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Ash, Misty, and Brock are back in Pallet Town and are celebrating Ash's work in the Pokémon League. Ash thanks everyone for supporting him and Professor Oak tells them that Ash finished in the top 16. Everybody cheers, and Ash personally thanks Pikachu.
Moments later, everybody is chowing down. Misty suggests that they send out their Pokémon to help celebrate as well. They all do, but Misty and Brock stop Ash from sending out Charizard. He remembers all the times the Pokémon disobeyed him, and agrees. All the Pokémon hurry around to eat as does Ash. He approaches one of the stands and asks for three orders of everything. Unbeknownst to him, however, the stand is manned by Team Rocket. They plan to make the food really spicy and grab Pikachu when Ash is recovering. They give Ash the food and he walks over to where his friends and Pokémon are sitting. Brock digs in as does Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Pidgeotto. It doesn't take long for the effects of the spiciness to set in, and they are soon breathing fire. Staryu's Water Gun hoses them down and feel better. Ash samples one of the mustard covered meatballs, and steam is soon coming out of his nose. As he yells, a pair of gloved hands grab Pikachu.
Ash calms down, and looks over at the food stand. The wheels pop off and the Meowth balloon pops out of the roof. Team Rocket cast off their disguises and say their motto. Ash and his friends throw the spicy foods at them, and it lands in their mouths. They blow fire for a moment, then jump into the stand. It lifts off and they reveal the fact that they have Pikachu. Squirtle tries to get them with a Water Gun, but they're out of range. They start to toss down flash bombs, which blow up tables and such. Pidgeotto flies up and pops the balloon. Meowth hits the "Panic Button" and another balloon pops out, this time with a "2" on the charm. Pidgeotto sets up to pop this one too, but Jessie's Arbok uses Poison Sting, putting the bird out of commission.
Ash has no choice, now, but to send out Charizard. He pleads with him to do something, but he's only interested in the large table of food nearby. One of the bombs blows up the table, unfortunately, and Charizard is enraged. He flies up and hits several bombs back at the balloon. They explode, and Team Rocket is blasted away. Charizard catches Pikachu, and Ash praises him only to be burned with a fireball. Charizard flies around the area, blowing tables over and causing a ruckus.
Meanwhile, Team Rocket falls into a tree in the forest. They realize that it is full of Pidgey and Pidgeotto, and they appear to be very ticked off. Jessie climbs further up the tree, only to be dive-bombed repeatedly by Spearow. She looks up and sees a Fearow hurtling down at her.
Back at Oak's lab, Ash has returned Charizard and is now inside taking care of Pidgeotto. Misty and Brock note how loyal Pidgeotto is to Ash as he hugs his Pokémon. Professor Oak then asks them to run an errand for him. He says that they need to go to Volencia Island in the Orange Archipelago and pick up an unusual Pokéball that one Professor Ivy has acquired there. Misty asks if she couldn't just transport it, but Oak says that she can't for some reason. He tells them that he'd have Gary do it, but he's gone on another journey. Brock, however, can only think of the many girls who'd be on the beach.
Later, they set off into the forest. After a few minutes, Ash notes that it is awfully quiet. Suddenly, several Spearow swoop down on them. They duck down just in time for them to miss, but are almost hit by a Fearow. Ash uses his Pokédex, which tells them that the power of Fearow's beak is tremendous. Ash tries to think of why a Fearow would be attacking them and he remembers what happened his first day on his Pokémon adventure when hit a Spearow with a rock. He concludes that the Spearow evolved and that he still holds a grudge. The Fearow swoops down again and scoops up Ash and Pikachu, lifting them high into the air. Pikachu uses a Thundershock, Fearow lets go of them, and they fall into the same tree that Team Rocket has been sitting in for a while.
Jessie tells him that they're there because the Pidgey and Pidgeotto in the tree don't get along with the Spearow and Fearow. James says that if they leave, they'll be attacked. Misty and Brock show up and ask Ash why he's in the tree. He tells them that he has to help the Pidgey and Pidgeotto and ask Team Rocket for their assistance. Meowth is hesitant, but Jessie and James want to get down. Ash jumps up and down on the branch, and Team Rocket falls out. Of course, the Spearow and Fearow fly after them and attack.
Ash smiles, as now the Pidgey and Pidgeotto can get away. They won't move however, as they are still too scared. Ash sends out his Pidgeotto and he tells them all that it's safe to come out. He flies out of the tree and they follow. Suddenly, the Fearow shows up again. He hits Pidgeotto, who falls to the ground. He then flies around in the group, stirring them up. Ash runs up to Pidgeotto and tells him not to strain himself. He stands up and starts to glow. Seconds later, he evolves into Pidgeot. Since he is now twice the size of Ash, he jumps on the birds back with Pikachu. They fly up to the crowd and Fearow confronts them. Pidgeot unleashes three Gust attacks, which connect with Fearow. He then uses Quick Attack and slams into Fearow. Pikachu jumps onto Fearow’s back and uses Thunderbolt, severely weakening him. Fearow falls, and Ash catches Pikachu.
Pidgeot flies over and Ash tries to catch Fearow. Unfortunately, he still has enough energy to fight back. He confronts Pidgeot once again. Suddenly, all the other Pidgeotto and Pidgey show up and they all slam Fearow repeatedly. They circle and prepare to do it again, but Fearow quickly flies away.
Later that evening, Ash tells Pidgeot to stick around for a while to make sure Fearow doesn't attack again. He tells him that he'll be back just as soon as he gets Professor Ivy's Pokéball. He flies over to the Pidgey and Pidgeotto as Pikachu ways goodbye. Ash turns to his friends and they set off. What new adventures await them?

083: Pallet Party Panic

083: Another Departure



Professor Oak
Delia Ketchum

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Pidgeotto evolves into Pidgeot
Ash Leaves Pidgeot in Viridian Forest