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As Ash and co continue on their trip, they decide to stop and take a break for lunch by the side of a lake. Brock makes some rice balls, which all the Pokemon, and Ash enjoy. Brock is glad to hear this, and starts to cook more. He then divides them and hands them to the Pokemon. Misty is impressed by the beautiful scenery but is appauled by the way Ash eats. She then thinks about how Politoed evolved recently and releases it to get some fresh air. Suddenly, Cyndaquil swallows a rice ball whole and gets it caught in it‘s throat. Ash runs up and asks if it is ok. Cyndaquil uses its flamethrower to dislodge the ball, which ends up charring Ash.. Cyndaquil runs up to Ash, but Ash just tells it that he is fine.

Later on, Ash and co decide to rest at a tree. Politoed wakes up and spies two rice balls which have not been eaten yet. It walks up and eats one, but the other tumbles down the hill. Politoed follows it down into a grassy meadow, desperatly looking for it. In the meadow, a young woman is practicing cheerleading. Politoed is interested and approaches her. The woman notices it and gets annoyed, however, Politoed applauds joyfully. The woman smiles and places a headband around her head and continues to practice. Politoed watches excitedly. It then begins to copy her moves. To her surprise, Politoed is very good. The woman attaches a headband to Politoed and has it follow her to a building. A few Sunfloras follow too. Inside, another woman is teaching a cheerleading class. Another Politoed is also present. The woman walks up to the teacher. The teacher is happy to see her Sunflora, but she doesn‘t recognize Politoed. The woman informs the teacher that Politoed has some pretty decent moves, which it starts to show off. The teacher applauds Politoed. Suddenly, the Sunfloras along with a few Bellossoms that are in the room, join Politoed’s dancing. The teacher applauds this little dance scene. When the dance is over, Politoed applauds and starts dancing joyfully again, which causes the Sunfloras to follow along.

Ash and co awaken from their naps and slowly get up. The recall all their Pokemon, but Misty cannot find Politoed. Suddenly, Politoed runs up the hill joyfully. Misty is pleased to see it, and they all rush over to see what happened to it. As they approach Politoed, Ash complains that the ground feels softer. Suddenly, the ground gives way and they plunge into a pit hole trap. Team Rocket jump out of the bushes and begin to say their motto. Politoed notices this and runs to hide with the headband still on. Misty hears it and calls for it. Politoed comes to the rescue and Meowth steps up to battle it. Meowth tries fury swipes, but Politoed just uses lick, taking Meowth out. Team Rocket sees the power of Politoed and immediately want it for themselves. Jessie and James approach it and try to convince it to join Team Rocket. Politoed stands their confused. Jessie pulls out the contract and shows it to Politoed. Ash and co get out of the hole and Misty informs Politoed that Team Rocket are no good. James tries to sweeten the deal by telling Politoed some benefits, but Politoed gets angry and refuses. Suddenly, Ash tells Pikachu to uses thunderbolt, and Team Rocket are sent blasting off.

Suddenly, the girl from before approaches them along with the other Politoed. She introduces herself as Nami and explains to Misty what happened with Politoed. She tells her that a big cheerleading convention is comign up, and Politoed would be a great contender. Ash asks what benefit Politoed would get from cheerleading, but Misty is already convinced. It turns out she loves cheerleading. Misty introduces herself, along with Ash saying he’s on his way to become a Pokemon master. Nami then explains what the competition is about. It turns out that it is the National Cheerleading conferences, which is a major event. Nami then asks if it’ll be ok if she takes Politoed to practice with for awhile, and Misty tries to decide. She then notices the other Politoed and asks about it. Nami explains that that is Bin. It’s a great Pokemon, but not cut out for cheerleading. Misty then agrees to allow Politoed to go with them. Bin looks a little dissapointed. Nami then turns to the Sunflora and tells them practice is now resumed. They get excited. Bin then walks away sadly. Nami calls for it, but it continues to walk away. Nami tells them to give it time, and they walk towards the stadium to practice.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket have returned and are spying on Ash and co with binoculars. James suggests that if they capture the Politoed and bring it to the boss, he will be very pleased and give them a salary raise. They decide they are going to get it, and follow after our heroes.

Ash and co are now walking along the road. Misty feels bad for Bin and they decide to go and cheer it up. They find it by the river’s edge, and Misty tries to console it. Nami says that it is still a great Pokemon, but Bin is still depressed. Misty then says that they should leave it alone, and they turn to leave. Brock starts to flirt with Nami, but he is pulled away by Misty. Bin walks into the prairie and begins to practice its cheerleading. Ash and Pikachu notice this and stray from the group to watch. Ash admires its determination. Pikachu walks up to Bin and starts to make funny faces. Bin stats to smile, but Ash cracks up from the bushes, revealing he is there. He walks out and tells Bin not to be depressed, but Bin just gets angry and hops away.

Nami and the Pokemon have now arrived at their practice stadium. Misty and Brock wonder why the contest is so important to her and her Pokemon, and she explains that if they win, their team could become very famous cheerleaders. They start the practice. Politoed and the Sunflora are working wonderfully. At the end of the practice, a Jumpluff trips, breaking their balance and causing them all to fall. Misty and Brock are dissapointed, and Nami is mad. She scolds the Jumpluff and it begins to cry. Misty tells her the Pokemon will not get better if she pushes them like that, and Nami apologizes. The Sunfloras then become sad, having messed up, and Politoed begins to help out. It applauds and the Sunfloras become happy again. They do the routine over, but again the Pokemon fail. Nami begins to cry, but Politoed applauds. She covers her face with her hand, ashamed, but Politoed thinks they can do it. She decides to try again. They practice again, and this time, Nami and the Pokemon put on an amazing routine. Misty thinks they are sure to win with that, and Politoed can help them.

Suddenly, a giant Politoed robot smashes through the back of the building. Team Rocket appears, says their motto, and explains that they are here for the Pokemon. Nami tells them to go away, but they retreat into the Politoed robot. Suddenly, a tongue extends from it, capturing all the Pokemon. They tell Nami that they plan to use her squad to start their own Rocket cheer team. Ash and Pikachu return at this moment, and see the Pokemon caught. Team Rocket notices Pikachu and the tongue launches down, capturing it. Ash tells Pikachu to use thunderbolt, but the robot isn’t affected by electricity. Team Rocket laughs and they turn the robot around to leave. However, Bin blocks their path. Jessie and James laugh and tell it to move, but Bin stands its ground. Meowth suggests that they capture bin too, and he releases the tongue to catch it. Bin releases a water gun. It smashes into the robot, releasing Misty, Brock, Nami, and the Pokemon squad. Nami apologizes to Bin for earlier today and thanks it. Jessie then gets angry and pushes a button, causing the foot of the Politoed to lift. It then tries to smash down on Bin, but Nami pushes it out of the way. Bin rushes to Nami, and she tells it she is fine. She then tells Bin that no matter what, they have to defend their team. Bin understands and goes after the bot. Misty tells Politoed to help Bin, and both of them rush in. Jessie releases Arbok and tells it to attack. Arbok uses poison sting, but Politoed uses its cheer moves to dodge the attack. Politoed and Arbok share headbutts to each other. Politoed finishes Arbok off with a water gun. the Pokemon squad then walks up to Bin and Politoed, wanting to help. They use their routine techniques to dodge the atatcks of the robot, Bin dong very well. Then, Bin and Politoed use watergun, freeing Pikachu and dampening the robot. Ash catches Pikachu and tells it to shock Team Rocket. Pikachu uses thunder, which doubly affects the robot becuase it’s wet, and it short circuits, causing it to explode and sending Team Rocket blasting off.

Bin and Politoed applaud the spectacle, now friends. Nami then tells in that she was impressed that it could do what Misty’s Politoed did, and that it should help her in the competition. Later on, Bin, Nami, and the Pokemon squad perform in the competition. Bin does its best and they end up winning! Later that night, Ash and co say their goodbyes to Nami. She tells Ash to try hard in the Johto league and for Misty to take good care of Politoed. Ash and co then continue on down the road towards Blackthorn City.....

Thanks To GoldenNoctowl For Writing this for us

251: I Politoed You So

251: Politoed and Cheerleading




Pikachu Bayleef Cyndaquil Totodile Phanpy
Geodude Onix Crobat
Psyduck Togepi Politoed Corsola
Arbok Wobbuffet
Bellossom Politoed Jumpluff Sunflora

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