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The episode begins with straight back into the action, with Ash and Katie still facing off. However, due to one trainer having three Pokemon knocked out, the field has been changed from a Rock field to a Water field. The new field consists of a pool of water with several small platforms for the Pokemon to stand on. Ash sends out Corphish, and Katie sends out Golduck to battle again. Both Pokemon are good choices for the new field, which Tyson makes a note of. Ash orders Corphish to use Crabhammer, and Golduck responds by using Fury Swipes. The two Pokemon leap at eachother, and use their respective attacks. However, every blow that Golduck tries to make is blocked by Corphish's huge claws.

Katie then orders for a Hydro Pump, which Ash counters by telling Corphish to jump and use Crabhammer. Katie does not seem worried however, and tells Golduck to use its Confusion- Stopping Corphish mid-air! As its held into place by Confusion, Corphish desperatelytries to attack, swinging its claws frantically beforebeing flung across the arena and into the water by the psychic attack. Ash calls out to Corphish, who is in a state of confusion from Golduck's attack. May, Max, Brock, Morrison and Tyson all look on worried, as Ash tries to snap Corphish out of its confusion. The lobster Pokemon cannot hear him however, and falls straight into the arena's water. As the announcer and Golduck wonders where Corphish could be, Katie looks on confidently. They aren't left wondering for long though, as, still in confusion, Corphish has managed to find its way over to Golduck's platform. Corphish then leaps out with its claws glowing and smashsone straight into Golduck's face sending it reeling. Katie grits her teethas Corphish lands safely on one of the arena platforms, beforeordering her fallen Golduck to use Fury Swipes again. Golduck does so, leaping towards a dazed Corphish who cannot hear Ash's pleas to dodge. However, just beforeGolduck can begins its attack, Corphish accidentally clamps onto its claws and starts shaking them rigoroslyas Golduck, Ash, and the crowd look on bemused. Seeing his chance to gain an advantage, Ash commands Corphish to fling Golduck, and then use Bubblebeam. Corphish does so, spinning Golduck around beforesending it flying beforeusing Bubblebeam to send Golduck smashing straight into the arena wall.

Katie then sends out another Pokemon from before, Venomoth. Ash, confident from their last win, decides not to switch out. However, Corphish is still confused and uses Bubblebeam without being ordered to. Katie orders Venomoth to use Supersonic, which it does, avoiding Corphish's Bubblebeam while doing so... but since Corphish is already confused, Supersonic has no effect and the waves simply wash over it. Ash then recalls Corphish to allow it to recover in its Pokeball. Noting that Venomoth is a Bug type, and that Flying types would have an advantage, Ash sends out his Swellow. Katie responds by telling Venomoth to use Stun Spore, which Ash counters by telling Swellow to dodge and use Peck. May and Morrison shout support from the stands, and Katie tells Venomoth to use Disable to prevent Swellow from using Peck again. Ash confidently reClarks that it has other Flying type attacks, and tells Swellow to use Aerial Ace. Swellow loops around mid-air, and dives straight for Venomoth, smashing into the bug Pokemonand sending it spiralling down towards the arena's water. Katie quickly responds by telling Venomoth to use Confusion, but Ash once again quickly counters and tells Swellow to use Quick Attack, allowing Swellow to speed through the sonic waves and smash into Venomoth sending it straight into the water and out for the count.

Katie recalls Venomoth and sends out Scizor, yet another Bug type. In the stands, May, confused at Katie's choice of Pokemon, asks about Scizor's type, commenting that its a yet another Bug type, and thus, is at a disadvantage to Swellow. Max tells her that that is right, but Scizor is also a Steel type, and Tyson reClarks that Flying type attacks have a disadvantage against Steel type Pokemon.

Ash does not seem worried however, and orders Swellow to use Quick Attack. Katie orders Scizor to use Quick Attack too, and the two Pokemon speed towards eachother, trading blows mid-air. They eventually stop and face-off.

Watching all this is Team Rocket, who are still selling snacks to the stadium crowd. Meowth stops to admire the battle, but is stopped by Jessie who shouts at the cat Pokemon to get back to work. Jessie then lifts her snack box above her head and tells the crowd in front of her what snacks she is selling, beforebeing shouted at by an angry spectator who is trying to focus on the battle. Just as Jessie is about to go into a fury, James calms the situation down by offering his snacks also, followed by Meowth which the crowd happily buys.

With the effects of Disable work off, Ash orders Swellow to use Peck once again, and Katie responds by telling Scizor to use Double team, creating several Scizor illusions across the various platforms. Katie then calls for a Metal Claw, and all the Double team clones leap towards Swellow, claws glowing. Ash quickly tells Swellow to use Double Team, creating a line of its own clones to tackle Scizor's. The illusions pass through eachother, and Ash orders Swellow to use Aerial Ace. The Swellows loop around and speed towards Scizor, and Katie orders it to use Hidden Power. Scizor's clones all vanish into the real Scizor, who fires off several white balls of energy which rip straight through the illusions of Swellow. Ash then calls for a Quick Attack, and Swellow speeds through Scizor's attack. Katie then orders Scizor to counter with Metal Claw, which it does, smashing straight into Swellow... or at least, it would have, but Swellow quickly speeds quickly out of the way, and smashs head on into Scizor with itsQuick Attack. The force of the attack sends Scizor crashing down onto a stadium platform, and down for the count. The referee states that Scizor is unable to battle, and Katie recalls it.

Down to her last Pokemon, Katie falls silent for a few seconds beforesending out her final Pokemon, Walrein. Ash, excited that victory is close, orders Swellow to use Quick Attack again. Swellow does so, smashing straight into Walrein. However, due to Walrein's sheer girth and body mass, Swellow's attack bounces straight off, and a shocked Swellow is sent flying back. Katie then commands Walrein to use Ice Beam, which Ash quickly tells Swellow to dodge. Swellow does so, but the edges of its wings are caught by the ice attack. Morrison shouts encouragement to Swellow as Ash tells it to use Peck attack. Katie counters by telling Walrein to go underwater, causing Swellow's attack to miss. Ash grits his teeth, and Katie confidently orders the submerged Walrein to use Ice Beam. The attack smashsstraight into Swellow, and the force of the attack forces Swellow to crash into the floor outside of the arena.

Katie and Walrein confidently look on as the announcer comments that Ash only has two Pokemon remaining. Ash, limited in choice, sends out Corphish... who, while recovered from its confusion status, is tired and breathingheavily from the last battle. Katie orders Walrein to use Body Slam, and Ash tells Corphish to use Bubblebeam. While it is a strong attack, its not good enough to stop Walrein's body mass, and Walrein smashsstraight into Corphish and causing a huge wave which disturbs the arena's platorms. When the water clears, we see Corphish lying under Walrein's huge weight and knocked out. In the stands, a worried Max reClarks that not even Swellow and Corphish were able to take out Walrein.

Ash has no option but to send out Grovyle, which the announcer reminds him and everyone else, is his final Pokemon. Grovyle emerges from its Pokeball on one of the stadium platforms, pulls out its twig, and eyes up the competition.

Katie gets the battle started, and orders Walrein to use Ice Beam. Ash responds by telling Grovyle to dodge and use Leaf Blade. Grovyle does so, leaping over the beam attack which freezes over the water surrounding the platform Grovyle was just on. As Grovyle leaps towards Walrein to use Leaf Blade, Katie orders her Pokemon to drive underwater again and Grovyle lands on Walrein's platform after missing its chance to strike. Grovyle looks around for its opponent, while Ash grits his teeth as Walrein has once again dodged his attack. Because they are battling on a Water field, Katie has an advantage, which she is well aware of. Katie then orders Walrein to use Ice Beam. Walrein does so, popping up out of the water and firing off its attack which sends Grovyle reeling back. Grovyle, not one to give up, smirks and gets back up, firing a look at Walrein beforethe it dives underwater once again. Just as soon as it submerges, Walrein pops up again on the opposite side of where it dived beforediving again. Ash look on, frustrated that none of his attacks are quick enough to hit Walrein while its underwater. However, at that moment, he notices the frozen water around the platform which Grovyle was on at the start of the battle. Ash smiles, realising that that's he can do. He then orders Grovyle to use Leaf Blade on the water, which causes a force which rips straight through the arena and smashsstraight into Walrein, forcing it above water level. Katie, unworried by Ash's attempt to fight back, calls for another Ice Beam attack. Ash quickly tells Grovyle to dodge, and instead of hitting Grovyle, the Ice Beam hits the arena water itself, causing it all the freeze over and taking away Walrein's advantage. Both Katie and Walrein are shocked at this move, and Grovyle lands smoothly onto the now frozen-over arena. May, Max, Brock, Morrison and Tyson are amazed by Ash's move, and May calls it amazing. Morrison shouts to Ash that now is his chance to attack.

Now that the arena is frozen, Walrein can no longer hide underwater, allowing Ash to attack without fear as while fast underwater, it is slow on land. He orders Grovyle to use Quick Attack, and Grovyle speeds straight into Walrein and sending it flying into the arena wall. The force of Walrein smashing into the wall sends up a cloud of dust. Ash shouts encouragement to Grovlye as it smoothly lands. Katie does not seem worried, as she tells Walrein to use Mimic. Several beams of bright pink light burst out from the dust clouds, beforeWalrein rips straight through them having copied Grovyle's Quick Attack with Mimic. Unable to react quickly enough, Walrein's attack hits Grovyle head on and sends it flying back. Grovyle manages to stop itself though, and faces off against his opponent, who has just gotten rid of one of its main disadvantages: Speed. From the stands, Morrison wonders what Mimic does, and Max explains that it allows Walrein to copy one of Grovyle's moves. In this case, Quick Attack. Ash then ordes Grovyle to use Leaf Blade, sending Walrein flying back, beforeit manages to regain its balance and use Body Slam on Katie's command. Ash counters by telling Grovyle is dodge and use Bullet Seed. Grovyle leaps into the air and fires off a volley of vicious seeds which rain down upon a defencelessWalrein. Katie, frustrated, tells Walrein to use Ice Beam again, but the attack is dodged by Grovyle as Ash orders it to use Quick Attack allowing for it to speed around the beam and straight into Walrein. Katie grits her teeth as Grovyle's superior speed allows it to land several powerful blows against Walrein. While Ash's friends happily look on from the crowd, Katie decides to finish things and orders Walrein to use its mimicked Quick Attack. Walrein does so, speeding straight towards Grovyle who has been told to do the same from Ash. As the two Pokemon grow closer and closer to eachother, Ash and Katie look on anxiously. Just at the last moment, as the two Pokemon collide, Ash tells Grovyle to dodge underneath Walrein and use Leaf Blade. Grovyle viciously slices its blade straight up Walrein's body, sending it flying up and smashinginto the ground as Grovyle lands and poses.

The announcer proclaims that Walrein is unable to battle and that Ash is the winner. The display of both trainer's Pokemon is changed to a picture of Ash with his Pokemon underneath. Ash happily runs up to Grovyle and thanks it for its hard work, and Grovyle folds its arms and smiles confidently. Not being a bad loser, Katie comes up to Ash and thanks him for the great battle and the two trainers shake hands.

We then see the ending of Morrison and Tyson's respective battles, which have Metang taking down a Machoke and Tyson's Meowth in Boots taking down a Rhydon. The victories allow both trainers to advance to the same stage that Ash is now in- The Final 16.

However, not everyone is battling, as Team Rocket are enjoying green tea and rice with their new boss. Happy at their work, he tells them that he'll be passing down his business to them, and they, including Wobbuffet, celebrate.

Also chowing down is Ash and co. who are enjoying some delicious pizza. The group happily talk about the tournement. Morrison is proud of how far he has gotten in what is his first tournament as a Pokemon trainer. beforethe conversationcan go any further, Max's Pokenav alerts him to the next battle match-ups being announced. Ash, excited, suggests that they go find out who they'll be facing in the next few battles, and Morrison agrees.

However, once they find the results, it's certainly not what they were expecting. Paired up against Ash and Morrison is not some nameless trainer who they do not know. Instead, they find that the trainers they are going to be going up against is eachother. The most shocked at this is Morrison himself, who falls silent. Ash turns around to Morrison and tries to cheer him up, but he's still in a state of shock and walks off out of the Pokemon Centre depressed as the group look on sadly.

Now outside of the centre, Ash calls out to Morrison , who does not respond. Ash wonders where he could have gone and continues looking. Elsewhere, Morrison is training Metang, telling it they have to train to be able to overcome Ash's Pokemon. He orders Metang to use Take Down on a nearby tree, but quickly tells it to stop when he imagines Ash's face in it. Metang turns around, confused at Morrison 's actions. However, Morrison isn't sure himself and falls to the ground, puzzled and depressed. Ash then appears, greeting Morrison happily. However, Morrison is still shocked and depressed at the battle match-up, and runs off with Metang not even turning around to face him. Just as Morrison leaves, Brock, May and Max appear. Ash is confused as to why Morrison is acting like that, and Brock explains that Morrison is just starting out and being paired up in a battle against a friend is tough for him.

The next day, the battle between the two friends, Ash and Morrison , begins. The stadium flame burns bright as the two trainers face off against eachother. The field of choice this time around is the Ice field- A field as the name suggests, covered totally with ice. Morrison grits his teeth as he looks at Ash, and May, Max, Brock and Tyson watch the friends silently.

Ash starts the battle off by sending out Corphish. Morrison responds half-heartingly sends out Girafarig. The referee declares the battle started, and Ash orders Corphish to use Vicegrip. Morrison with his confidence shaken, tells Girafarig to use Light Screen; an attack that won't work because Light Screen only defends against Special attacks. Corphish smashsstraight through the Light Screen and uses clamps onto Girafarig's head with it's Vice Grip attack. Girafarig manages to shake Corphish off, sending Corphish sliding back and Morrison weakly orders it to use Tackle. Corphish slides straight into a curved upright icicle, allowing it to slide away from the attack. Girafarig, unable to stop in time, tackles straight into the upright icicle, causing damage to itself. Ash orders Corphish to attack again, but Girafarig, unable to maintain its balance, falls down causing Corphish to miss. Ash then quickly orders Corphish to clamp onto one of the smaller icicles, allowing it to loop around and attack Girafarig one again. Morrison desperatelyorders Girafarig to use Iron Tail, which Ash tells Corphish to dodge beforeordering the lobster to attack with Crabhammer, knocking Girafarig out. Morrison gasps at his fallen Pokemon, beforesilently calling it back. Instead of sending out his next Pokemon, Morrison just stands there depressed, looking at the ground. The referee urges Morrison to send out his next Pokemon, but Morrison isn't even focusing on the battle anymore. As the announcer reClarks that unless Morrison sends out a Pokemon soon, it will count as a forfeit and Ash will win the battle.

The episode ends with Ash frustrated at his friend's unwilling to focus and give it his all.

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406: A Judgment Brawl

406: And... Continue The Battle That Cannot Be Lost!!

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Ash wins in his battle against Katie
Morrison & Tyson also win and advance to the next round
Ash begins his battle with Morrison
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