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The gang reaches to a small wind power plant and decides to rest for a while. Ash sends out all his Pokemon to play and rest while they're still here. Meanwhile, the members of Team Rocket try to find a place to eat, and they run into the main building of the power plant. James tries to use the friendly knock but no one answers, so he tries to open the door. The door's electronically locked though with a card reader. Frustrated, Meowth decides to pick at it with his claws, ending up bending it and short circuiting the reader, but the door opengs. This just so happens, Jigglypuff walks by and goes in the plant with Team Rocket. They head in and figure out the elevator isn't working, so they take the stairs down. They run into a group of Magnemites and they start chasing them.
Ash walks around with Chikorita, finding the door to the plant. He goes inside to see if anyone is around, but the door closes behind him, locked. He tries the usual, yell for help. Pikachu hears him and goes over there with Misty and Brock. They meet up and Brock notices the shorted card reader and decides to get a electrician, if any. Chikorita points out a room on a map on the wall, the control room in B3. So they go down, and yet run into the group of Magnemite that chased down Team Rocket. Ash doesn't want to battle them, considering it's one to five, so he runs. Coming upon a shutter, he has no choice and let's Chikorita attack with Razor Leaf. Chikorita takes care of one after another, but the Magnemite just come back! Team Rocket is nearby and spies on Ash, but notice Jigglypuff, uh-oh. James swipes her mike before she can sing, but Jigglypuff Double-slaps James and the mike get's tossed to Jesse, which she throws to the Magnemites. Ash finds Jigglypuff, and figure out which is worse, the Magnemite or Jigglypuff's attitude. Chikorita points out the shutter has a hole blown into in it, so Ash and Chikorita run down. Jigglypuff sings in front of the Magnemite before they could do anything, as usual, they sleep she gets mad and draws on them.
Ash and Chikorita find themselves in a room with a four-way cross path. Electrodes appear from all sides and one goes in to attempt its infamous Explosion. Ash fends off one and makes a run for it again. The Electrodes chase after Ash, trying to Explode near him as well. Well... Team Rocket finds their way down there as well and gets chased, going into a room quickly to evade them. Just so happens they encounter a Electabuzz and become scared stiff. Meowth being the translator, Team Rocket quickly tries a negotiation, asking him that Ash and Chikorita are the ones he's looking for. Promptly, the Electabuzz goes and Team Rocket chuckles, because now they can get Chikorita AND Electabuzz.
The electrician (happens to be a female) comes and asks about the situation. Brock does all the mushy stuff, Misty pulling him out. She gets to work on the pad.
Ash runs into Electabuzz, not really liking the situation. He did the only thing he could do, fight it. Chikorita starts off good, but soon it becomes a fierce fight. Team Rocket makes their move and lowers a cage to trap Electabuzz and Chikorita. The two Pokemon obviously fight their way out, but can't and Team Rocket dashes away with the catch. The electrician gets the door open and they walk in. They use the elevator and walk around on the same floor Ash is on. Team Rocket dashs on the site of the elevator doors and goes in, Ash persuing, but is too late. Ash runs up the stairs and Misty spots him talking.
It may seem like everythings all good with Team Rocket as they go down a hill, but Ash cuts them off. Since Ash doesn't have any Pokemon, Jesse and James send out Arbok and Victreebel. Both Pokemon attack Ash with they're usual attacks, Chikorita being totured by the sight. Ash is finally, almost put out of his misery, when Chikorita evolves into Bayleef! (Brock and them reaching the site as well) Bayleef cooly uses her Razor Leaf to break open the cages now that's she's stronger. The Electabuzz, Bayleef, and Pikachu all line up for the attack and defeat Team Rocket once again. Although it may seem good to have Bayleef, it still has her affections towards Ash. But either way, Ash is happy... but Jigglypuff makes it to the scene and sings. Everyone falls asleep and gets their face drawn on, Jigglypuff stomping away in a angry rage.

Thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing This for us

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Chikorita Evolves Into Bayleef