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Still on the pathway to Mahogany City, the gang comes towards an old style football goal post sitting in the middle of the road. They wonder what it's doing here, then Team Rocket comes out in football uniformsand does a fancy version of their motto. Afterwards, Meowth sets up a footballbomb and James kicks it over the goal, one of the timer lights going out. Ashkicks the ball back to them, another timer going out. Then Jesse gives it akick, two moments left. Brock gives it a kick and then just before Team Rocketcould send it back, Pikachu shocks them and they get blown off into the sky.
While they are still in the sky, Team Rocket opens up a fewparachutes and they float back down, except Jesse who seems to have Wobuffethanging onto her. Jesse crashes down, bringing James and Meowth with her. Theyseem to be really fed up with all this losing now. They gather up and figureout something that's beneficial for them, instead of just wasting time goingafter Pikachu. So they all argue overwho's gonna make the calls, with that going nowhere, James just gets to a fewpoints. Compare to them, Ash, Misty, and Brock have way more Pokemon than they.So why not just go find a Pokemon to capture?
When they walk up to the road, they find a Delibird, trappedin a cage of some kind. They go up to it and wonder if they can really take it,then the speaker above the cage speaks out. The speaker tells them that if theywant this Delibird, they have to prove themsevles. Then the speakerself-destructs and the cage dissapears. Looks like their lucky day. Jesse andJames send out Arbok and Weezing to take care of Delibird. Except on the firstattack, Delibird jumps up and gives them a Cold Wind. James tells Weezing toTackle the Delibird but Delibird gives Weezing a Cold Wind, freezing it on thespot. Arbok then shoots some Poison Pins but Delibird freezes those as well.Then James calls out Victreebel, but Delibird ends up freezing it as well.Finally Delibird goes up for a Tackle but Wobuffet does a Counter and instantly takes care of the Delibird.
Jesse and James takes out a Pokeball and argue over who getsto keep Delibird when it suddenly gets called back by an old woman! Shecommends them for defeating Delibird but Jesse and James start to question her.When they mention their with Team Rocket, the old woman says that she thereisn't anyone like them and wants to see some ID. Jesse gets all panicky over itbut James has it right there and shows it. She still doesn't belive it, andfetches out a calculator to show them something. After another denial fromJesse and James, she shows them a laptop with all the members of Team Rocket.Jesse looks through, not finding her name, then James, no cigar, then Meowth,nope. They're all shocked over that they aren't on the Team Rocket roster list.But Jesse still won't believe it. Jesse then wants to try to do somethingthat'll prove their members of Team Rocket.
Later at a Team Rocket outpost, an agent calls Giovanni totell him that two members haven't done anything to prove they still exist.Giovanni wonders who and it turns out to be Jesse, James, and Meowth. (Meowthdoesn't really count) The agent remembers something she had to pick Jesse on.Jesse had ditched her while they were having a fruit drink and she had to paythe tab. She gets all worked up over than, but Giovanni interupts her asking ifthere was anything else. With a nod, she hangs up.
The old woman scouts around and spots a trainer Team Rocketcould work on. Jesse takes the binoculars the old woman was using and sees thatit's Ash and the rest. Just before they go, the old woman gives them Delibirdto use. As the gang walks by, they are interupted by two samurai-lookingpeople, which turns out to be Jesse and James. The catch? Pikachu obviously.They send out their new Pokemon, Ash is somewhat surprised and scans it. Without doing much, Delibird walks up tothem and gives them each a Present, but Jesse scolds at it. The Present howeverexplodes and Jesse finds out the potential of him. Ash sends out Phanpy to makequick work of this battle. Ash tells Phanpy to Slam into Delibird but Delibirduses his Icy Wind which freezes Phanpy on the spot. Ash recalls Phanpy and Delibird then starts to throw a bunch of Presents around and the gang startsrunning. Pikachu catches one but explodes leaving Pikachu weak. They take coverbehind a rock and wonder how are they going to figure out this one. Delibirdthen comes by and gives Pikachu a Present before running off. Pikachu tries getrid of it but it explodes. However instead of hurting Pikachu more it healsPikachu. With that Pikachu jumps out from behind the rock and gets ready for anall out Thunder attack. The attack sends them off once more flying into thesky.
Later when Team Rocket landed, they figure that Delibird can't be all to bad. Then the old woman comes by to them and says that everything with them being in Team Rocket is actually true and that they cankeep Delibird. Delibird hops to them and gives them a wrapped present, whichthey think it's a real Present. The resent pops up and it appears to be amessage. James reads it and it looks like it says that they have a hefty tab onthem, which is a lot of fruit drinks. They wonder what the heck is going on. Itturns out to be the Team Rocket agent gets her revenge over the small event.Afterwards, it's just one more problem with Delibird...

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233: Due's and Don'ts

233: Team Rocket and Delibird



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Team Rocket
Get Given Delibird which then follows TR