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Ash and the gang find their way to another town. Ash is wondering where the Pokemon center might be, so he asks a local woman. Brock has a crush on her, like every other woman, but Misty pulls him away telling him he should stop.
Brock is later at a park filling up a pot with water at a park. A Nidorina comes by to drink but a girl runs after it and trips before the fountain. Brock catches her and ask if she is alright, the girl falls in love with Brock the way he does. Brock is actually scared of her, it seems he never expirenced a girl in love with him before. Ash, Misty and Brock, Misty noticing the girl loves Brock but Brock not liking her in anyway. Brock is still left speechless, so Misty pulls him out to have a little talk about the situation. Misty figures it out that Brock has no dating expirence and has no idea what to do!
The girl takes them to her house and her father answers. They do the introductions, the girl being Temaku. It seems like Temaku is the daughter of a local Pokemon professor. Temaku invites them for dinner and some tea, guess what? Brock still is still nervous and has no idea what to do. So Misty again goes has a conversation with Brock. Temaku takes them for a walk around her house, talking about her Nidorina and Nidorino and some other Pokemon. That's when Team Rocket storms in to get a steal. They catch the Nidorina, Nidorino, Pikachu and the other Pokemon. Ash sends out Totodile to try to free them but Jesse sends out Arbok. The match ends within one hit, Totodile winning, and James sends out Weezing to use Smoke Screen. They try to take off. Everyone tries to find the three, but Temaku ties to find Brock and ends up getting caught in some rope. Misty sends out Poliwhirl to use Ice Beam to get rid of the smoke. Ironically, the stolen Pokemon are there, but Temaku is gone!
Jesse and James pull up the rope to see their captures, only to find nothing. James pulls up Temaku however! Temaku loses balance and falls but James catches her, Temaku loving James now! James doesn't like this either. Jesse say they should just ditch her, but Temaku being a daughter of a Pokemon professor means... a lot of Pokemon.
Temaku's father sets up a search squad, consisting of a half dozen guys and Ash, Misty, and Brock. They go to the forest, Ash sends out Noctowl to do an air search. The bird finds Team Rocket's balloon hovering around and reports back.
Meanwhile, Jesse and James comes back to Temaku's house with Temaku. Her father thanks them and Jesse tells a fib about how they found the "terrorists" and both beat them up to save Temaku. But her father notices Meowth, Jesse just says they found it. Jesse and Meowth sneaks off to find the Pokemon, they hit the jackpot when they found a room with a shelf full of Pokemon. Jesse snatches them all in a bag, trying to escape, when Temaku's father tells them that Temaku cooked them a meal. Jesse and Meowth can't hand down a free meal and go right ahead. James is already in the dining room, acting much like Brock did. James constantly nudging Jesse for advice.
Ash finds the balloon and has Noctowl make a hole through it. When the balloon crashes, it was just a fake! They know that they probably made it back to the house. The three burst right in while Jesse, James and Meowth are eating. Ash tells them that it's Team Rocket, but Jesse tries to tell them their just locals. Misty pulls off Jesse's diguise and she knows it's Jesse.
Team Rocket makes a run for it, Ash and co. following. Ash sends out Chikorita and Jesse sends out Arbok. Chikorita just makes one tackle and Arbok goes down. James then sends Weezing to use Smoke Screen but Misty sends out Poliwhirl for another Ice beam. Then Misty has it do a Water Gun, James gets in the way but Temaku pushes James aside and gets hit herself, knocking her out. Brock goes up to her to see if she's alright. In the meantime Ash and Misty attack Weezing and Arbok sending them flying and landing on top of Jesse and James. Pikachu finishing them off with a Thunder Bolt.
Temaku gets up and is actually well. Brock is glad, but she falls in love with the doctor who helped her. Brock is shocked, but sort of understands. They leave off to the next place, Brock upset. Misty tells her it's really no big deal, since after all, "There's plenty of fish in the sea". Brock cheers up and says he's going to find the right girl for him, and it's out there.

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Nidorina Nidorino
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