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Stopping at a tropical jungle, Ash and company spot a Primeape and two Aipom in a bananna tree. They then find a hot spring and take a rest, except for Misty. They all then let their Pokemon out for a break and Ash starts a game of ball with the Pokemon. things are going fine until Tododile hits the ball too hard and it flies off. Then Chikorita and Tododile get into a fight over it, but Ash just suggests they go find the ball. Chikorita finds the ball, but an Aipom is playing with it. Tododuile and Cyndaquil show up and try to take it, but more Aipom drop down and bury Tododile in sand. The others chase them into the jungle. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is walking in the same general area eating some fruit and dreaming of the tropics. Suddenly, the aipom and then Ash's Chikorita, Tododile, and Cyndaquil run them over in their chase. Jesse decides it's a great chance to get the Pokemon without ash around. The Aipom go into a cave, with the others following. Team Rocket stops outside the cave when a giant Snorlax walks up and tries to get the fruit James is carrying. Team Rocket enter the cave to hide. One gulp and Snorlax is ready to nap. It fails asleep, blocking the cave entrance. Team Rocket split up to look for another way out. meowth finds a dead end, but also finds Tododile at the end of the path. Meowth gets ready to catch him, but Snorlax isn't comfortable and starts hitting the mountain, causing multiple cave ins. Tododile saves Meowth from a rockslide and breaks out of the rocks easily. Tododile then tries watergun to get out, but no progress is made. Chikorita and Cyndaquil are trapped together as well and start looking for another way out. A few more caveins and they end up finding Tododile. Chikorita rams the rock and they break Tododile and Meowth out. In the meanwhile, Jesse, James and Wobbuffet blow their way out and find a group of aipom who throw rocks at them. Back in the cave, the four trapped Pokemon hear some wind blowing. Chikorita tracks down the air hole and Tododile tries water gun while Cyndaquil and Chikorita push. they get through, but just end up back at Snorlax. Chikorita tries tickling Snorlax, but Cyndaquil gets them out with flamethrower. Meowth then nets them all, bt Snorlax is upset at them. Snorlax chases Meowth back into the cave. The Aipom are by now chasing Team Rocket back in by causing a flood in a nearby fall. the water goes through the cave and out the side with Snorlax and the other three. Chikorita, tododile, and Cyndaquil hang on to Snorlax and try to save themselves from a waterfall down stream. they Latch onto each other, Chikorita Razor Leaf two trees down and they grab them to safety. Ash then catches up to them and helps them even further. Back at the river, Team Rocket are holding onto Snorlax to keep from going over the falls. Snorlax wakes up and starts swimming upstream, which causes them to lose their grip and they float on down the waterfall.

169: A Hot Water Battle

169: Three in the Jungle! Hot Spring Battle




Pikachu Bulbasaur Chikorita Cyndaquil Totodile Noctowl
Vulpix Golbat Geodude Onix Pineco
Psyduck Poliwhirl Goldeen Staryu Togepi
Mankey Snorlax Aipom

None Of Consequence