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Ash and the others continue on their journey to Blackthorn City. Suddenly, a female trainer comes and challenges Ash to a battle, as Brock does his usual act. Ash happily accepts, and they start battling!
She uses a Jynx, which she calls Josephine for the nickname. Josephine tries to Lovely Kiss Pikachu, Pikachu dodges it. Josephine tries to Lovely Kiss again. Ash has Pikachu go off in an Agility. Josephine is confused, and looks around the area for Pikachu, then appears behind and Body Slams Josephine. Pikachu Thunderbolt’s Jynx, fainting it. Misty congrtualtes Ash, etc.
The trainer returns Josephine. Ash is ready for the next battle, but the trainer says shes tired and out of energy. Ash is a bit disappointed, but she says that since he loves battles, and is a good trainer, he should go to the “Battle Park”. She explains that you can have free battles in the battle park, and says it’s a good place to get experience. Ash happily accepts, and she tells the directions. Misty thinks it will also be interesting, so they go, with a very enthusiastic Ash.
Meanwhile, down at the Battle Park, Team Rocket are enjoying a Pokeball-polishing scam, and its going well, so they decided to rest a little. A customer comes in, and asks to get his Pokeball polished as he pays. Jesse says its closing day. He begs for them to do it, but they refuse. He complained that he worked hard to get there just to get his Pokeball polished, but then Jesse gets angry, and runs away with the rest of them. James then reminds them that he still has the money, but Jesse gets mad and says he’s not supposed to say that.
They then notice that Ash is coming here, and since they use Pokemon here, Meowth thinks this is a chance to get Pikachu! Ash then comes up to the entrance, and a disguised Jesse greets him. Ash is all surprised for a sec, the Jesse declares that the battle park is open 24/7! Ash gets excited, and requests to register 3 people. However, James, at the reception desk, says its too crowded, and only one person can enter right now. Anyways, Brock doesn’t seem too interested in joining anyway. Then, James takes out a case from under his desk, containing 3 PokeBalls. Ash asks what they are, but James even says he has no idea. However, Jesse explains that their the park’s 3 strongest Pokemon, and offers him a challenge, to beat “the park’s strongest trainer” (James). Ash is excited and happily accepts!
Then, Jesse leads Ash and the gang to the park, and tells them to wait a while, as she goes off. The park is BIG, as well as the battle area. Ash is enthusiastic waiting for his challenge. Then, Team Rocket appear dressed in black, referring to themselves as the park’s strongest trainers. They’re both ready to battle, except they realize their missing something. A ref! Luckily Brock agrees to ref, since he’s really good at reffing. Now, the battle of Ash VS the “Park trainers” has started!
James decides to go first, throwing a ball as a Venusaur comes out. Misty then tells Ash to use Cyndaquil, since fire beats grass, Ash agrees. Jesse and Meowth are disappointed, since James sent out a grass type, therefore Ash is not using Pikachu. Venusaur aims a Razor Leaf at Cyndaquil! However, Cyndaquil easily avoids it, and the Razor Leaf ends up chopping down a tree. Ash and Misty are surprised at how powerful it is! James is impressed with Venusaur’s power, and tells it to go Tackle Cyndaquil! However, Cyndaquil quickly avoids it, but since he move too early, Venusaur turns around. It then uses Body Slam, which hits Cyndaquil, making it very weak now. But Venusaur keeps going with a Vine Whip straight at Cyndaquil, but it avoids it by jumping, and then Venusaur somehow tries to stretch his Vine Whip further. Cyndaquil avoids them in the air, and he also manages to tackle Venusaur! Although Venusaur is stopped, it still manages to release a Razor Leaf, but Cyndaquil releases a Smoke Screen. Now Venusaur’s view is all blocked. James is confused, looking for where Cyndaquil went, but just as the smoke becomes clear, Cyndaquil uses a Swift, hitting Venusaur! While Venusaur is struggling, Cyndaquil lets out a Flamethrower! Although Venusaur easily dodges them, Cyndaquil quickly changes direction. Flamethrower hits Venusaur, hurting it badly. James is a little concerned now, but Jesse is giving him her best support! James then tells Venusaur to show a grass type’s true power! Venusaur bows and prepares. A Solar Beam is let out! Ash quickly tells Cyndaquil to use Flamethrower to stop the Solar Beam! However, its too late, and Solar Beam and Flamethrower reach the same side, and the Flamethrower gets canceled out. Cyndaquil then gets hit, fainting, and for once, James gains a victory! Ash returns Cyndaquil, and Team Rocket cheer. However, even though Ash was impressed with Cyndaquil’s battling, he said he should have looked out for that Solar Beam. Misty thinks its ok, since at least he practiced, and hopefully he’ll do good on the next one.
James decides he should go again, since he just won, but Meowth thinks it isn’t fair, and demands it to be his turn. While they are arguing, Jesse swipes the ball, and Meowth and James get surprised and annoyed. Jesse tosses the ball, and a Charizard comes out! James and Meowth are surprised that now Jesse is battling with their former enemy, and Misty finds it interesting. Jesse believes this is her chance to master Charizard-training skills. Since water beats fire, Ash takes out Totodile. Jesse believes that Charizard is the strongest Pokemon, and can do ANYTHING. So she tells Charizard to used Poison Sting attack, but then it looks at her in confusion and facfaults. (J) Totodile then uses a Water Gun at Charizard, and Meowth panics at Jesse! However, Jesse says they haven’t seen Charizard’s REAL power yet, and she tells it to use Dig. Even though there was probably no point of using it in this field, Charizard dug underground and dove right back up, hitting nothing but air. James and Meowth were surprised to see that. Ash tells Totodile to look out, since they don’t know what their planning next. Jesse command at Charizard to use an Iron Tail. Although Totodile manages to escape the Iron Tail, it gets blown away by Whirlwind. Misty and Brock are amused at Charizard’s battle skills. It them keeps using a series of Iron Tails which Totodile keeps dodging. Eventually it gets closer to Charizard, and Headbutt’s it right in the face! Charizard then falls over, still with a bit of energy, but Totodile frightens Charizard with a Scary Face attack. Jesse tells Charizard not to give up, but counter with his own Scary Face. This brings them into a “Scary Face staring contest”! Ash and Jesse also seem to be making Scary Faces too, to show their confidence J. Totodile and Charizard have a staring contest for a while, but then Charizard gets tired and falls over. (J) James and Meowh are amazed, and wonder why this happened. Totodile uses a Water Gun towards the fallen Charizard, but Charizard quickly flies up and dodges it! James and Meowth look up, while Ash and Totodile are surprised at the situation. Ash wonders why Charizard hasn’t used any Fire attacks, and then Jesse desperately remembers! She cant believe she forgot the most important power of Charizard, as she tells it to use Flamethrower! Although Totodile tried to cancel it with his Water Gun, Charizard’s Flamethrower was strong. Although it was about to burn Totodile, he jumps and dodges it! While still in the air, Totodile does a Water Gun directly down towards Charizard, as he tackles it straight from the air. Charizard faints, and the victory goes to Totodile! Jesse thinks it was an unfair move since Totodile cant fly, but Ash and the others were pleased with the victory.
James and Meowth keep arguing on who will use the last Pokemon. They both go for it, but, being impatient, Jesse grabs it. Jesse thinks it will be really embarrassing if she loses this battle. She tells James and Meowth to set something up, and they listen to her, even though they find it tough. Ash is also excited and confident not to lose, and then Jesse throws the Pokeball, and a Blastoise comes out. Jesse is pleased for getting such a strong Pokemon. Ash and Misty realize at the same time that they had been using the final evolutions of Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Ash sends Pikachu to battle, and then Jesse gets her nerves higher, since if she loses this one, it will suck for her. She decides to try and get advice from Meowth, but on the battle field, Pikachu is using Agility. Jesse is confused by Pikachu’s Agility, but since Blastoise is big, she commands a Body Slam, which misses, of course. However, Pikachu has slowed down, so Blastoise tries again, using a Headbutt this time. Pikachu avoids it, as Misty and Brock start raving about how fast Pikachu is. Then Jesse decides to try something besides a physical attack, so Blastoise uses Bubble. As Pikachu is still in Agility mode, it slams into Blastoise’s jaw, avoiding the Bubble. Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, but Blastoise has withdrawn, so it doesn’t affect Blastoise. Suddenly, Blastoise starts spinning in a Hydro Pump! However, Pikachu runs around, avoiding it, but Blastoise keep heading for Pikachu, trying to hit it. Suddenly, a Hydro Pump hits Pikachu, knocking it back! Jesse tells Blastoise to keep it up! Ash then asks for help from Misty and Brock, since he seems hopeless now. He got an idea The Hydro Pump came nearer to them, and Ash let out a Thunderbolt. The water conducts the electricity, dealing Blastoise a lot of damage. Although Blastoise is in a lot of pain, it still has energy. Pikachu then releases Thunder, fainting Blastoise. Jesse, full of rage returns Blastoise, and takes out Arbok. Arbok uses a Poison Sting. Pikachu avoids it as usual, but something comes and traps Pikachu inside a little box/cage. James and Meowth take Pikachu and fly off in the balloon! Ash is then surprised to find out that its Team Rocket! Suddenly, one of the REAL park employees comes up and yells at them. Team Rocket are stunned with surprise! However, Ash sends out Totodile, and Misty sends out her Politoed. They both had them use Water Gun, and Totodile’s Water Gun managed to confuse them and rescue Pikachu. Politoed shoots a Water Gun, and then knocks down the balloon into the woods!
Ash and the others then try to return the 3 PokeBalls to the employee. Team Rocket says they wont give them back without a battle. The 3 of them were about to ATTACK Ash and the others However, they don’t obey. They desperately demanded to attack, since they thought they were the masters. The employee laughs and says that Battle Park Pokemon would only listen to them on the field, and everywhere else they listen to HIM. He tells them to use a Flamethrower, Hydro Pump, and Solar Beam, which makes Team Rocket blast off!
Ash and the others then leave the Battle Park, and keep heading to Blackthorn City. However, Ash admitted that on the field they did a pretty good job training them. Misty glared at him, and he laughed and said that at least their not getting the last badge. He waved goodbye to the employee, thanking him, as he headed towards Blackthorn City!

Thanks to Spinazak for writing This for us

250: One Trick Phoney

250: Battle Park! Vs. Blastoise, Charizard and Venusaur




Pikachu Cyndaquil Totodile
Togepi Politoed
Arbok Wobbuffet
Special/Other Trainers:
Venusaur Charizard Blastoise

Nothing Of Consequence