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Our heroes are on their way to Olivine City like usual and are traveling through a narrow passage. Ash notices that there are some lose boulders above them, so they start to try and get out of there as fast as possible, but the boulders start to fall! Luckily for them, some people on Arcanine grab them and take them to safety. The people introduce themselves as Ramona and Keagan and our heroes thank them for saving their lives. Brock then does his usual fall in love with a pretty girl routine (Ramona) and gets dragged off by the ear by Misty. Ash uses Dexter to find out some info about Arcanine and finds out that it is a legendary Pokemon that is loyal and brave. Keagan shows Ash a bunch of fire stones that he owns when he mentions them and tells Ash that his sister and him run a delivery service and that they are going to deliver them to another town for a contest that they're having. Coincidently, they are going the same direction as Olivine is in, so our heroes catch a ride on Arcanine. The Arcanine are very fast and Brock is hanging on for dear life.
They eventually break and comb the Arcanine's fur. Ash and Keagan are talking and Ash thinks that it was cool riding Arcanine, so Keagan offers to give him some lessons on how to ride them. Ash is pretty bad and almost crashes into a few things, but he learns that he has to lean to tell the Arcanine which way to go. Ash is doing fine for a few seconds until he realizes that he is going to crash into a pool of water and he's thrown off the Arcanine and lands on his face. Suddenly they notice that a rocket is heading their way and when it finally arrives a glove comes out and snatches the fire stones. Team Rocket reveals themselves and they say their usual lines and then grab Pikachu!
Arcanine immediately saves Pikachu, so Team Rocket gets on their bicycles and they try to get away from the brats. Ash and friends almost catch them, but they end up falling in a hole in the ground instead giving Team Rocket the chance to escape, but only temporarily. Brock sends out his Golbat to help them find Team Rocket and sure enough it finds their footprints. Our heroes decide to split up since the footprints lead in 3 different directions. Brock, Misty and Ramona are the first to spot the fire stones, but they end up in a hole instead. Jessie on the other hand is on a unicycle and has Ash and Keagan right on her tail. She goes through a bush, but they follow her and end up on a battlefield. Jessie forces them to battle her for the fire stones and ends up getting easily beaten by Pikachu like usual, but when they go to get the stones, they fall down an even deeper hole! Pikachu ends up getting grabbed and caged and when Keagan looks in the bag where the fire stones should be, there are just some rocks instead. Ash starts acting crazy without thinking and tries to climb out of the hole, but ends up dizzy and hurt. Team Rocket ends up meeting up together finally after they have taken care of the twerps. They decide to make their way back to the boss since they have Pikachu.
Meanwhile, Ash and Keagan finally make their way out of the hole, but Keagan's arm is hurt a lot. They decide to go after Pikachu and the stones, but Keagan complains that his arm hurts a lot, so Ash offers to control Arcanine. Ash has trouble at first and almost crashes into a tree, but Keagan tells him that he needs to act as one with Arcanine, so Ash does and does a better job. Arcanine eventually picks up Pikachu's scent, so they follow it right to Team Rocket who is celebrating after disposing of the brats. They have a big meal and are ready to camp out when Ash and Keagan find them. Arcanine attacks with Take Down, but Wobuffett counters it.
Team Rocket then uses their balloon to try and get away, but Brock, Misty and Ramona arrive and the Arcanine use Onix as a stepping stone to reach the balloon and pop it with a few Fire Spin's. Team Rocket doesn't give up yet and Jessie sends out Arbok who gets beaten by Arcanine with ease, so they flee the battle scene. Our heroes chase after and catch them thanks to some Extreme Speed of Arcanine. Team Rocket ends up losing Pikachu and Pikachu delivers the K-O Thunderbolt sending them blasting off again! Brock admits that he is amazed at how well Ash handled Arcanine. The finally scene shows Keagan and Ramona bringing the fire stones to the town for the contest. Everyone thanks each other for all the help and before they leave, Brock makes a scene and says that he wants so stay with Ramona, but he gets dragged off by the ear instead. And with that, our heroes continue on to Olivine City after a long, eventful day for more adventures

192: The Stolen Stones

192: Arcanine and the Fire Stones




Arbok Wobbuffet

None Of Consequence