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It seems just like a dream, or so it seems. The gang has finally reached Olivine City! Ash is first off to the Gym right away, and neither Brock or Misty are disagreeing. Team Rocket spy on them using trash cans as a disguise but Jesse stomach growls and everyone agrees on grabbing something to eat. James spots a tower thinking it's a department store and they head over there. However, two guards block the entrance and ask for badges. James shows a collection book but the guards say gym badges are needed. Looks like they stumbled into Battle Tower!
Ash reaches the gym and enters it, hoping to just breeze though this battle. When he approaches the trainer box, a girl comes out, claiming herself to be Jasmine. Ash seems to believe her and challenges "Jasmine" to a fight. "Jasmine" calls out an Onix which seems to be coated with something. On impusle, Ash calls out Totodile to make short work of this. Ash commands Totodile to use Water Gun and Totodile does so. The attack is effective at first but somehow, the Onix breaks through and Tackles Totodile down in one shot, knocking it out. Ash sends out Pikachu and Pikachu does Quick Attack but someone stops them. It's the real Jasmine. She's fairly dissapointed at her apprentance, (as you will) Jenina and calls her in. Jenina explains to Jasmine that she used sealing wax on Onix, a lot of sealing wax, making Onix imprevious to water. Jasmine isn't all too agreeable on that part and tells Jenina to scrub it off.
Ash challenges Jasmine but it seems that she has some other things to do, so it looks like Ash can't do much for a while.
Ash and the gang sit out in a park talking about what they should do now until then. However they spot Jenina scrubing her Onix in a sandbox. She explains to them what she did and now she got busted for it. She also explains that Jasmine been up to something at the old light house, which is why she's busy all the time. Ash decides they should go check it out.
They get to the lighthouse and look around, then start climbing up. Upon reaching the top, they find Jasmine and a Ampharos that seems to be ill. Jasmine explains that this Ampharos is the source of light for the lighthouse, after all, its tail creates quite a glow. The Ampharos used to be the main lighthouse, but another lighthouse took over. And then the rest seems self-explainatory. She says that someone at Cianwood Town has a cure that might work but she doesn't have any time to get it. Ash tells her that he'll go get the medicine.
However, they weren't alone, Team Rocket is spying on them from the outside glass and setting their sights on the Ampharos. Jasmine spots them and then Ash. They quickly get into their blimp and launch a bomb that seems to go towards them but goes straight up and then down. After when it lands... Weezing pops out and uses Smokescreen! Brock gets Ampharos and carries it downstairs to escape. Just as he gets towards the entrance, a cage forms up on Brock and then is trailed off by Team Rocket. Brock tries to kick his way out, but no luck.
Meanwhile, Jenina is walking along the port still a little depressed until she sees the smoke from the lighthouse. She goes over there seeing that Team Rocket has gotten Brock and Ampharos. She catches up with the others and she insists on helping, since she has a Pokemon capable of doing so. Jenina gets on Onix and commences to attack, but Jesse sends out Arbok (which is curled on the cage) and Arbok uses Poison Sting. Onix deflects the pins, shielding Jenina. Soon Team Rocket just zip out towards the ocean since Onix can't be in water. Onix gives the chase but soon stops at the end of a pier. Then Jenina gets a good idea. She hopes off Onix and then Onix bites onto a tsunami barrier. (they look like large concrete jacks) Then Onix swings his tail and latches onto Arbok, stretching it. Team Rocket tries to get away but Onix pulls harder than the ballon can get away. (which makes Arbok in an even worse state) Soon Jenina grabs a chipped off piece of rock and climbs up to the cage. She give the cage a few hits and the lock breaks open, freeing Brock. When they get down, Jenina says Pikachu can use any electrical attack, Onix isn't going to be affected. Ash has Pikachu do Thunderbolt which gives a shock and then Onix tosses them out into the sky.
Jasmine is actually quite impressed with Jenina and gives her another shot. Then she says to Ash that he should get to Cianwood for the medicine. Ash nods and they gone on to a boat for Cianwood.

Thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing This for us

210: Fight for the Light

210: Lighthouse Radiance! Olivine City Battle!!




Pikachu Totodile
Arbok Wobbuffet
Magnemite Ampharos

Ash Meets Up with Jasmine
Ash and Co. Head Over To Cianwood City to get Some Medicine