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The episode begins straight into the action, with another exciting and tough Hoenn League Battle to start. The two trainers that are about to battle stand at opposite sides of the stadium, both looking confident. One of them is Ash, and the other is a young, blue haired boy wearing glasses called Clark. As the crowd cheers, Max checks Clark's information from the Hoenn League trainer information loaded up on his Pokenav.

With the battle about to begin being another Double Battle, Ash sends out Grovyle and Glalie as his two Pokemon of choice. Against these two tough Pokemon, Clark sends out Quilava and a Pokemon that Ash know very well: Charizard. Max seems excited at Ash's choice of Pokemon, and May reClarks that both of Clark's Pokemon are Fire types. However, his chosen types aren't what make Clark interesting: He controls his Pokemon using his conductors baton, just like music in a concert.

The referee starts the battle off, and Ash quickly responds by telling Grovyle to attack Charizard with Pound, and Glalie to attack Quilava with Headbutt. As the two Pokemon charge towards Charizard and Quilava, Clark calmly tells Charizard to counter with Heat Wave, and Quilava to use Flame Wheel. Quilava spins, wrapping its body in flames, and smashes itself into Glalie, knocking the Ice type Pokemon back. Charizard then unleashes its Heat Wave on Grovyle, as a very worried Max, May and Brock watch on. Clark asks Ash what he thought of his moves, as his cheerleaders cheer for him to do his best. Ash responds to Clark's cool attitude with an Icy Wind attack from Glalie, which unfazes Charizard and Quilava as the attack simply washes over them. Clark then orders Charizard and Quilava to use Steel Wing and Quick Attack respectively. Charizard dives towards Grovyle, hardening its wings while its partner speeds towards Glalie. Ash, knowing he can't avoid the attacks, tells his two Pokemon to brace themselvs. Charizard smashes its wings against Grovyle, who strugglesto keep its balance, while Quilava knocks Glalie back while a worried Ash looks on. As Clark smugly observes the situation, Ash decides to focus on Quilava. Ash then quickly orders another Pound and Heatbutt attack from Grovyle and Glalie. Quilava then tries to avoid the attacks as Clark tells it to speed up, but Grovyle is just as fast and slams its tail into Quilava, knocking it back and slowing it down enough for Glalie to sweep in and Headbutt it.

Max gets very excited, and comments that the attacks caused a lot of damage to Quilava. Clark remains calm however, and tells Ash that the battle is reaching its climax. He follows up by ordering Quilava to Quick Attack Glalie again, and Charizard to use its Heat Wave. Ash counters by telling Grovyle to defend Glalie against Quilava's attack, while Glalie uses Icy Wind. Quilava smashes into a defencive Grovyle, giving Glalie enough time to fire of Icy Wind which collides with Charizard's Heat Wave causing an explosion which knocks both Charizard and Quilava back. Ash then sees his chance, and on his command, Grovyle uses its Pound on Quilava, sending it flying back and out for the count. The referee announces that Quilava is unable to battle and May and Max cheer. The announcer then says that Clark is in a pinch, but he doesn't look too worried. He orders Charizard to use Steel Wing on Grovyle, which it does, but just missing Grovyle by an inch. But at Clark's command, Charizard doubles back and smashes ard into Grovyle with it's hardened wings sending the lizard flying back and smashing into the stadium wall. Ash calls out to Grovyle, but taking all those attacks has had its toll and the referee announces that Grovyle is unable to battle.

Clark decides that it's time to move onto the finale, and orders Charizard to use Flamethrower. Ash counters by calling for an Ice Beam- But at the ground, and not Charizard. The Ice Beam creates several pillars of ice strong enough to withstand and protect Glalie against Charizard's Flamethrower. Frustrated that Ash has ruined his finale, Clark orders another Steel Wing as Charizard hovers above Glalie. Ash orders Glalie to use Double Team, creating several clones of Glalie. Clark doesn't seem worried however, and orders Charizard to rip through the Double Team illusions with it's Steel Wing. Charizard does so, and with no Double Team clones left, Glalie is left wide open for a point blank Steel Wing. Glalie is knocked back by the attack, and ends up smashing against the very ice pillars it created just moments before. However, instead of stopped, the force of hitting each pillar sends it flying onto the next, much like a pinball game. Clark comments that this is perfect, but Ash sees a way to turn thesituation around, and tells Glalie to use the ice pillars to speed up. Glalie does so, rebounding off the pillars and circling around Charizard while doing so, making Clark's remaining Pokemon become disorientated. Seeing this, Clark tells Charizard to fly up to avoid Glalie, but it's too late as Ash orders Clark to use its increased speed in a head on Headbutt attack, which smashes straight into Charizard, sending it flying back into one of Glalie's ice pillars and out for the count. The referee announces that Charizard is unable to battle, and that Ash and Glalie are the winners. Ash congratulates Glalie with a hug as the crowd claps and cheers.

We then cut to outside of the stadium, where May, Max and Brock are congratulating Ash on his battle. Morrison then runs up, shouting Ash's name. Morrison asks Ash how he did, and Ash says that he won. However, the air of victory does not stay around for too long, as the two boys soon begin to have a friendly argumentbefore Max's Pokenav reminds them that Tyson's battle is about to begin. Ash and Morrison become excited at the prospect of seeing the battle, and run off as May, Max and Brock look on bemused.

When we cut to Tyson's battle, it is already far underway. Of the two Pokemon Tyson used in this current battle, one of them, Donphan, is down and his remaining Pokemon is Sceptile. As for his opponent, a strong looking man named Jonbi, his Blastoise has already been knocked out, with his Aggron remaining. Jonbi orders Metal Claw, which Sceptile easily dodges using it's Detect move. Jonbi then orders repeated Metal Claws, all of which are dodged by Sceptile's evasive moves. As this is happening, May, Max and Brock walk in and are quickly spotted by Team Rocket who are still selling snacks. As usual, they spot Pikachu and decide to try to steal it. However, they are distracted by a young girl wanting juice.

As the tough battle continues, Tyson orders Bullet Seed. Sceptile obeys, and uses its vicious attack on Aggron who tries in vain to defend itself. Jonbi once again orders for a Metal Claw, but Sceptile once again dodges with Detect. At this moment, Team Rocket are about to snag Pikachu from May's head with a net, but are stopped when Ash and Morrison leap into the stands. Ash and Morrison are both excited that they managed to get there in time, but Max tells them that the battle is already underway. Brock then explains what they missed: Sceptile using it's Detect move to avoid Aggron's powerful Metal Claw attacks time and time again, causing the steel Pokemon to grow tired as it uses all of its power. Jonbi then orders Aggron to Harden, which Tyson responds to by commanding Sceptile to use its Solar Beam. Seeing a chance to attack, Jonbi orders Aggron to use Metal Claw as Sceptile is busy charging up Solar Beam. Ash and co. look on worried, as Aggron rushes towards Sceptile to land a critical blow that ceptile cannot defend against.

At the very last moment however, Sceptile finishes up charging and Tyson quickly orders it to fire off its Solar Beam. Sceptile does so, firing a beam of pure natural energy which rips through the stadium and right at Aggron, sending it smashing across the floor and out for the count. The referee announces Tyson is the winner as the crowd cheers. As all this is going on, Team Rocket try to steal Pikachu once more, sneaking around on their hands and knees. They are soon stopped by their boss, who wonders why they aren't working. Terrified, Team Rocket quickly resume their work, nervously calling out to the crowd the various food that they are selling.

Later in the day, Ash and co, along with Morrison and Tyson, settle down for an evening meal. They discuss the tournement, and Ash tells Pikachu that they'll need to do some more training.

The group is not the only ones digging into a good meal, however. Team Rocket's boss, the manager of the stadium's food stalls, is rewarding their hard work with three free lunch boxes. He tells them to do their best, and the three dig into their delicious meals.

The next day, Ash and Morrison both wake up and open their curtains letting the sun seep into their room. The rest of the group awaken, and they go to have breakfast which Ash and Morrison both wolf down eagerly before running off to do some training. May shows Tyson around using her guide book, while Max tries to stop Munchlax from eating two children's ice creams and Brock swoons over the local Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. The day ends with Ash and Morrison competing against each otherin a swimming race, and resting under the sunset with their Pokemon.

Another new day begins, and so, another new battle. Ash is facing off against a girl clad in a red tracksuit top and a black dress named Katie. Watching in the stadium are May, Max, Morrison and Tyson, with Delia and a sick Mimey, Misty, Tracey and Professor Oak all watching from their respectivehomes. The announcer explains that the field will change mid-battle, as the rock field is selected as the first field that the two trainers will battle on. From the stands, May asks Max about the trainer that Ash is facing off against. Brock stops Max from answering with his Pokenav however, and insists telling May his own information about her with his own special book of the female trainers in the tournement.

It's just about time for the battle to begin, and Ash sends out Torkoal and Katie sends out Venomoth. The referee starts the battle off, and Katie quickly calls for a Stun Spore. Ash counters by commanding Torkoal to use Iron Defence to protect itself from the paralysing spores. His bet is right on, as the spores fail to stun Torkoal while hidden in its shell. Not wanting Torkoal to be able to stay hidden for long, Katie orders Venomoth to use Disable, forcing Torkoal out of its shell as it becomes unable to use Iron Defence. Ash does not look worried however, and calls for a Flamethrower, which Katie tells Venomoth to dodge before calling Venomoth back to its Pokeball and sending out Golduck as a replacement. Both Tyson and Ash seem shocked at this tactic of switching. Ash, knowing that Golduck has a type advantage, orders for Torkoal to use Body Slam but is quickly countered by Katie who commands Golduck to use its Hydro Pump which smashes straight into the attacking Torkoal sending it flying through th air. Just as Torkoal is about to land, Keade calls for Golduck to use Fury Swipes. Golduck leaps towards the falling Pokemon and viciously slashes at Torkoal over and over again, taking away the last bit of health Torkoal had and sending it flying across the stadium and knocking it out. As Ash's friends look on shocked, the referee announces that Torkoal is unable to battle as Katie watches on confidently. Ash then tells Pikachu that its up, and as soon as it leaps into the arena, Keade recalls Golduck and sends out Dugtrio, as Tyson reClarks that it is resistant to Pikachu's Electric type attacks.

As Morrison shouts support at Ash, Ash tells Pikachu to use Quick Attack. The attack fails however, as Katie orders Dugtrio to use Dig; burrowing underground thus avoiding the attack. Pikachu stops dead in it tracks, looking around for its opponent as Ash wonders where Dugtrio could be. Katie then calls out to Dugtrio, telling it to use Sand Tomb to create a huge vortex in the ground. Pikachu is quickly dragged towards the centre of the attack, where Dugtrio pops up, waiting for the Pikachu to come closer so it may attack. Ash, in a moment of desperation, orders Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. But as the announcer points out, Ground types are unaffected by Electric type attacks. Seeing a chance to attack, Katie commands Dugrtrio to use Double Edge against the struggling Pikachu. Ash counters with Iron Tail, and as the two attacks clash, it creates an explosion which sends Pikachu flying and out for the count. In the stands, Morrison shouts more encouragement at Ash who carries Pikachu over to the sidelines and hanks it for doing its best. He then sends out Glalie, and Katie quickly tells Dugtrio to use Dig once again. Not wanting to be caught in the same trap as last time, Ash tells Glalie to use Headbutt on the ground, which causes strong shock waves which force Dugtrio from its hiding place. Ash then orders Glalie to use Ice Beam, which smashes into Dugtrio and knocking it out. The referee announces that Dugtrio is unable to battle. Unfazed by Dugtrio's defeat, Katie sends out Misdreavusto go up against Ash's Glalie. Ash's friends look on from the crowd, pleased that Ash was able to win this round, and Max happily reClarks that Glalie took no damage, meaning it's fresh for another battle. Ash confidently orders Glalie to use Ice Beam. However, Katie does not tell her Pokemon to counter or dodge, and receives the full damage from Ice Beam. Seeing his chance to attack once more, Ash orders for Glalie to use Headbutt. Glalie does so, smashing straight into Misdreavusas Katie orders Misdreavusto use its dreaded Destny Bond: An attack which causes the opposing Pokemon to also faint if the user faints. Misdreavus is sent smashing to the ground, but as it does, a purple glow emits from its eyes and plants itself on Glalie. Just as Ash is congratulating Glalie on its victory, Destiny Bond takes effect and and Glalie is wrapped in a purple glow before fainting along with its opponent. Ash, shocked, wonders what happened to Glalie as Max explains to May, Brock, Morrison and Tyson what just happened.

The episode ends with Ash and Katie facing off. Four of Katie's Pokemon are shown on the stadium monitor, two of which remaining and the other two yet to be shown, and three of Ash's Pokemon shown, none of which remaining and three not yet shown.

Special Thanks to Alfonso for writing this for us

405: Shocks and Bonds

405: To The Tournament Finals! Every Day A Heated Battle!

Evergrande City


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Ash, Morrison & Tyson advance to the next round after several Double Battles
Ash starts the next round of the Hoenn League with a 6 on 6 battle with Katie
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