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As Ash, Misty and Brock are walking through town, starving and with sore feet, they come across a Pokémon Center. But as they quickly run to the front door, Ash finds it locked. After knocking and calling for Nurse Joy, Blissey opens the door and knocks Ash to the ground. Having not seen a Blissey before, Ash refers to his Pokédex for more information.
”Blissey, the happiness Pokémon. It is kind hearted and loves helping people. Blissey is the evolved form of Chansey.” After Brock makes some unusual comments about Blissey’s hairstyle, Ash’s stomach grumbles. Excited to help our hungry friends, Blissey rushes them inside and begins preparing some food. Blissey returns with the food trays piled one atop the other and runs towards our friends. Worried about the trays falling, Ash, Misty and Brock quickly make a run for it, but Ash falls over and the food trays end up falling all over him. Blissey takes Ash to the showers so that he can wash up, and offers to scrub his back. Blissey then brings out a harsh broom and takes one swipe across Ash’s back causing him immense pain. Ash, now lying on a bed is seen with some very bad scratches on his lower back. Blissey apologizes and wishes to help, so she puts some rubbing alcohol on Ash’s injuries, again causing him to scream.
Nurse Joy awakens from her slumber and makes her way to find Blissey to see if anything happened while she was asleep. After opening a door, she sees Ash covered from head to toe in bandages, and screams. Recovering from her shock, Nurse Joy apologizes for Blissey’s behavior and tells Ash that she tries very hard to be the best nurse she can be. Our heroes then have to go to bed hungry.
In another part of Happy Town, Team Rocket is also very hungry. James has an idea to sneak into the local Pokémon Center to pick up some Pokémon for the boss and while there, steal some food. Excited about James’s brilliant plan, Team Rocket quickly break in to the Pokémon Center but are unable to find any food except for some parsley Meowth was able to find. Not willing to share it, Meowth runs off and Jessie quickly gives chase but accidentally finds Blissey instead. Not wanting to get caught she runs off in the opposite direction, but Blissey runs after her and jumps on her back. It seems as though Blissey is extremely happy to see Jessie. Jessie, after finally recognizing who Blissey is from a key chain around her neck is also happy to see her ‘old’ friend. Upon taking a seat out in the dining room, Jessie tells everyone of how, when she was young, she wanted to be a nurse. Of course to accomplish her dream, she had to go to a Chansey Nursing School. Although she was a very capable student, Jessie just didn’t fit in with the other Chansey (as you could imagine) but while there she became very good friends with a Chansey, who has evolved into the Blissey she run into today. After Meowth and James are seen crying, Jessie’s stomach begins to grumble. Blissey, keen to help her friend, takes Jessie to the food pantry and gives them all (and I mean all) of the food.
The next morning, our heroes are concerned about their measly breakfast, and tell Nurse Joy that this must be all the food that is left. Nurse Joy takes our friends to the food pantry to see where all the food is, but low and behold, it’s empty. Nurse Joy, looking a little angry, takes a look at the security video from the previous night and sees Blissey happily taking all of the food. Nurse Joy warns Blissey that she could be in big trouble and that her actions could threaten her nursing career.
Outside of the Pokémon Center, Team Rocket sees that Blissey is in big trouble. Not willing to see Jessie’s old friend in trouble (as she has so few of them), James suggests that they pretend that they tricked Blissey into giving them all of the food. Team Rocket lands their balloon and blatantly tells everyone in the surrounding area that they dropped all of the food they stole from the Pokémon Center. Nurse Joy and our friends quickly dart out of the Pokémon Center and Team Rocket introduces themselves in their typical moronic fashion. Once finished, Jessie and James quickly put their plan into action and it works perfectly. After Ash demands the food back, Team Rocket suggests that they swap all of the Pokémon for the food. But after Nurse Joy rejects the offer, Blissey appears and spots Jessie. After running toward her, Jessie tries to stop Blissey’s advances by using Lickitung and Arbok to attack her. They end up severely hurting Blissey and Jessie yells at them for attacking her friend so harshly. Meanwhile, Nurse Joy believes that Blissey is trying to redeem herself for losing all the food. Blissey hops up and continues happily towards Jessie. Lickitung then gently uses a slam attack and Arbok lightly bits Blissey. Still unaware of Jessie’s attempts to scare her off, Blissey continues to run towards her. Jessie, although a little upset at her friends continual advances, is determined not to ruin her career. So Jessie fires a blast from her bazooka that stops Blissey in her tracks and abuses Ash of being gutless. Meowth then uses these mechanical hands to grab Pikachu. Pikachu responds with a thunderbolt attack and falls into Ash’s awaiting arms. As Nurse Joy asks Blissey for forgiveness for doubting her, Blissey finally becomes aware of what Jessie was trying to do. Ash, after his stomach begins growling, selects Squirtle and Chikorita to lend him a hand. Pikachu then uses his thunderbolt attack against Arbok and Chikorita uses her vine whip attack against Lickitung. Squirtle then blasts all of Team Rocket with his water gun. Still not defeated, Team Rocket hops back into their balloon and begin to take off with all of the food. Chikorita uses her razor leaf to release the food and to pop the balloon.
As the food falls to the ground, Ash begins hugging it and all our friends go back inside for a much needed feast

131: Ignorance Is Blissey

131: Blissey The Happy Nurse



Nurse Joy

Pikachu Squirtle Chikorita
Arbok Lickitung
Nurse Joy:
Special/Other Trainers:
Oddish Bellsprout Cubone Chansey Ditto

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