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Back home, Ash and Brock are doing some morning exercises while Ash's mom works in the garden and Mr. Mime sweeps. A man on a bicycle arrives with a special delivery, and gives it to them. It turns out to be an invitation to the premiere of "Pokémon In Love", the movie Ash and his friends had helped out with. It is in Hollywood, and everyone gets excited. Ash pretends that he's going to force himself to stay home and train, but he soon changes his mind. Elsewhere, Team Rocket prepares to go as well, but Meowth doesn't appear to be to thrilled. He tells them a story set way back, when he was just a little Meowth with no one. He was always hungry, and even tried to eat a basket of baseballs. Needless to say, he was caught, and was strung up on a tree. He hung there for a long time, finally going to sleep. He was awakened by a loud commotion, and he watched a movie being presented to the attendants of the camp. He saw a Meowth getting ice cream and fried chicken, and decided to go to Hollywood. He hitched a ride on a truck and arrived.
Ash and his friends arrive at the place where the screening was taking place, but are discouraged to find it located in a very run down section of town. Schpealbunk invites them inside, but none of them notice Team Rocket watching from across the street. Meowth still appears to be upset, but won't tell Jessie and James why. He walks off, telling them that he has some "personal business" to take care of. As he walks, he stops in front of a boarded up snack stand. He thinks back, remembering when he arrived at the same place many years ago. He was chased off by the owner of the store when he tried to steal some fried chicken. He ran into an alley, and was approached by a gang of Meowth with a Persian for their leader. The Persian gave him something to eat, and he joined the gang. He remembers how he was never hungry anymore, as he learned how to expertly steal food. Unfortunately, he wasn't content, for he still needed someone to love him.
He walks further, coming across another boarded up store. He thinks back, remembering the first time he saw the Meowth of his dreams. He remembers how he dashed across the street to talk to her, but was hit by the owner's umbrella. The owner was a very rich lady, who pampered her "Meowsi." Meowsi told him that he could never give her the things that her owner did, as he was just a street Meowth. At this, the owner sucked her up in a diamond encrusted Pokéball, and left. He resolved that the only way he could get her would be to become human, and he started to work on accomplishing this.
Meowth walks a bit more, and comes across a large house. He remembers how he stayed in this house, learning to become human. The first thing he did was to learn to walk on two legs, just like people. It was very painful, but he was eventually able to learn. Unfortunately, this made him a lot slower, and he got caught at the food stand a lot more often. But he knew how to walk. Now, he needed to learn to talk like a human. This took him a long time, but he was eventually able to do it. He found a picture book, and practiced learning the alphabet. The first word he ever learned was "rocket"; because of this, he joined Team Rocket. He practiced more, and was able to perfect the language.
One day, he approached Meowsi and showed of his new talents. Unfortunately, Meowsi now considered him to be a freak. Meowth was horrified, and set off to become the richest, most powerful "freak" Meowsi ever saw. That was the last time he ever saw her. Meowth sighs, then realizes that he is surrounded by the gang of Meowth he had joined years before. Persian approaches him, and he goes with them. Persian tells Meowth that they want him to join the gang again, but he refuses. Persian steps aside, and Meowth sees Meowsi sitting forlornly. They talk, and Meowsi tells Meowth how, not long after he left, her owner was almost out of money. She was forced to abandon Meowsi, and left her on the street. She was taken in by the gang and the Persian, and has been with them ever since. Meowth tells her that he will take her away with him, but Persian and the rest of the gang show up and tell prepare to attack. Suddenly, Jessie and James show up to rescue him. They tell him that they had followed him, and they don't want anything to happen to their friend. They send out Arbok and Weezing, and the area fills with smoke.
Later, Meowth and Persian confront each other in a battle. They jump at each other, and a scratch is heard. Persian falls to the ground. Meowsi runs past Meowth to Persian, and licks his cheek. She tells him that it wouldn't be right to leave Persian after he had protected her so long, and besides, Meowth is still a freak.
Back at the theater, the movie finishes. Schpealbunk asks them all what they thought, and Ash tells him that he didn't see any of them in the entire movie. He tells them that, since the movie was originally supposed to be about Pokémon, he cut them all out. Misty asks him why they invited them to the showing when they weren't even in it, and he tells them that he couldn't get any real movie stars to come. Suddenly, Team Rocket comes out on stage, does their motto, and leave. Ash and his friends stare at them, then sigh. Later that night, Meowth sits on the roof of a house. He wonders if Meowsi is looking at the moon as well, and hunches over.

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072: Why Meowth Can Speak



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