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Mahogany City is just another step away as Ash and the ganggaze upon it from a hill. Jus before they go, they hear a voice and soon see aArcanine. Just before it passes by Ash notices it's Gary, and Gary notices it's Ash! Gary stops and Ash catches up, both of them catching up with each other'sevents. Ash challenges Gary to a match but Gary politely declines, saying he'straining for something else in mind. He takes off and Ash tries to follow butas soon as they see the bottom of the hill their standing on, they see a bunchof people doing the same thing Gary is!
They later have lunch at a diner, Ash still wondering whatGary is doing. More or less, Ash wants to compete against him, if he only knewwhat it was. An old man next to him mentions about the Pokemon Ride Race. Ashasks what's that all about. The man says his name is Tamazo and he's the onewho's a part of the whole thing. He explains that trainers ride with theirPokemon to his house, get a egg as a relay and go back. It's one big event thathappens here. Since Ash is pretty late for the contest, he says he can manageregistration. Tamazo gives them a ride to his farm, explaining more about therace.
Once at Tamazo's farm, his wife greets them, asking aboutAsh and the others. After the introductions, Tamazo's wife explains that theyraise a Pokemon Breeding center, mainly just egg harvesting and care. They havea pretty impressive collection of eggs on their shevles. Afterwards, Tamazogives Ash his equipment: A leash and a skateboard. Ash rides around on theskateboard for a while, Tamazo asking if this is his first time. Ash says heused to ride a wooden board down hills back in Pallet. He goes down anotherhill but ends up hitting a rock, however something stops him from going downfurther after impact. Ash looks up and sees it's Gary and his Arcanine. Gary wonders what Ash is doing and sees the skateboard, Gary getting the idea. Now Gary gets all competitive over this.
Back at the farm, Ash wonders which Pokemon to use, sinceafter all he has to have the one. He knows Pikachu can't do it, neither can Cyndaquil or Totodile. Ash sends out Bayleef, which should do the job justfine. Ash starts off training Bayleef for a while, starting off with directions, but as soon as he told Bayleef to change on direction, he slid off. Maybe this sort of thing he needed to get used to. Meowth is later spying onhim, telling Jesse and James that he's up to something again. Noticing thatthey're slacking off, he wakes them up and tells them the info.
After a while, Tamazo is ahead yelling towards Ash. He tells him that the egg he's giving him is the relay baton. And so they head off after a while.
The next day is the race, all the contestants line up at thestarting point as the announcer explains everything. At the start of the race,every is off to a good start but a racer with a Scyther causes a big mess up atthe beggining, causing a lot of the racers to fall back. Ash, Gary and a fewothers make it out however. Meanwhile, Team Rocket float in a balloon above,planing out their scheme. They soon fire their net-cannon and capture Gary'sArcanine! Ash stops to see if Gary is alright and then they look up to TeamRocket, who soon flies away.
Ash soon charges after them, telling Bayleef to flail himtowards a slope. As Ash hits the slope, he jumps towards the balloon, theskateboard causing it to poke a hole, however Ash is still stuck on it, and he flies with them. Later at the the starting point where all the bleachers are,the monitor is at Tamazo's farm. Noticing a surprised statement from Tamazo, the camera turns and ends up getting knocked out by Team Rocket's balloon!
Tamazo wonders what's going on, and he sees Ash come out ofthe balloon. Ash wonders if Arcanine is okay and he is, but Team Rocket soonfind a catch of eggs! Jesse sends out Arbok to defend them, but with no Pokémon on him, Ash can't do anything, except when Bayleef makes her way. Ash tells Bayleef to use Razor Leaf but is blocked by a Poison Pin attack and that hits Bayleef. Arbok is about to make another attack when Gary comes in to tell Arcanine to bash it out of the way. Team Rocket soon make their way out withthe eggs but Bayleef gets them back with a Vine Whip. Then Arcanine hits the whole group with an ExtremeSpeed attack, sending them off.
After that, Tamazo gives Gary and Ash the eggs and both ofthem race off towards the finish. Arcanine is pretty good at keeping a pace or two higher than Bayleef. Ash tries to find another way he can manage and finds a slope. Gary wonders where Ash is but soon he sees him, coming up from above! The competition seems close as both try to race for the goal. Arcanine jumpstowards it giving him a good speed but then Bayleef uses Vine Whip on herself to give her a added boost. At thefinish line, all it comes to is Bayleef winning by a nose. Ash wins the Pokemon Ride Race!
Afterwards, Gary sets off towards his journey. Tamazo latercomes by to present Ash with an egg. Misty wonders what's inside but Tamazo'swife says they'll just have to wait and see. Soon the gang sets off towards Mahogany City.

Thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing This for us

230: Extreme Pokémon!

230: Ride the Swiftly Running Pokémon


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Mr. Shelby

Pikachu Bayleef Cyndaquil Totodile
Arbok Wobbuffet
Special/Other Trainers:
Beedrill Raticate Nidoqueen Vileplume Machamp Dodrio Exeggutor Hitmonchan Lickitung Rhydon Scyther Granbull
Tauros Sentret Natu Aipom Wooper Teddiursa

Gary Returns
Ash wins a Race and wins a Light Blue Egg