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The episode opens in a dark room full of machinery. A vent grating opens and out crawl Jesse, James, and Meowth. They jump into the room and look around, stopping at a large machine. They smile.
The next day, Ash, Misty, and Brock are still walking towards Cerulean City. Brock and Ash are eager to get there, but Misty doesn't share their feelings and makes it known that she doesn't want to go. Unfortunately for her, Ash is set on challenging the city's Gym Leader and won't change his mind.
Once they arrive, Brock notices that Misty isn't following them anymore. Ash isn't exactly torn up about this. As they walk, they notice a very large crowd gathered in front of a store. Interested, they ask as to why everyone is here and find out that it was robbed of a large vacuum and a huge hose, nothing more. Suddenly, Officer Jenny appears asking why they're so interested in the situation. Ash is surprised to see her here as he thought he'd seen her in Viridian City. She explains that the Viridian City Jenny is her Sister-in-law and announces her suspicion of the two. After Ash and Brock clear the matter with Dexter and one of Brock's badges, Brock tries to ask her to dinner. He is, needless to say, turned down and he goes off on his own while Ash searches alone for the gym.
He finds the gym and enters only to find a synchronized swimming performance going on. He is greatly confused until he meets the three girls who were doing the show a little later. They explain that they are the Gym leaders and are the World-famous Sensational Sisters. Ash is eager to fight but the sisters decline, saying that they don't feel like fighting because they had just been beaten three times in a row by Ash's rivals from Pallet Town. All they have left is a wimpy Goldeen.
They are about to just give Ash the Cascade Badge when Misty shows up. She introduces herself as the "Fourth Sensational Sister," but her sisters begin teasing her, saying that they thought she had left and wasn't coming back until she was a Pokémon Master. When she replies that she's only here because Ash was here, they comment on her choice of a boyfriend making Ash fall over Anime style and Misty enraged. She challenges Ash to a match for the Cascade Badge.
Ash tries to send out Pikachu, but he refuses to fight. He sends out Butterfree instead to fight Misty's Staryu. The fight goes on for a couple minutes with Misty's sisters looking on with interest, and Butterfree is defeated. Ash then sends out Pidgeotto and Misty sends out Starmie. Pidgeotto is about to defeat Starmie when Team Rocket makes a not-so dramatic entrance by crashing through a wall.
They were the ones who had stolen the vacuum and hose and were planning on sucking up all the water in the pool to steal the Pokémon swimming in it. They manage in sucking up the Sensational Sisters' Seel and Pikachu is swept into the water. It occurs to Ash that water conducts electricity, so he has Pikachu use a Thunderbolt attack, thus electrocuting Team Rocket. They fall into the pool, get sucked up by the vacuum, and are spit out the other end. Ash shuts off the vacuum just in time to save Pikachu (Seel was outside).
Misty's sisters thank Ash for ridding them of Team Rocket and give him the Cascade Badge as a reward. Misty is upset since he didn't really win the match, but her sisters explain that if he had used Pikachu, Misty wouldn't of stood a chance. They wish them both luck on their journey, and, after meeting up with Brock again, Ash and Misty head off toward Vermilion City.

007: The Waterflowers of Cerulean City

007: Water flowers of Cerulean Gym



Officer Jenny

Pikachu Butterfree Pidgeotto
Goldeen Staryu Starmie

First Appearence of Misty's Starmie
Ash beats Misty and Earns a Cascade Badge