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Again during their trip to the next town, the gang becomes hungry as usual. However they spot a boy talking behind some grass. They go over to see who it might be, but McKenzie gets scared off his pants. He's holding a Natu in his arms as well. Ash gets the data for Natu, but McKenzie seems to call the Natu. Ash wonders why he calls Natu that but Misty says it's a nick. McKenzie runs off afterwards without saying anything. The gang comes across a small town with a festival going on. They go look around to see whats happening. A few sides shows go on: Machoke that can break through chains, a Exeggcute who can make real goofy faces, a Cubone that can juggle. They come upon another exhibit, the fortune-telling Natu. A man is there holding up a Natu explaining its fortune telling abilities. A little girl tries it out, she gives Natu a token, then the Natu goes: over to a pool of water and dips his wings in it; flies and hops across three rocks in a triangle; then heads over to a bell hanging over a box, the Natu rings the bell, slips the token in the box, and uses a telekentic power to draw out a fortune. It says that the girl will excel in music, she shows it off to her mom. As usual, Jesse, James, and Meowth are spying on them, however they get a better plan. Since this is a Pokemon show exhibition, why not swipe the Pokemon? Misty tries it but McKenzie that was in the field steps up to do it. He seems nervous though, his father constantly reminding him his lines. When it's time for the fortune-telling moves, he skips the part where Misty is supposed to give Natu the token. He runs off again in embarressment. The gang follows him to a park, where they scare him once again. They introduce themselves, McKenzie introducing himself as McKenzie. He explains that he can't seem to do the fortune-telling act because he's nervous. Misty suggests a mask might help. So McKenzie practices the act (wearing a Wooper mask), things going smoothly until... Natu's telekinesis isn't powerful enough. Ash wants to battle it, obviously, to help Natu become more stronger. However McKenzie's father comes by and tells McKenzie that he should just get on with the act. Later on, James encounters a Magikarp salesman, yup the same one. James almosts falls for the trick again until he gets a relaspe and knows it's him. The salesman runs off, James trying to pursuit until Jesse stops him. McKenzie tries the act again, with the mask on. When McKenzie calls for Natu, Natu is no where to be seen. He looks around, Natu is clinging on McKenzie back. Everyone starts to laugh but McKenzie seems not to get it. (either this was a part of the act, or just another error) The TR balloon is seen in the distance, then a bomb drops by causing a distraction. They say their motto while stealing all the Pokemon, including Natu... but no Pikachu. Funny. James and Meowth talk about what to do with their catch, Jesse stamping their prints on some legal papers. Jesse says it's a claim so they can use them for show business. James seemingly is obsessed with Cup Ramon and Instant Yakisoba, Jesse says that the money they'll get is will practically give him a lifetime. That's untill Machoke breaks free of its ropes and runs off. The folk from the festival and the gang search out for the lost Pokemon. Machoke meets up with them and tells them where they are. However they are too late and Team Rocket flees with all the Pokemon in a net hanging from the bottom. Ash calls out Bayleef to use Razor Leaf to cut the net. She does so and is successful. Every Pokemon reunitting with their owners, except Natu. McKenzie gets worried because Team Rocket is still going away. Ash tells Bayleef to use another volley of Razor Leaf and she does so, hitting the balloon. They land in a school and the gang reaches there along with McKenzie. The schoolkids and a teacher comes out, but all they can do is watch. James sends out Victreebel and Jesse sends out Arbok. Ash uses Bayleef against Victreebel and KOs it with one Razor Leaf. McKenzie has Natu use Confuse Ray on Arbok, and Arbok starts to head to Jesse and James. Bayleef just kicks the unconcious Victreebel to get them tangled up, Pikachu finishing with Thunderbolt. Afterwards, McKenzie think that Natu might be able to do this fortune-telling thing now, after all he did battle. So he does a practice run wil the kids at the school. Everything goes smoothly... and guess what! Natu sucessfully draws out the fortune with his telekienesis! McKenzie thanks Ash and them for their kindness and Ash sets off to the next area up ahead.

Thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing This for us

203: Doing What Comes Natu-rally

203: Fortune-Telling Natu! Foreshadow Future's Mystery!


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Magikarp Salesman
Mackenzie's Father

Pikachu Bayleef
Poliwhirl Togepi
Arbok Wobbuffet
Victreebel Weezing
Magikarp Salesman:
Mackenzie's Father:
Special/Other Trainers:
Machoke Exeggutor Cubone Aipom Hitmontop

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