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This episode Begins when our Heroes have decided to take a break and they sit down on some rocks. Psyduck is out of Misty's pokeball and Brock is holding the mysterious egg. Dexter, Ash's pokedex starts rattling off some information on the Bird type Pokémon Farfetch'd. Dexter says that this duck like Pokémon is so rare because it's meat is so tasty. Misty recalls Psyduck back in the Pokéball; at that moment she hears something that sounds like quacking. She thinks it is Psyduck at first until she sees a Farfetch'd walking towards her. Misty wants one and decides that she will capture it! It runs away! She chases after it and and chases it right through the woods until she hits into a boy! He apologizes, and hands her her backpack. Then he runs away.
Misty is annoyed, she had always wanted a farfetch'd. She returns back to the rocks and Brock and Ash were looking for her, she explains where she was. Brock gives Misty the water and when she goes to put it in her backpack she notices that this was not her bad, the boy had switched it. All her Pokémon were in that bag! We then see the Boy and the Farfetch'd, he exclaimed how easy it was!
Jessie and James want to get a Farfetch'd as well, the boy knows this but he wants more Pokemon so he rigs a boat and Tricks Team rocket into getting into it. He gets their Pokémon as well. They look in the bag the guy has left, only to see there's only a bunch of rocks! Then Farfetch'd scoops up all their Pokémon! Then Team Rocket falls over a waterfall. And the guy has all their Pokémon!
Misty and the others are telling Officer Jenny that her backpack was taken. Jenny says it was no accident! She's the 5th victim of the backpack switcher that month! Misty says the guy took all her Pokémon. Jenny says she's tried to track him, but he keeps moving.
We see the guy and his Farfetch'd at their camp. The guy says he's had it ever since he found it hit by a truck, and nursed it back to health. Then they started stealing Pokémon. He wonders how else they could survive? He says that Farfetch'd is too weak to battle. Inside the tent, Psyduck gets out of its Pokéball! It leaves the tent and runs away.
Team Rocket is overhead in their balloon. They're going to try and get their Pokémon back! Misty is very upset that her Pokémon were stolen these Pokemon were Staryu, Starmie, Horsea, and Goldeen! Ash points out that she forgot Psyduck. Misty says she wishes she could forget about it! Suddenly, Psyduck walks out of some bushes! Misty hugs it and asks it a bunch of stuff, like how it get away, and where the other Pokémon were. To each question is responds, "Psyduck!" She tells it to think straight, and gets mad. So, they decide to follow Psyduck to the guy's camp. But it has trouble remember which way! It finally points left. Ash says it doesn't seem like a good idea to follow a Psyduck, and Pikachu agrees.
The guy with the Farfetch'd has lots of Pokémon that he has stolen; Team Rocket comes down in their balloon! They say he won't get away, and they're going to make him pay for taking their Pokémon. The guy says he's sick of raising Pokémon. And that he'd give them all the Pokémon in a big backpack to them, and their own Pokémon! The guy says he's glad he ran into them. He needed to get rid of some stuff! Jessie, James and Meowth can hardly believe their luck! They leave.
Ash, Brock, Misty and Officer Jenny have found him, thanks to Psyduck! Misty tells him to stop, and give her Pokémon back! Jenny says he's under arrest. She also decides that he should be shown how difficult a Pokémon match can be. He protests that his Farfetch'd is too weak. Brock says that any Pokémon can be strong if its trained well.
Ash sends Bulbasaur! He tells it to use Tackle, and Farfetch'd dodges! Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip; hitting Farfetch'd several times. The guy tells Farfetch'd to stop, it can't win! Suddenly, fire appears in Farfectch'd's eyes, and it suddenly becomes faster! Brock says its using Agility. Farfetch'd circles Bulbasaur, hitting it with the onion sprout, Bulbasaur is knocked out!
The guy says he never thought Farfetch'd could do something like that! He's sorry he used it for stealing. Ash is about to send Pikachu, but Misty wants to battle! But she still doesn't have her Pokémon! Well Psyduck'll have to do!
Farfetch'd laughs, and starts hitting Psyduck on the head. Psyduck just stands there. Misty says that Psyduck's headache is getting worse! Psyduck's eyes glow blue! Farfetch'd is frozen! Psyduck sends Farfetch'd flying into a tree, and then it lands on the guy. Team Rocket has all the Poke Balls up in the balloon. They open them, to see they're all Voltorbs! They all explode! The guy apologizes, saying he'll return all the Pokémon he stole. Misty has hers back. The guy says he'll train Farfetch'd to be stronger, and they leave. Jessie and James say they're going to tell the boss about the guy with the Farfetch'd and how he tricked them. Meowth points out that if the Boss knows someone outsmarted them, he might fire them, and hire the guy! Then a Voltorb rolls in from somewhere, and explodes.

049: So Near Yet So Farfetch'd

049: Farfetch'd's Easy Target



Officer Jenny

Pikachu Bulbasaur
Farfetch'd Voltorb

None Of Consequence