Pikachu easily dodges it, jumps, bounces off the tree and hits Beldum with Quick Attack. Once again, Beldum uses Take Down. May is confused as to why he’s trying the same thing after it didn’t work, but Max explains that Beldum is unique and Take Down is the only technique it can use. However, that’s not exactly much of a disadvantage, since they’re known to be really agile as well as have good aim. However, Pikachu dodges this one again and uses Thunderbolt this time, hitting it. Frustrated, Morrison has it try a third Take Down since that’s pretty much his only option, and this time Pikachu just dodges. However, Beldum is fast and hits Pikachu square with another Take Down. Using its speed to its advantage, Morrison has Beldum try hitting Pikachu again while it’s getting up. Well, he does manage to get up, but a focused Take Down hits once again. Pikachu is almost out, and Morrison is about to finish this off... but just before the next Take Down hits, Pikachu counters with Iron Tail. Sparks begin to fly (Beldum’s body kinda has a flint-and-tinder reaction), and a big explosion happens, knocking them both out. Match is a draw. This is going to be quite an intense moment when the Ever Grande tournament comes around. Morrison is still convinced that with the skills he used to win badges, he’ll get pretty far in the Hoenn league, but Brock then reminds him that Ash has been winning badges as well. With that, Ash takes out his badge case as an opportunity to show off his badges. Morrison is a bit shocked, and admits Ash is quite talented. But, like before, he’s in quite a rush and disappears into the woods. Max then notices that Munchlax is gone yet again.

Team Rocket are also having a picnic with rice balls. There’s only one left, and we all know what happens with those people when there’s one scrap of food left. Well, usually they start fighting fiercely, but this time they play a little hand game to settle it. By the time their done, of course, it’s gone. NOW they start fighting, over who sneakily took it. While they’re fighting, Munchlax peacefully enjoys its snack behind the bush. Luckily, May finds it, and scolds it for stealing food, and returns it. Maybe it’s time May feeds it some of her PokéBlocks to tide it over again...

Later that night, they find a Pokemon Center on their trail and are ready to call it a day. Just then, however, they see Morrison taking a little walk as well. As they greet each other again, Morrison explains he’s been working out and training with Beldum. Ash is amazed, since he tends to do the same kind of things with Pikachu a bit. As they both march back to the Pokemon Center, Morrison, who is nearly as competitive, notices that Ash passed him. Quickly, he runs ahead, and they both take strides past each other, and eventually it comes down to them racing to the Pokemon Center. Expectedly, they both ram into the door at the same time, and as it opens, they both crash into Joy’s desk.

After they turn in Beldum and Pikachu, Morrison decides to join Ash and his friends for dinner. The next morning, they pretty much hang out together all day, bathing in the hot spring, this time competing to see who can sink deeper. They both make it neck deep, then Morrison decides to challenge Ash by turning up the heat and seeing if he’ll last. Of course, Ash and Morrison remain there neck deep, but the rest of the crowd gets out and runs off screaming. Then it comes down to competing who can stay in longer, and they both end up staying in there too long and fainting.

After they’re carried into the Pokemon Center and fanned off, Joy gives back Beldum and Pikachu in perfect condition. While they’re at it, they each give her their other five Pokeballs. Again, night comes, but Morrison is about to go out again for something. Everyone wants to join, and at first Morrison is reluctant, but then agrees since they’re pretty much friends by now. As they leave, he takes them to a tree with a giant net way up high. He then sends out Beldum, who lifts him up onto the hammock, which Morrison says is his resting spot. Ash and Pikachu try resting on an above branch, but they fall out. Just before they hit the ground, of course, Beldum catches them. Morrison laughs and sets up a hammock for Ash and Pikachu. After a hard day, they both lay down to sleep.

Next morning, May uses the blenders to make some more of her special PokéBlocks for Munchlax to avoid the same thing from happening. Just in time too, since Munchlax is annoying Max. She feeds it one cube, and immediately it feels a lot better, and goes to sleep.

Ash has already left the Center, and rendezvoused with Morrison in the woods again. Time for them to play a whole day again. They start the morning off with a little arm wrestle (which comes out even), and then head out into the woods. Since the episode is almost over and there’s barely any time left, Team Rocket spy on them and figure it’s time for them to make their move. This time, since Beldum is a Psychic type, Meowth intends to use it for Psychic attacks to help Giovanni sleep, and it’s claws as a back massager. As Ash and Morrison run up the hill, suddenly they both trample and roll off the cliff (not that high this time though). As they get up, they notice a tree with one apple left, and you know what that means. Rushing towards the tree to grab it, they both get their hands on it and each end up with half. As they take a snack break (and nearly race who can eat it faster), Team Rocket comes in one of their mechanisms and grabs their two Pokemon and places a cage on Morrison and Ash, just like that. For once, Ash and Morrison use their physical strength to break out of the rigid steel cage. Chasing them, they approach a steep ravine, and jump over... Morrison nearly falls, but Ash catches him in time, being the lighter of the two. Using all the energy they’ve got, they race up a high cliff, and jump right on top of the balloon from there. Instead of using Pokemon, this time Ash and Morrison both nibble on the balloon’s ears, and knock them down.

As usual, now would be the part where they challenge them with Pokemon, as if that’s a problem for Ash and Morrison. Except for the fact that they don’t exactly have their Pokemon with them. Seviper knocks them both back with Poison Tail, and Cacnea whips up a Sandstorm. Seviper then Wraps around them both, nearly draining the energy. However, this time Ash and Morrison don’t give up, and go for a longshot. Using only their bodies, they physically tackle Cacnea and Seviper and the rest of them themselves... and not only does it work, but it ends up freeing their two Pokemon. As a last attempt they try Pin Missile and Wrap again, but this time those are no matches for their Pokemon. Pikachu rides on Beldum, and together, they do Take Down on both of them. One last T-bolt followed by a Take Down is enough to blast them off faster than a speeding Beldum.

It’s about time for Ash and Morrison to split up at the dock. Morrison still needs to earn his final badge, and Ash needs to go support May in the Grand Festival in Slateport City. As they say their goodbyes, they wish each other luck and hope to meet sometime at the Ever Grande championship!

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395: Less Is Morrison!

395: Rival Enters! Morrison & Beldum

Between Pacifidlog & Slateport



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Ash meets his new Rival, Morrison
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