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The episode starts off with Ash and company walking along a path towards Mahogany as usual. Just ahead of the road, Team Rocket is finished with creating yet another hole for the gang to fall into. They cover it up fast as soon as Ash is in sight and hide down in some brush that's nearby. Just as the gang walks up, Ash recalls all those times that an ordinary road turns out to be a pitfall trap. Ash jumps about, nothing happens, then tries again. Team Rocket watches and then jumps out, wondering why the pitfall's not working. James jumps on the ground a few times then all of a sudden, the whole ground caves in and they fall. Just at the bottom, Wobuffet pops out and causes them to fall some more, right through a ceiling of a tunnel!
They all complain here and there before seeing a woman run by. They wonder what's with her before the woman wonders what's with them. She says she has no time to talk now and has to hurry somewhere. The gang had started to go with the woman towards whatever she is going to. In the next room of the unkown place was a colossal wire tower built with rings with giant spheres connecting them. Just about halfway, Ash notices a few Xatu perched up on one of the spheres. Ash scans the Xatu and then tries to call out to it, which nothing happens. Misty tries the same thing, then Team Rocket who happened to catch up tries as well. Lost the woman says that she's Mikoko, the meteorologist of this place, since the people here are superstitious over what the Xatu says. She calls to one and then she runs upwards towards an exit.
Everybody else follows her and are amazed that the other side is a giant stone auditorium with a group of people sitting on the bleachers. The Xatu fly up towards a guardrail and Mikoko grabs out two fans, everybody else does the same. She shouts towards the people, doing different patterns with the fans. Soon the Xatu do similar patterns with their wings and that was it. Mikoko said there should be rain tomorrow, but otherwise the rest of the day is going to be fine. Just one thing happens to occur, clouds start to gather around and it starts to rain. Funny... usually the Xatu are right all the time. Mikoko wonders what's wrong and decides to hold off this little gathering for a while as she runs back in. Everyone else does so and more Xatu join with them.
However Team Rocket were ditched on this and everybody won't let them go. So Jesse plays them all a round of Rock-Paper-Scissors (Japanese style) and wins both that and the look-away part, with that they run off. On the bottom of the bunker is a station. Mikoko and everyone else goes in and watches as Mikoko sends out a radar to check out what's going on in the area. She explains that this is "Netio-sama", otherwise the last resort of the weather predictions. Even the radar can't scope out this odd storm. Just after a while, Team Rocket continue their decent downwards until Wobuffet again messes them up and they crash into the station. They wonder what's with all the technology and stuff and Mikoko explains that it's the radar system. Then Jesse tries to butt in saying that she was once a meteorologist for a news program.
One of the Xatu gets all nervous at this brag. Then Jesse goes on and on until the Xatu faints from this. Then the Xatu says that he'll figure something out of this. So everybody runs back up. Once back up, all the Xatu line up and Mikoko does a few more patterns with the fans. All the Xatu repeat and they go faster with each pattern. Soon she gets the idea, a disasters coming this way! She tells everyone to evacuate the area, and everyone does so, but they leave a something valuable behind. As everyone waits around, Delibird comes by and drops in on Team Rocket, giving them a reminder of what they have to do to stay as members. So they sneak over and try to swipe one of the valuable items but Ash catches them before they could do anything. Then Team Rocket stop playing good and starts to take on their real role.
Jesse first tells Delibird to throw a couple of presents at them, which Delibird throws three to each Xatu, all healing them. With that, James sends out Weezing to use Smoke Screen while Delibird drops in a few more prensents. Just when it seems that all is taken care of, Weezing drops the screen and they are surprised to see that the Xatu are still there. Just before they can do anything else, Delibird drops a present next to them and then ditches them before it sends Team Rocket off into the sky. The Xatu do one final pattern and Mikoko says they'll teleport away now before the disaster comes by. First the Xatu teleports then the gang and Mikoko teleport out as well. Just in the nick of time, a gian tidal wave comes through a valley where the place rests and covers the area. Though it's probably not much left, maybe Mikoko can now persuit her real goal, meteorologist for a news program. Later Team Rocket are at the ruins of the would be weather station looking for any of those valuables that the people left. Delibird comes by and says it's a no-no, and decides to fly off without them. And it looks like Mikoko really did get her goal

Thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing This for us

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