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With the Whirlpool Cup over, the gang heads over towards the last areas of the Whirlpool Islands. Except one problem, everyone's hungry and it's a while to the next town. Meanwhile, Jesse is spying on them from a high area, coming up with another scheme. Looks like James and Meowth are at the pitfall trick again. When the gang comes by, they hide behind the bush... and they realize they haven't had a bite to eat for a while too. Any ways, the gang comes by and falls into the sinkhole. Team Rocket start to bask in their sucess but when they go check out the hole, they fall into another one! Jesse complains to James and Meowth why didn't they tell her about this one. Except this one's different, there seems to be a Meowth sculpture in the wall. Meowth starts daydreaming about the sculpture being like the key item everywhere.
After awhile, Ash notices a Diglett that came out of the wall, or should I say a wall of them? The sound of Ash shouting also stirs up Team Rocket and another wall of Diglett come by. They get out and they see a girl wearing a Diglett shirt. Brock does his special "thanks" and the girl points to another seeing that they were wearing the same thing. The two girls explain that their village is constantly under attack by a group of samurai looking people and that they need help, free lodgings go with it. Being hungry and all, both parties accept the offer to help and they head over towards the village.
Team Rocket and the gang sit down before a enormous mountain of food and the gang starts to eat nearly right away. Team Rocket for some reason, hesistates, not really wanting the food just yet until Jesse dives in. After the meal, a group of old men in masks comes by and two of them share the story of what's going on. Except the two stop every other often to think of a word to say and mistaken one for rocket, racket, etc. Then they get interupted by the leader of the samurai group, who gives them a warning and such and rides off on a Dodrio. Well looks like everyone understands the situation.
Team Rocket and the gang meet up in a planning room. (military style :D) The plan is simple, the gang makes their way to the enemy's village and see what they can get from there, Team Rocket stays to help when the enemy attacks. The gang sets off afterwards to spy on the village, and one thing, both are in this together. Ash and co. make it to the village and sneak around. They come up to corner with the leader behind it but they hide back. Pikachu does a quick look and seems surprised. The others look and they too are surprised, the girl that was there with them is talking with the enemy leader! They look behind them and see that the other girl is there, leaving no other choice, they run for it and in the end, get caught. However it turns out that the leader is really the girls father! They wonder why they attack the village, so he explains. Long ago the village was inhabited by their ancestors long ago. Basically it's just to reclaim their rightful land back. (otherwise it's just a thing they do every other year) Understanding the situation, Ash will have to play nicely, but not too nice.
The next day, James sits on top of a makeshift tower in a tree and sees the samurai guys coming. He tells everyone to get ready for attack and the farmers of the village start charging in with their sticks and stuff. Also, it looks like their little pitfall strategy they had (care of Team Rocket) seemed to work. Ash calls out Cyndaquil to do Flamethrower to one but he grabs a hose and simply douses the flame in mid air. Misty has Poliwhirl go up for a Water Gun attack but they open up their shields. Meanwhile some Diglett are carrying away some samurai guys. (they are also carrying off the old man, except he's sitting down with some tea) Brock sends out Crobat to use Supersonic, but they simply put on head phones, the Supersonic only affecting the two old guys who dance around. Finally after a while, they call up a white flag. Everyone stops, except Team Rocket who starts dropping bombs on the place. Ash knows this whole thing is just a gimick but they already said they'd work with Team Rocket. Leaving no other choice, Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt which blows them high away.
For all their work, the gang recieves a Silver Feather Badge. They're pretty amazed to see it too, for some reason. They leave the village and head off to the next town.

Thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing This for us

220: Plant It Now...Diglett Later

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US. Who's That Pokémon

JP. Who's That Pokémon



Diglett Thief Leader

Pikachu Cyndaquil
Poliwhirl Togepi
Diglett Thief Leader:

None Of Consequence