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The scene starts out as Ash and the gang are returning to the Johto mainland. Ash boasts about getting his new badge but Misty is dreaming about all the water Pokemon in the Ocean and how she wants to be a "Water Pokemon Master".
The ferry comes across a whirlpool, the gang seems to be scared as they see a lot of them in fact. However, two atendants offer them drinks and assures them that it's alright, as they pass through harmlessly. (though they look oddly familiar) The gang looks over the rail to see the ship really passing by without troulbe. Meanwhile the attendants are talking to each other and Meowth appears. (throwing off that this is Team Rocket) James gets a net out and then he tries to snag Pikachu as he watches over. However a bump makes Ash lean over towards Pikachu's place and he ends up getting caught. Ash and them suddenly know who it is, Team Rocket. (Meowth imatates Wobbuffet at the end of the motto) Jesse and James release their usual picks (Arbok and Weezing) and use their usual attacks. (Poison Pin and Smog) Ash tries to end it quickyly with Pikachu using Thunderbolt. However Jesse has Wobbuffet use Mirror Coat to deflect the attack causing a massive surge sending both parties into the ocean!
The gang breaks the surface, but then notices that they are being pulled in by the whirlpools! Misty doesn't panic as she pulls out Goldeen and Poliwhirl, Ash gets out Totodile. They start to make progress getting away from the whirlpool but soon they get dragged in as easily! Just when they are about to get sucked in... something happens. They stopped being dragged in! As the gang floats there, they notice a mysterious looking shadow and a strange call. A pokemon comes after them shortly, a Corsola! The Corsola races towards them then circles around them, Misty wondering what's going on. Soon they are picked up by tentecles, or a Tentacruel and soon taken towards a boat. Misty seems to be enjoying herself, the others seem quite... afraid. The Corsola jumps up to Professor Elm who just happens to be on board.
Elm and Ash catch up to each other over what's going on. Misty admires the Corsola Elm has and Elm explains about it. The captain comes down saying they'll get to the mainland soon and he gets to know the others. When they get there, Misty still has that knack about Water Pokemon ever since. Professor Elm suggests that they should go in the Whirl Cup League. Obviously, Ash and Misty are up for it. Ash becuase of his desire and Misty because of the ideal Pokemon to use, water types. They decide to go over to the Pokemon Center for more information. Meanwhile Team Rocket get up at shore and talk about their next plan.
Nurse Joy hands them a guide book and talks about the Whirl Cup for a while. Then Elm's Corsola jumps out and heads off. Misty asks what the Pokemon was doing and Elm replies saying that Corsola loves pools. Misty goes over towards the pool and observes as well as admires. Elm then shows the map of how the Whirl Cup league works. The Whirl Islnads map is similiar the Orange Islands. It's consistant of five islands, each having one to two "gyms" to go to. The first island is very nearby here and easily accessible. Elm offers them to take them over there on his boat.
On the boat, Elm notices a balloon going towards them. It's Team Rocket's balloon! They head over towards the Pokemon Center and release a net and swiped all the Pokemon in the pool! Ash tells Pikachu to go after them but Misty stops him. Misty releases Staryu to take care of them. Jesse calls out Arbok and Arbok swims towards Staryu. Staryu starts off with Swift and it hits Arbok but it counters with Poison Pin and gets a successful hit, poisoning Staryu. Misty returns it and tries to send out another Pokemon, but Psyduck comes out instead! Psyduck bravely jumps in but has trouble swiming and Misty calls it back. Ash finally gets a chance and Pikachu attempts a Thunderbolt, but James gets out a net launcher and fires it, snagging Pikachu! Seems like there's no other way out, but Corsola jumps into the water ready. Elm tells her to do Tackle, however, James releases Weezing and Weezing does Sludge. Corsola manages to dodge all the Sludge attacks and then Tackles Arbok high up towards the balloon. Elm then tells her to execute Spike Cannon. Corsola jumps up out of the water and then fires numerous spikes towards the balloon, cutting up the nets and the balloon, sending Team Rocket out and freeing the others.
Alls well ends well and Misty still has that craze, and she seems to want a Corsola badly now. That might as well wait if she ever encounters one. The gang soon heads off to the first city of Whirl Island to start off the Whirl Cup!

Thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing This for us

212: Around the Whirlpool

212: Whirl Islands! Reaching a New Challenge
US. Who's That Pokémon

JP. Who's That Pokémon



Professor Oak
Nurse Joy
Professor Elm
Captain Marius

Pikachu Totodile
Psyduck Poliwhirl Goldeen Staryu
Arbok Wobbuffet
Nurse Joy:
Professor Elm:
Captain Marius:
Golduck Poliwhirl Tentacruel Seel Dewgong Goldeen Staryu Starmie Magikarp Marill Scizor Skarmory Lugia

Ash, Misty and Brock begin travelling through the Whirl Islands
Professor Elm Makes An Appearence