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Ash, Misty, and Brock are hiking along, looking for a place to stop to rest and train. They come across a campground, and decide to stop there. A girl approaches them, and asks if they are trainers. Brock instantly falls in love, and tries to introduce himself. Misty drags him away, and Ash tells her that he's a trainer. The girl introduces herself as Katrina, and she challenges him to a battle, sending out Raichu. Suddenly, Team Rocket shows up, clamping a net down on the Pokémon. They laugh, thinking that they caught Pikachu. They look down and see that they missed Ash's Pokémon, and have Raichu in the net. Raichu uses a Thunderbolt attack and is about to use a Mega Kick, when a man standing nearby yells "CUT!" Confused, everyone looks at him as he tells a camera crew behind him to get a different angle and focus in on the losers. Team Rocket jumps up, insulted, and the man says his personal motto, which sounds a lot like Team Rocket's. His name is Clevon Schpealbunk, and he's a director.
Misty thinks aloud, wondering who he is. Brock knows, and raves about Schpealbunk's movie "I Saw What You Ate Last Tuesday." Katrina raves about it as well, saying that she "almost saw that movie." Team Rocket asks him why he's in the area, and he tells them that he's looking for a star for his new movie. Team Rocket tries to convince him to use them, but he says that the movie involves Pokémon only. Ash gets excited, and Schpealbunk introduces one of the stars, a Wigglytuff. Meowth laughs, but gets Doubleslapped. Brock mentions that it's interesting how something so cute can be so mean, and gets Doubleslapped as well. Wigglytuff walks off, and Jessie comments that she is a real Prima Donna. Schpealbunk sighs, saying that his previous co-star, and Abra, teleported off when Wigglytuff was to tough on him. He tells them that he needs a new co-star, and they all decide to audition their Pokémon.
A bit later, Schpealbunk is about to start the auditions. Brock sends out Vulpix, and Psyduck comes out instead of Staryu like she wanted. Schpealbunk tells the Pokémon that they need to know how to dance, and music starts to play. The Pokémon start to dance, and Schpealbunk limits them down to seven Pokémon: Pikachu, Raichu, Arbok, Weezing, Vulpix, Psyduck, and Meowth. He tells these Pokémon that they also have to be able to sing, but they are interrupted by Jigglypuff, who does what he does best: Singing.
After everyone wakes up from their nap and cleans the scribbles on their faces off, the auditions resume. Wigglytuff walks on stage, feels insulted by something Meowth says, and Doubleslaps him. Weezing and Arbok try to sing, but are also Doubleslapped by Wigglytuff. Schpealbunk tells Team Rocket that their Pokémon are out, and they leap up, ready to battle. Arbok and Weezing are to down, however, and are leaving. Team Rocket chases after them, with Meowth soon behind. All the other Pokémon, too nervous about working with the irritable Wigglytuff leave. All of them, but Psyduck. Schpealbunk decides that, since he's the only Pokémon left, Psyduck gets the part. Schpealbunk gives them the summary of the movie, which sounds a lot like the story of Romeo and Juliet. Misty is about to point this out, but is knocked down by Ash and Brock, who want to work for the movie. Schpealbunk lets all of them, including Katrina, help out, and they all cheer. Team Rocket, nearby, want to attack, but Arbok and Weezing are still upset. Team Rocket eventually lifts their spirits, but it takes a little while.
Later on, Schpealbunk tells everyone to prepare for the last scene. Everyone wonders why, as they just started a little while ago, and he tells them that he always does this so that he knows how the story turns out. Two groups of Pokémon (the feuding families) face each other, and the mood is set with wind from Pidgeotto, rain from Staryu, and lightning from Pikachu and Raichu. The two families start to battle, and Psyduck and Wigglytuff approach an cue. Pikachu is thrown into Wigglytuff's face, and she is about to have her revenge when a bunch of smoke fills the area. Team Rocket comes in and does their motto for the camera. The Pokémon surround them, and start to battle with them as well. The cameraman asks Schpealbunk if he should stop rolling, but he says not to and tells them to join in on the battle. Ash steps into the camera, and waves. Misty hits him out of the way and tries to do a thing of her own, when Brock steps between her and the camera. Suddenly, Katrina screams, as Team Rocket has rounded up all the Pokémon in a crane. All the Pokémon but Psyduck, however. Misty and Wigglytuff start yelling at him to do something, but he doesn't for a while. Eventually, Psyduck's headache gets bad enough from the yelling, that he can use his Psychic powers. He uses Confusion, freeing the Pokémon and flinging the crane and Team Rocket into the sky. Psyduck falls over from the exertion, and Wigglytuff runs up, concerned. Psyduck opens his eyes, and everyone cheers. Schpealbunk approaches, thanking them for making such a grand finale.
Later that night, Ash tells himself that he didn't do any training all day, but Misty and Brock tell him that it should be ok. Ash tells Katrina that he can't wait to see her at the Pokémon League, and Schpealbunk gets an idea to use this situation in another battle. Brock wants to star, as Schpealbunk says the star would be mobbed by female fans. Nearby, Wigglytuff and Psyduck sit together and look at the lake. Elsewhere, Team Rocket hangs from a tree over a cliff, hoping they don't fall. Better not move...

071: Lights, Camera, Quacktion

071: Pokémon: The Movie




Pikachu Pidgeotto
Psyduck Staryu Togepi
Special/Other Trainers:
Jigglypuff Wigglytuff
Blastoise Raticate Fearow Nidoran♀ Diglett Poliwrath Abra Magnemite Doduo Cloyster Krabby Hitmonlee Chansey Tauros Gyarados

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