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We find Ash and friends taking a rest near a creek when Ash spots Snubbull on the opposite shore. Walking along a path hungry is Team Rocket, when suddenly Snubbull clamps onto Meowths tail once again. Meowth shakes Snubbull off and gets away. As Ash and friends try to find Snubbull, they run into a man from the mansion Snubbull came from. He's here with Snubbull's owner looking for her. Snubbull's owner comes swinging down from the trees, barefoot, and invites them for a meal. They set up camp and eat, remembering what happened when Snubbull ran off. She explains she decided to hunt all over the world as needed to find her, and that she's in better shape than ever since then. Ash offers to help them out, taking Snubbull's bow and using it's scent to track her down. Snubbull is walking along a path when she thinks about Meowth shaking her off. She's in love with Meowth's tail still and is more determined than ever. Thinking she spots the tail in a bush, she takes hold, but it's a Mankey's tail and she gets beat up. Her owner spots her and runs to get her and takes her to the Pokemon Center. Her owner talks about the changes she's made for Snubbull back home, but Snubbull seems uninterested. Later that night, Snubbull looks out the window and dreams of Meowth. She gets out of bed and takes off out the window. The next morning, team Rocket is walking through the town when Ash Misty, Brock and the lady come running through looking for Snubbull. Team Rocket then think about a possble reward and decide to use the best possible bait. They tie Meowth to a tree and leave him dangling. Snubbull catches up and Team Rocket pop out from behind it to confront her. Meowth keeps complaining about the plan, but it won't help. They start calling for Snubbull, who then comes out from behind the bushes and spots Meowth. She gets mad and evolves into Granbull after seeing meowth tied up. Jesse calls up Wobbuffet, but he backs off. She them sends out arbok, and Granbull grabs Arbok by the tail. James sends out Weezing to slow Granbull down. Meowth finally gets loose and brings out the fighting Meowth robot. Granbull takes the bait and grabs the robot tail. Meowth then maneuvers Granbull toward a cage and tries to shake her off. The others arrive in time to see what's happening and notice Snubbull has evolved. Team Rocket come out and claim they caught her for the owner. Ash, Misty and Brock are suspicious of course and talk. The owner runs straight for Granbull along with her assistant. They try to pull Granbull off, but she won't let go. Meowth tries electrifying the tail, but it fails also. Meowth tries shaking her off again, but only manages to shake of the owner. Team Rocket reenter the tank and plan to take Granbull along. Ash sends out Cyndaquil with flamethrower and heats up the tank. Meowth launches the tail, along with Granbull, but the owner uses her new strength to stop it and save Granbull. She then decides to use Granbull to fight. meowth charges with the tank, but misses the attacks. Granbull tackles it and pushes it back, then uses a mega punch to blow the controls. The tank is stuck running in circles and Pikachu finishes it off. Granbull returns to her owner and they decide to go home. Back in the village, they decide to leave and they take off running really fast instead of waiting for a car. Ash and the others then continue on.

177: The Trouble With Snubbull

177: Snubbull, Meowth And Granbull!?


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Nurse Joy
Madame Muchmoney

Pikachu Cyndaquil
Arbok Wobbuffet
Madame Muchmoney:
Snubbull Granbull

Snubbull Evolves Into Granbull and stops following Team Rocket