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In the beginning of this episode, Ash and friends find themselves in a small town as they were heading towards Olivine City. As they walk through the busy village, they met a young trainer named Bucky who was desperate to capture a Dunsparce of his own. His approach was fairly unsatisfactory to Misty, considering that she did not fancy Bug Pokémon a great deal. He explains to them how a flock of Dunsparce came to his town when he went to visit his sick grandfather. Unfortunately, they were all captured by his friends and other visiting trainers. However, when he returned, there was not a single Dunsparce left for him.

Ash, Brock, and Misty tried to help Bucky find a Dunsparce by sending out their Pokémon to participate in the desperate hunt for a Dunsparce. They searched everywhere, but didn't have any luck. Suddenly, Togepi spotted a Dunsparce within the grounds and earth, finally getting away when it met Bucky's eyes. Suddenly Team Rocket appear among the brushes of leaves, attempting to steal Pikachu, but not succeeding. But instead they get blasted off with Meowth holding the Dunsparce which had been discovered earlier.

After defeating Team Rocket, Bucky, Ash, Misty, and Brock continue their search for a Dunsparce. As for Team Rocket, they closely observed the strange Pokémon which had blasted off with them. They began questioning one another to see if Giovanni would like a Dunsparce. Jessie began formulating an idea, planning to put on a play for Bucky's friends to attempt stealing their precious Dunsparce. In the play, James was found dressed as a Moltres, while Meowth was dressed as a Dunsparce. The whole point of the play was to prove that having a Moltres would be far better than having a Dunsparce.

The kids sat there and began watching Team Rocket make a complete shame of themselves. Due to some unsatisfactory acting, the play had ended, having a result of a weakened James and Meowth. Jessie ignored this fact, and offered the kids to trade their Dunsparce for Moltres. The children gradually accepted the deal, trading in their Dunsparce for Moltres, which appeared to be empty PokéBalls. All of Bucky's friends traded their Pokémon apart from his best friend, who was smart enough to withdraw from Team Rocket's nasty scheme. When Bucky, Ash and friends were continuing their search, they soon came upon a group of crying children, who turned out to be Bucky's friends.

When Ash asked them what happened, they said that a trio schemed them from their Pokémon. They traded their Dunsparce while the trio gave them fake Pokéballs with nothing in them. Timothy, a close friend of Bucky gave a description of the trio who had plotted the scheme. Without a doubt, Ash, Misty and Brock realized it was Team Rocket. They soon found Team Rocket talking in the forest, with Dunsparce everywhere due to the fact that James had led them out of their pokeball. Ash and Misty sent out Totodile and Poliwhirl, and used Water Gun together, not succeeding due to Wobbuffet's useful Counter attack. They tried one more time, finally successful at overcoming Wobbuffet's Counter attack. Soon, Jessie sent out Arbok in fury. Bucky's friends decided to engage their Dunsparce in battle, ordering them to use Screech, closely followed by a Glare attack. Arbok then became paralyzed.

Bucky's friends soon commanded their Dunsparce to finish the battle with a Take Down attack, sending Team Rocket blasting off into the air. After defeating Team Rocket, Bucky spotted a wild Dunsparce among the leaves and twigs. He quickly sent out Caterpie to battle the wild Pokémon. Caterpie used it's Tackle attack, being swept away by the wild Dunsparce's Tail Whip. Bucky soon told Caterpie to use it's String Shot attack, finally using Tackle to finish it off. As the wild Dunsparce lay down unconscious, Bucky threw his Pokéball, and finishes off with a great capture. Bucky's friends then congratulates him on capturing a Dunsparce. Bucky had finally got a Dunsparce to participate in races and games with his friends. And our heroes continue on their road to Olivine City.

193: The Dunsparce Deception

193: Group of Baby Dunsparce Experts




Pikachu Chikorita Cyndaquil Totodile
Psyduck Poliwhirl Togepi
Arbok Wobbuffet
Caterpie Dunsparce
Special/Other Trainers:

None Of Consequence