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Our heroes are getting ready for another day of training and waiting for breakfast. Ash goes over to Brock and sees how it is going, but when he taps him, Brock falls over sideways. Misty feels his forehead and finds out that he is really sick.
Ash and Misty help Brock into bed for some well-needed rest, but Brock suddenly gets up. Brock tries to get up and do some work against what Misty and Ash say, but he's too sick and lies down again. Ash and Misty convince him that they can help with things, or so they think they can. They start off by doing some of the work like polishing Brock's rock Pokemon. Ash is having a really hard time with it, so he gets Totodile to help by spraying Onix, but Onix gets angry (along with Misty) and hits them with his tail. Back at the lodge, Brock is dreaming about a beautiful place with some beautiful girls.
He tries to go near them, but he misses and wakes up to find his Pokemon around him. Brock is worried about Ash and Misty and tries to get up to help, but Golbat puts him back in bed because he wants him to rest. Back with the others, Ash says that he is going to go and get some fruit to eat while Misty is going to wash. When Ash goes to look for fruit, he finds that all the apples are gone from the trees.
He then spots Team Rocket who is using a machine to suck all the apples up. Ash asks if he can possibly have some apples, but instead he gets the Team Rocket motto and his Pikachu sucked away. Ash ends up freeing Pikachu within moments thanks to the Flamethrower from Cyndaquil. Pikachu then does the honors and delivers a Thunderbolt that causes Team Rocket to blast off again! Ash takes the apples that Team Rocket had collected and heads back to Misty.
Meanwhile, Brock is dreaming again about the same girls and yet again he misses them. He suddenly wakes up to find Misty and Ash who give him some apples to eat. Brock wants to work again, but he decides that he should rest since he is in such rough shape. In the afternoon, Ash chops some wood and Misty cooks the next meal. Ash is doing a good job, but Misty messes up and adds too much salt and sugar, so she decides to add a whole bunch of other ingredients like soy sauce.
When the food is done, Misty asks Ash if he is hungry and he is, but the food looks so bad he declines and says he is full. Misty can see right through him and decides to try her own meal and surprise, surprise, it tastes awful! After a long day of work, all the Pokemon and Ash and Misty sleep outside to give Brock some peace and quiet. Ash is talking to Misty and says that they should be more grateful for all Brock does for them.
They then go to sleep, but they don't know that Team Rocket is spying on them from some bushes. Team Rocket ends up finding Misty's meal and so they try it out since it is free. James and Meowth feel sick, while Jessie loves it! Even Wobbuffet hates it! Team Rocket then comes up with a plan to steal the brats' Pokemon. They make an Ash robot to lure over the Pokemon.
The Pokemon think it is Ash and get trapped in a net. By that time, Ash and Misty are awake and they chase after Team Rocket and end up falling into a hole in the ground (Team Rocket's specialty). Team Rocket then goes into their hot air balloons and they grab the rest of the Pokemon including Pikachu!
At this point, it looks like Team Rocket has finally won, but Brock arrives and gets Golbat to pop the balloon to save the Pokemon. All of Brock's attack Team Rocket and then Ash finishes them off with a Thunderbolt courtesy of Pikachu sending them blasting off again! The next morning when Ash and Misty wake up, Brock is already up cooking and gives them breakfast. Brock says he feels better, but he decides to take another nap after breakfast just in case. When he dreams this time, he finally gets the girls!

195: Sick Daze

195: Brock's Breakdown! Dangerous Camp




Pikachu Bulbasaur Chikorita Cyndaquil Totodile Noctowl
Golbat Geodude Onix Pineco
Psyduck Poliwhirl Goldeen Staryu Togepi
Arbok Wobbuffet

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