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The gang returns back to Ecruteak City and decide to make a pit stop here before they go on to Mahogany City. They rest a while in front of a store when all of a sudden a Espeon comes running towards them. Soon afterwards a girl runs after the Espeon and Misty knows it's Sakura from before. She told them that her Eevee had evolved into a Espeon, pretty much completing the last of her sister's Eevee evolutions. They later go to the house that they live in, and the sister's come out, all formally dressed in kimonos. They explain they were going to a place were they were going to have their Pokemon dance with them. They settle down for a break, Sakura talking about her Espeon and such. Wanting to test out her Espeon, Sakura asks Ash, Misty, and Brock to battle her, Misty readily accepts the challenge. The two get ready for their match, Brock being the judge of the fight. Sakura fights with Espeon and Misty sends out Corsola. The battle starts off with Espeon going for a Quick Attack. Later at the place were the sisters were going, they were introduced by two people who seem to be dancers themselves. One they demonstrate, one of them sends out Arbok and the other sends out a Victreebel. Espeon quickly gets the favor of the battle but Corsola on the other hand had Recover ready and waiting, making this battle almost seems impossible now.
After the two dancer's demonstration of what they could teach the Eevee sisters, they ask for them to see if their Pokemon are fit yet. The sisters start off, Jolteon not doing much, Vaporeon jumping about, Umbreon just sitting there, and Flareon running around. Aferwards, the two "teachers" said they'll shape the Eons a bit in a back room, each one of them follow the teachers and the door shuts behind them. They tell the Eons to go into another room, which looks rather supsicious. As soon as all of them gather in the center, the two release a hatch and down they go into a trap! After seeing this, Umbreon had called out, the sisters hearing the call. They make their way towards the door, finding out it was empty on the other side. When they went towards the darkened back room, the wall collaspes, revealing a large Meowth head, then it turns out to be Team Rocket's balloon! They start to float away with the Eons!
Corsola makes the last attack by doing Pin Missle, knocking the Espeon down, Misty winning the battle. Afterwards, the Eevee sisters come towards them and the gang asks whats going on. Later Team Rocket bask in their glory as Jesse counts the ones: Joleton, Vaporen, Umbreon, and Flareon. All of a sudden Jesse gets enraged, she knows that one is missing, and that's Espeon! The gang and the Eevee sisters meet up from a search and none of them seem to know where they Eons are. Sakura gets an idea, since everyone but Espeon got caught, she knows that they'll look for her, why not use her as bait and follow their balloon?
Team Rocket look around for Espeon from their balloon, eventually seeing it. They lower down near it and try to snatch it with a bug net. They are successful but the others were right on watching them. They follow Team Rocket's balloon as it heads to the captured Eons. After they landed at their site, Team Rocket tries to attempt to trap the Espeon with the others, first off by persuading it to eat some food. The Espeon turned away, and looked around, soon finding the other Eons in the cage. Taking advatange of the Espeon being distracted, James tries to trap it with a cage. Sakura soon calls out to it and Espeon jumps over on James' head. The battle starts off, Sakura alone versus Arbok and Weepinbel. Espeon starts off with a Quick Attack on Arbok but Victreebel tries to go for a Razor Lean attack, which the Espeon counters with Swift. Not only does it block all the leaves, it also break opens the cage that the Eons were in. The two Team Rocket Pokemon charge in but Espeon stops them in their tracks with a Psybeam, which confuses both. After Arbok and Weepinbel collide with Jesss and James, Ash has Pikachu finish them off with a Thunderbolt.
After everyone reunites, Sakura sets off for her own Pokemon journey with Espeon. She feels confident now that she's ready for the outside and maybe even train up Espeon to dance, that'll all depend later.

Thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing This for us

228: Espeon, Not Included

228: Sakura and Espeon! Ecruteak City Again
US. Who's That Pokémon

JP. Who's That Pokémon




Togepi Corsola
Arbok Wobbuffet

The Gang Return to Ecruteak City

Eevee has evolved into Espeon