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Tatsumi has captured the Red Gyarados, and has contacted the boss at their HQ in Mahogany Town. Somehow, after a while its transported to Shiranui’s HQ/lab. Shiranui has been researching it, and he thinks it’s the perfect thing to make his lab famous and himself rich.
Meanwhile, Lance is driving around, and he sees Jenny! He tells her everything that’s going on, and she gets steamed, and demands that these people be captured immediately!
Ash and co are still trapped, and plead for Team Rocket to help. They refuse, of course, since this is their chance to make TR history! Ash tries to get Pikachu to Thunderbolt them, but he is just too weak. Team Rocket say they would do anything to be promoted by the boss. They agree on a battle, and whoever wins, will get the advantage. Jessie calls out Arbok, who stops them with Poison Sting, then, Jessie grabs the remote control to release Pikachu from its trap so they can get it. They also end up releasing Ash and co, being surprised. Ash sens out Cyndaquil, and uses Smokescreen, and runs away. He escapes, but then they catch up again, and Arbok uses a Poison Sting. It fails, so Jessie commands a Wrap attack, and just as its about to attack, a shot of a laser gun is heard. Team Rocket are stunned, and a man enters with Dragonite. He tells Jessie tachi that he is Lance, of Pokemon G-man. Meowth is surprised at this. Lance tells them about himself..etc. Jessie is annoyed out of jealousy and goes ballistic. She tells Arbok to attack him. Dragonite, however, does a Twister attack..making them blast off. Ash thanks him a lot. Then they get down to business. They sneak into the secret machine room, and Dragonite destroys the Thunder Wave mechanism with Hyper Beam. Lance gets back and tells Tatsumi that the kids went back to Mahogany Town (since he's dressed as a Grunt). They quickly make their escape afterwards. Shiranui gets on a helicopter which was waiting for him. Tatsumi and others arrived at the harbor at the end of Mahogany Town, waiting for Shiranui. Shiranui then quickly remembers the bring the Red Gyarados with him just in case it escapes. As soon as he loads it’s tank on caThe Red Gyaradoso, he hears it start to roar and quickly shuts the door. He then makes his way to the TR HQ, where he’s supposed to meet Tatsumi and the others.
Jesse, James and Meowth hear via radio that the research institute was destroyed. Listening closely, they also hear that it's due to Lance. Tatsumi is also surprised to hear the name "Lance". Tatsumi tries to contact Jesse James and Meowth for help, but they turn the radio off unknowingly before he is able to contact them. Jesse thinks that Tatsumi would surely contact James. But it’s too late since they turned it off. They were satisfied anyway, since this would live on TR history.
Tatsumi is surprised to hear the name of Lance, so he rushes toward the HQ in a helicopter. He then sees the lab explode.
Meanwhile, the Red Gyarados woke up inside Shiranui’s helicopter! It starts to go into a riot! Tatsumi can see the helicopter in a distance, and he sees it shaking and out of control. He thinks its because of this Wave Machine reaction, and starts to get angry. Pikachu and Togepi notice this as well, and are surprised, but Ash and Lance know, and Lance tells everyone to move out of the area at once. However, Tatsumi and the Grunts recognize the problem, and make a quick dash for the HQ. Suddenly, the Red Gyarados can’t take it anymore, and escapes from the helicopter and falls into a river! Out of anger, he starts using his Water Gun to destroy warehouses, cars, etc. Tatsumi and the others are using the helicopter to change it, but its just to fast. Ash and co are using Lance’s car, and they manage to catch up, and get really close, until, Gyarados suddenly fires a Water Gun headed and aimed directly at the car!
Luckily, Lance managed to swerve out of the way and avoid it. Suddenly, Ash jumps out and runs toward the Red Gyarados, motioning for it to stop. Being brave, he tries to reason with it, saying “We are not your enemies, we are your friends! We are trying to save you!” But being not convinced, it fires a Water Gun straight at Ash!
Luckily he manages to dodge it, but Lance, Misty, and others are still worried. They decide to talk about what to do. The Red Gyarados hasn’t calmed down yet, and anything that comes near it gets immediately destroyed with Water Gun. Ash decides its no use, so he gives up. Lance says no matter what you do, the red Gyarados will keep going up the river and destroying things. Ash tells Lance to try to use Dragonite to stop The Red Gyarados, and he thinks it’s a good idea, when suddenly.. Who is to appear but Tatsumi and TR out of a helicopter. They try to issue commands at the Red Gyarados, and then it gets all confused. Tatsumi then notices Lance, and is very angry, glaring at him. Lance then explains that its not civil to force Pokemon to evolve, but Tatsumi denies it. Tatsumi is pissed at him anyway for destroying the lab, and takes out 2 Fearows! He says to attack Dragonite, but Dragonite avoids them, and gives them a Wing Attack. They take damage, but then use Mirror Move and give Dragonite a Wing Attack of their own! Then Dragonite retaliates with Thunder Wave, hitting them both. But then, They both use HYPER BEAM! Dragonite uses a Hyper Beam of his own, knocking them both out.
Then, the Red Gyarados approaches once again, and they throw out the capture net! They use the paralyzing machine again, and make it weak, and grab it out of the water.
Thinking quickly, Ash sends out Bayleef, and has him use Razor Leaf to cut the rope of the net, thus releasing it! TR are extremely angry now, and they decide not to give up. They aim a claw this time, but just as its about to reach it, Ash shouts, “STOP!!!” It startles TR, making the hands stop, and saving The Red Gyarados. The Red Gyarados then realizes who its real friends and enemies are, and fires a Hyper Beam at the helicopter, thus making them blast off!
Ash and co are glad now, but however, The Red Gyarados is really weak from that shock, and after blasting that Hyper Beam. Brock and Ash take it back to the river.
Suddenly, ANOTHER Capture net comes down, and Ash is worried that their back, but they notice its their old friends Jessie, James, and Meowth in the balloon. They grab the Red Gyarados AGAIN, Ash is worried, since this balloon has a good engine. He quickly runs to the net, grabs on, but the balloon takes off while Ash is holding on! TR try to shake him off, but Ash has too much strength and confidence. He wont let go of the net for dear life! He had to save it!
The The Red Gyarados suddenly throws another one of his famous tantrums, and separates from the balloon together with Ash. Misty and the other are worried about them getting hurt, but Ash gets up and is perfect. They let the Red Gyarados free to go up the river now. TR still don’t give up! Jessie sends out Arbok, to at least try to take Pikachu, but Pikachu is confident as usual. Arbok does a Poison Sting. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt’s TR to blast off.
Suddenly, all seems well, but once again Tatsumi attacks with the two Fearows. They battle for a while, but eventually, when Dragonite is running weak, it uses a Twister to knock them out. Tatsumi is surprised at this.. Suddenly, who is to appear but Officer Jenny in a police car. She takes out cuffs, and arrests Tatsumi.
Meanwhile, the The Red Gyarados is unfortunately now going up the river Hyper Beaming the town! Ash yells at The Red Gyarados to stop, but it wont listen! House after house, building after building, are getting damaged with Hyper Beam! Ash won’t give up, he really wants to make friends with it. He’s running and running, chasing it.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, an Ice Beam is fired by some Dewgong! It counters the Hyper Beam, and it freezes the rivers, so Red Gyarados can’t go any further. Then, they see the mysterious man who this Dewgong belongs to. He says, that some Pokemon its impossible to make friends with them. Ash then explains all he’s done for it. Then, The Red Gyarados turns around, Misty and Brock follow it. Ash then tells the mysterious man to watch. Everyone watches as Lance sends out Dragonite, Thunder Wave’s The Red Gyarados, who counters with Hyper Beam! Ash and the others then tell Lance to give up, but being confident, he makes Dragonite to a twister, then a Thundershock, weakening Gyarados. Then they look at the Red Gyarados.. the poor Red Gyarados who was forced to evolve by some evil man Red Gyarados lets out one last small Hyper Beam and.. faints. Everyone crowds around the fainted Red Gyarados, as Lance throws a Pokeball and captures it. Now tons of people are interviewing him after he saved the day. Tatsumi and the others have been apprehended by Jenny. Jenny calls Lance in for an interview, but first, he says his bye-byes to Ash and co. Then he goes on his Dragonite and flies away. They may meet again.
After saving the crisis at Mahogany town, they now decide to celebrate and go kick some Pokémon Butt at the Mahogany Gym.

Thanks to YoYo238 for writing This for us

238: Rage Of Innocence

238: Rage of the Red Gyarados!



Officer Jenny
Professor Sebastian

Pikachu Bayleef Cyndaquil Totodile
Arbok Wobbuffet
Gyarados Dragonite

Catches The Red Gyarados
Ash meets up with Pryce