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The show begins with Ash at the Rock Field, and both he and his opponent are down to one Pokémon. His opponent sends out Nidorino and he sends out Squirtle. Nidorino uses Tackle, but Squirtle Withdraws into his shell just in time. Nidorino crashes through the rock and Squirtle starts to roll around with Nidorino chasing him. When Squirtle rolls up a curved rock and into the air, he pulls out of his shell and unleashes a Water Gun, slamming Nidorino into a rock. He then slams into Nidorino with a Skull Bash, knocking him out. Ash has won his second match. Gary, in the stands, tells himself that Ash is becoming a bit too cocky. He looks forward to when they'll be able to battle and walks out with his cheerleaders soon behind. Outside, Team Rocket hides in a set of trash cans. They're upset about their tough luck, but James comes up with an idea.
Later that evening, Misty comes into the place that they are staying to find Brock alone with Ash's Pokémon. She asks him where he is, and he tells her that he went to get something to eat. Misty is surprised, as he didn't even take his Pokémon to the Pokémon Center. Brock tells her that he said he was starving, but Misty still feels that he should've brought his Pokémon with him. She sets down Togepi who starts to eat as well.
Outside in the streets, Ash and Pikachu talk about hungry they are. They're looking for a restaurant Ash saw earlier, but can't find it. As they walk, they pass a movie showing Pokémon in Love and see a parade. As they watch it, Brock and Misty show up with his Pokémon. Misty yells at him, but he says that he was just getting something to eat. Misty tells him to take care of his Pokémon first and stuff his "selfish little face" later. As they walk, Ash tells his friends that he's going to be fighting at the Ice Field next. He tells them he plans to use Squirtle and Kingler, and they reach the center. Unfortunately, it's extremely crowded and the Joy there tells them all to go elsewhere. Brock recognizes her as the one from Pewter City and Ash turns to see the restaurant he was looking for. He runs inside despite Misty's yells for him to take care of his Pokémon.
Inside, Ash finds a huge buffet full of things to eat. Ash suddenly realizes that he doesn't have any money and starts to sob. A waitress approaches, and gives him a plate. She tells him that he can eat for free and Ash, thinking that she was one of his fans, eagerly fills it. Misty comes in and warns him not to eat too much. Ash tells her that he got it all for free from one of his fans, but she informs him that all trainers get to eat for free as she sets Togepi on the seat. As they talk, Togepi jumps down and starts tugging on a tablecloth. Pikachu notices a basket of silverware on the edge of the table and jumps out to save Togepi from getting hurt. Togepi walks out of the way just in time, but unfortunately for Pikachu, the forks and knives clatter down about him. Fortunately, he isn't hurt. Misty tells Togepi not to do anything dangerous like that and Pikachu sighs. Suddenly, Ash realizes that Brock is nowhere to be seen. They go outside to look for him.
Once outside, they see a lot of Officer Jennys and Nurse Joys running around. After a few minutes, they notice Brock running around chasing them. They leave him and find another Pokémon Center, but it's even more crowded than the first. They wait in line for a few minutes and Ash notices a hand beckoning them from around the corner. Once they get over there, a blue-haired nurse tells them that she knows of a Pokémon Center that doesn't have any lines. She then mentions that it even has its own Nurse Joy and Brock pops up from nowhere, frightening them all.
The nurse leads them to an odd looking building, and the nurse tells them that it's just a temporary location for the League. They go inside and see smiling Nurse Joy behind the counter. Ash gives Pikachu to the blue-haired nurse and puts his Pokéballs in a tray to give to Joy. He is about to do so when Brock notes that he isn't having the reaction he normally does when he sees a Joy. He wonders if he's in a Joy overload, but Ash and Misty think that the "trouble" is that he wasn't "prepared" to see her. At this Joy and the other nurse whip off their costumes to reveal themselves as Jessie and James. The say their motto and the building falls apart, revealing the balloon. Jessie cackles and they pull out Pikachu in a big jar. Brock sends out Onix, who grabs the balloon in his mouth. He lowers the balloon and Ash grabs Pikachu. He then lifts them back up and flings them into the air. Ash frees Pikachu and hugs him. They hear an announcement over the P.A. System that Pokémon Centers are accepting new Pokémon. They rush to one and Ash heals his Pokémon.
The next day, Ash is fighting a Pewter City resident at the Ice Field. They've both won once and are currently battling Kingler versus Cloyster. Kingler moves in for a Crabhammer, and Cloyster closes up his shell. Ash gets worried, but Brock and Misty tell him to keep Kingler doing it. Soon enough, the hammers crack through the shell and Cloyster is vanquished. Ash's opponent returns Cloyster and sends out Arcanine! Ash isn't worried, as Kingler is Water type. Kingler lets out a Bubble attack, but Arcanine dodges it and uses Dragon Rage. Kingler gets caught up in the tornado and is thrown to the ground. He tries to get up, but he is too weak.
Ash returns Kingler and sends out Pikachu, who dashes around with an Agility attack. Arcanine let's loose a Fire Blast, which Pikachu easily dodges. He continues to use Fire Blast all over the field, and it starts to melt. Soon, there are only two chunks of ice. Pikachu stands on one while Arcanine stands on the other. Pikachu can't continue his Agility, so Brock tells Ash to have him dive into the water, which he does. He surfaces right in front of Arcanine and Brock knows that Ash has the match in the bag. Misty reminds Ash that water conducts electricity and he tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. The entire pool is filled with electricity. Arcanine is shocked and falls into the water, fainted. Ash has won once again and the crowd cheers as he hugs Pikachu. He is one step closer to the Final and only has one more field left: Grass Field.

078: Fire And Ice!

078: Battle With Arcanine in Ice Field



Officer Jenny
Nurse Joy
Pete Pebbleman

Pikachu Bulbasaur Squirtle Pidgeotto Kingler
Pete Pebbleman:
Arcanine Cloyster
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Ash Gets Past The Rock Round of the Pokémon Leage
Ash Gets Past The Ice Round of the Pokémon League