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The episode starts right away with Brock sending out Vulpix and Ash Pikachu. The narrator tells us that Ash is finally training for the Pokemon League. Ash tells Pikachu to use agility and Brock orders Vulpix to do the same. They dodge eachother and then Ash orders Pikachu to use an electric attack and Brock tells Vulpix to use her flamethrower when Jigglypuff stands between them and Ash and Brock tell their pokemon to aim their attacks elsewhere. The fire and electricity combine and hit a big cliff side showing a girl and a short man up there. Down below Ash says something to Pikachu about how strong you've gotten and Brock examines where the attack hit. He says it looks like a temple and picks up a yellow and brown object with two pointy ends and a blue shape in the middle. Right when they are all looking at it it is snatched from them. They turn around and a girl is showing the object to the leader of a group of archaelogists. The short man says you've done it again Eve. Ash and Misty are trying to get noticed and Brock says whatever that girl has there I found Quickly Eve grabs his hands and says a quick thank-you, behind him Ash is shaking his head and Misty has a not again look on her face, Eve then goes back talking to the archaelogists. She asks them to set up camp so they can study more, but they have already set up camp. Eve finally talks to Ash, Misty and Brock and tells them that she is trying to find out the secret of Pokemopolis that it was wrecked by a storm many years ago. She shows them many items and a stone with weird writing (not Japanese). The stone talks about a shadow and a dark force. The short man interupts them showing them a spoon like thing that is yellow and brown and made of the same stuff the pointy object they first found was of. The pointy thing begins to glow blue and Pikachu notices. Nobody else does though and Ash asks him what happened. Pikachu can't tell him though Brock says lets strat digging and runs off, Eve comments to Ash he must love mysteries. Ash says no, but he does love something embarassly. The short man starts talking about how smart Eve is and that she is a Doctor. Brock and says she's too young, but he says she was a doctor at 9. Ash, Misty and Brock comment on she's a brain! and Misty says at 9 I was still afraid of the doctor. The camp goes to sleep and then we can see Team rocket spying on them. Jesse and James say their motto holding pieces of bush covering them. James says lets steal the artifacts, but Jesse says we can take stuff from the temple itself and sends Arbok in to find the most priceless treasure he can. While Arbok is gone Jesse asks James what he'll do with his money. James says well first I'd pay the boss all the money I owe him.... Jesse gets mad and says we won't need him if we are wealthy. Just then Arbok comes up with what I think of as a weird face. he has 3 black balls in his mouth and Jesse comments angrily that's all you could find? Just then Arbok disappears inside the black balls. They float up off the ground making big foot prints as they float along. It paralyzes Jesse and James and sucks them inside. In the morning the camp arises and Eve finds the black balls the short man kneels down and picks them up, but he gets sucked inside. The balls show the faces of Team Rocket and the man inside. After seeing this everybody runs, but it paralyzes the rest of the arcealogists besides Eve and sucks them in too. The black balls turn into a huge Gengar with weird markings on it. Ash tries the pokedex on it and agrees with Misty that it isn't real the last gengar he saw was not the size of him. The pokedex tells him details of Gengar are unknown. Gengar heads off towards Pallet and Ash says it'll destroy my home town! Ash goes after it and Misty says I'm coming with you Ash and Brock says to Eve to figure out the mystery before it's too late and follows Ash too. Over in Pallet it shows Professor Oak in his field with his pokemon looking up in the mountains seeing the shadow of Gengar and thinks a storm is coming. Ash sends out pidgeotto to use gust attack and Brock sends out Onix. Pidgeotto is sucked in and Jesse shakins it by its neck saying can't you fight better than that you stupid bird. They are all stuck in a small space and rather squished together now. Onix uses his tackle, but dives inside of Gengar and is trapped also. Ash, Brock, and Misty run back to the camp and Brock sees Eve under the spell. The pointy object, spoon, Eve, and all the other items are floating around. ash tries to hold Brock back from rescuing Eve saying he might be put under the spell too. The spoon inserts itself into the blue shape in the middle of the pointy object and light glows around releasing a huge Alakazam. Eve is free of the spell now and Ash says is that a Kadabra? Brock tells him it is an Alakazam and he uses his pokedex on it too. It also has strange markings on it. Alakazam and Gengar starts to battle and then Eve says I've got it the shadow is these two pokemon and they destroyed Pokemopolis. Eve is mad at herself for not realizing sooner and I shouldn't have tried to discover the secret of Pokemopolis. Misty tells her how was she to know and Ash says that it wasn't their fault whoever wrote the tablet should have made it easier to understand. Gengar Paralyzes them all, but Pikachu. Ash tells Pikachu to run in the water and use his electric attacks. He shocks Alakazam and Gengar Ash tries using two pokeballs on them because they are pokemon, but the pokeballs explode. Just then Jigglypuff comes along and is hit by an explosion. She is flown through the air. Ash and the gang can move again and areaway on a rock using binoculars to watch the events. Ash says to Jigglypuff if you knock them out you'll be Pallet's favourite vocalist. Jigglypuff sings for a while, but it has a no effect we see something glowing where the temple was and then Jigglyouff is knocked away by Gengar and Alakazam. Out of the glowing thing comes a huge Jigglypuff with the strange markings also. She sings but has a terrible deep voice. It works though and puts Alakazam and Gengar to sleep. Ash, Misty, Brock and Eve cover their ears from the sound of the other Jigglypuff. The big Jigglypuff takes its buket it was singing into and pulls out a paintbrush with red paint and paints flowers on Gengar and paints on Alakazam too. The giant pokemon disappear and they say good-bye to Eve and the episode ends saying will Ash every train for the Pokemon League?

074: The Ancient Puzzle Of Poké-mopolis

074: A Battle of Ancient Pokémon



Professor Oak

Pikachu Pidgeotto Muk Krabby
Vulpix Onix
Special/Other Trainers:
Jigglypuff Alakazam Gengar

Ash & Co Uncover an Ancient Civilization