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The gang walks around in the one of the last cities around in the Whirlpool Archipelago. The only thing they seem to notice is that everything is shaped like the Silver Feather. And it's no joke when it's everything: rings, necklaces, to even food. All of a sudden, a vendor comes by them to sell them some pins, claiming that every one of them is pure 100% silver. A woman comes by and takes one, but she breaks it, proving that the guy's a scammer, so the vendor runs off. Ash wonders how that woman would know, she has a pin to, but she tries to break it, apparently it won't. (except the pin is worn out) She takes them into her shop, introducing herself as Yuriko. She says she's supposed to get some more jewelry but it looks like her supplier hadn't come yet. The gang decides to go with her to see what's going on.
They come to the house, Yuriko shouting "Shintaro". Looks like this person won't come out. She opens up the door, Ash being a little hesistant about coming in. They look around to see if there's any clues. They hit one when Ash trips on something. Yuriko goes opens up the windows to let in light and they find a Sandslash lying there, tey also find Shintaro, unconsious. Looks like both got a little heat exhuastion and need some rest. Shintaro is up nearly right away when he was put into a bed, the Sandslash still not feeling any better. Ash brings up a question, why is the town so obessed with the Silver Feather? It looks like an old legend goes with this whole deal. A Long time ago, a storm had caught a sailingshiip in the area, the crew trying their best to survive. Soon they where devastated, but something had seemed to stop the storm all together, leaving behind a Silver Feather. Since then, people look up to it as a gift.
Meanwhile, Team Rocket look around the town, wondering too what's the deal. James notes that this town seems to make every other thing in the shape of the Silver Feather. The same vendor that came to Ash comes up to them, trying to sell them some pins, using the same approach. The sound of "100% silver" brings the conclusion that swiping everything in this town will make them rich.
Looks like everyone stayed a little late at Shintaro's house, Shintaro doesn't mind them sleeping over. Later that night, Pikachu notices that Shintaro isn't in his bed, Ash wakes up too noticing that. Shintaro is outside, working on a Silver Feather pin, just about ready to give it some final touches. The gang goes outside to see what Shintaro is doing. He explains that tomorrow is Yuriko's birthday, and he really wants to surprise her. Making a replacement pin was the only thing he could do. Just one problem, he's a little shy and afraid to of what to say when he gives his gift. Ash and Misty give some encouragement, Brock not trying to get that reality in him.
The next day at the town, Shintaro gets a tux, flowers, and a small box for his present. He's a little embarresed, and still afraid of what to say. Misty tries to get him to go to Yuriko and get it over with, except something's up. All the jewelry seemed to being sucked up towards something. Everyone looks up and sees that it's Team Rocket with a giant vacuum. They show off their catch and turn the vacuum on a higher setting. Shintaro tries to run towards them but he trips, the box falling out and being sucked into the vacuum. After that Team Rocket floats away with their loot, however, Ash is right after them. Team Rocket floats away faster than Ash can run so he sends out Noctowl to puncture a hole in the balloon. When Team Rocket lands, the gang, make it there. It looks like Team Rocket won't go without a fight. Jesse sends out Arbok and James sends out Weezing. Ash uses Pikachu to make short work but Weezing spews a Smoke Screen, blinding Pikachu. Arbok attacks with Posion Pin, hitting Pikachu. Then both attack at Pikachu, with no time to spare. Then Yuriko and Shintaro get there, Shintaro's Sandslash going in to shield Pikachu from the attacks. Yuriko says to Sandslash to use Swift but Shintaro gives her an odd look. Sandslash does so anyways, knocking them back to the balloon. Pikachu goes up for a Thunderbolt to blast them away.
Afterwards, Shintaro gets back his present and still has that fear. He tries to say something, then Sandslash pokes him and he manages to say what he wanted. Yuriko is amazed and happy, everyone else as well. Back at Shintaro's house, Shintaro tells them where they might find this mysterious Pokemon they saw earlier and the gang heads off, saying their goodbyes. They make it to a tunnel and they make their way through, finding themselves on a cliff. They take a breather, enjoying a soft wind that comes by, when they notice a Pikachu in some grass. The Pikachu turns around, but oddly... this Pikachu is Sparky!

Thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing This for us

221: Hi Ho Silver...Away!

221: Legend of the Silver Feather! Silver Rock Island
US. Who's That Pokémon

JP. Who's That Pokémon




Pikachu Noctowl
Arbok Wobbuffet
Special/Other Trainers:
Wartortle Golduck

Ash and co head off to see a Mystery Pokémon