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Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu and Todd are walking along when they find Jigglypuff, who is frozen! Ash quickly gets Cyndaquil, who uses Flamethrower to defrost it. Jigglypuff gets angry and slaps Todd once it is out. Jiggly tells them that Articuno headed to Snow Top Mountain, so they head towards there. Meanwhile Team Rocket is trying to climb the mountain and get in a fight with some Fearow who make them fall.
Todd though is having a better time and gets a photo of a baby Stantler and its mother. They find the Snow Top Peak Pokemon Center and there is a sign that says that it's the highest Pokemon Center in Johto.
Ash has the idea of Jiggly singing to put Articuno to sleep, but Todd says that they'll be asleep too, so the idea isn't good. When our heroes talk to Joy, she shows them an Articuno statue and tells them that many Articuno used to come back Snow Top, but they have old gone now.
Our heroes get ready to go up because Snow Top is very high and cold. Team Rocket on the other hand isn't having such good luck and is trapped on a ledge without equipment. Meowth starts to fall asleep, but Jessie wakes him up so he doesn't die. Suddenly a blizzard starts to happen and Team Rocket sees Articuno, who saves them and takes them to the bottom of the mountain. Team Rocket then meets up with the brats and they say that Articuno saved them.
Todd sees Articuno again, but he just doesn't have the time to snap a good picture of it. The twerps finally leave without a plan because Todd is really anxious to see Articuno and get a picture of it. Team Rocket decides to go after them since they want to go too and steal Officer Jenny's snow mobile. Ash and friends meanwhile are in the middle of a blizzard and the Pokemon sense something.
They suddenly see Articuno and they find out that Articuno stopped them from going off of the cliff. Team Rocket then appears with their lines and they try and steal Articuno. Arbok and Weezing attack, but they miss and Articuno uses Ice Beam. Jessie smartly gets Wobbuffet to use Mirror Coat and it reflects the Ice Beam causing some boulders to fall from the cliff. Brock and Misty decide to go back to the Pokemon Center to get help.
Todd and Ash fall all the way to the ground, but Articuno saves them in the nick of time! Team Rocket ends up falling into the snow and getting hurt, but they try and get Articuno again. They use Weezing and Arbok again, but Articuno counters them with Snow Powder. Articuno then finishes them off with a Blizzard and sends Team Rocket and Jiggly blasting off again! Todd finally has the time and gets his Articuno picture. Misty, Brock and Jenny then come to the rescue.
At the end, Todd decides that he is going to hang around by the mountains, so the twerps say good-bye to their friend and continue on. Team Rocket meanwhile is trapped in a cave and Jessie and James start to fall asleep, but Meowth wakes them up with some scratches. Jigglypuff then comes in and starts to sing, putting them asleep anyway

191: Freeze Frame

191: Articuno Vs. Jigglypuff



Officer Jenny
Nurse Joy

Pikachu Cyndaquil Noctowl
Arbok Wobbuffet
Special/Other Trainers:
Spearow Articuno

Articuno Makes Its First (Complete) Anime Appearence
Todd Takes a Pic of it and leaves the group