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The gang finally reaches near Mt. Silver. Just another day and they're already there for the Silver Convention. Brock carries Larvitar, and everyone's pretty happy about it. After all, it was bad enough that Larvitar didn't trust anyone. They reach a rope bridge spanning a river that's in a gorge. The gang is a little hesistant and Ash asks Brock if there is any way around this. Brock says that this is the only crossing there is. Larvitar happily goes to the bridge anyway and the gang has no other choice but to follow. But from the water below, it appears that someone is spying on them.

The gang follows Larvitar as he happily walks through the forest on the other side. All of a sudden, the ground starts to shake. The shaking continues and everyone's worried about what's going on. Soon a Tyranitar appears, but it doesn't look angry, yet. The gang is shocked at seeing the Tyranitar but notices there's a scar, and it's the same scar that the Tyranitar in Larvitar's mind had. So this Tyranitar must be Larvitar's mother! Ash tries to tell Larvitar to hurry up and go up to his mother, but Ash nudging it stirs up the Tyranitar. The Tyranitar let's loose a Hyperbeam at the gang, but they easily get out unhurt.

The gang starts to run from the Tyranitar's wrath but Larvitar is also scared and runs with them! Ash tells Larvitar to stay put so it'll stop the Tyranitar from going on this insane rampage. Instead Larvitar gets a grip on Pikachu's tail and it's just back to square one. As they run, the same someone gets a glimpse of the Tyranitar from a machine, this time behind some bushes. In the machine is a trio of men in jump suits. One of them wearing a beret, another having a cat-like face, and the final one is a stout person. It looks like these were the same people who was in Larvitar's memories.

They continue to run until the Tyranitar fires the beam past them and knocks them onto their feet. All seems lost but Larvitar suddenly Screeches out. The Tyranitar seemed to get the idea that Larvitar is her son. The brief moment of reunion is cut short when the msyterious people make their move. A projectile is fired at the Tyranitar which captures her in a restraining net. Everyone wonders what's going on until the culprits finally show their faces. They call themselves the Pokemon Poacher Brothers, and as anyone could've guessed, the one in the beret is their leader.

In the distance, the Rockets are spying on the situation from far. It seems like the Poacher Brothers are known to be one of Team Rocket's better rivals. And by that, they're pretty much the same deal, only with wild Pokemon. They think they can get that machine they have to use on the gang, but how? James says they should give them a meal with grilled meat, but all he got was a long moment of silence.

The cat-face pulls out a remote and aims for Larvitar. They fire another projectile but Ash gets in the way, him getting caught in the net. The Poachers aren't too phased, they just try again. Before they could fire again, sirens sound in the distance. The Poachers soon pile in their machine grabs the captured Tyranitar and makes a fast get-away. Before they lost sight, Brock sends out Crobat to follow where the Poachers are going.

Soon a woman in orange on a motorcycle with a Croconaw show up. She asks if there was anything going on here since there was that shaking earlier. Misty is about to explain it when Brock goes up and talks to the woman with the love burst. Brock continues rambling on with random stuff, every so often there's a pause. The woman gets a chance to say that she's Mason, a Ranger of the Pokémon Preserve. Pikachu was poking the restraint that held Ash (throughout the whole time) and finally Ash tries to get some attention. Ash finally is free, but how are they gonna cut a deal with the brothers to make everything win-win? Ash says they should give them a meal, and there's silence. Then they notice Larvitar, who looks a little sad. Ash walks up to him and tells him to cheer up, they'll get his mother back before he knows it. Mason tries to talk to Larvitar, but for some reason, Larvitar gets his spooks back.

Meanwhile, Jesse, James, and Meowth try to make a deal with the Poachers. They even beg for the use of their machine, heck they all give each one massages. Finally the brothers gives them permission, only if they could use their balloon until the Rockets business is over. All in this happening, Crobat, who was hidden from view, flies off to report back to Brock and the others. The Rockets on the other hand enthusiastically jump into the machine and take it for a spin.

Crobat gets back to the gang and soon everyone follows Crobat to see where the Poachers had gone. Along the way however, they get interrupted by the Rockets who still have the Poachers' machine. The Rockets say they're motto before they try the machine out. Just above them however, are the Poachers in the Rocket's balloon with Tyranitar hanging from the basket. The Jesse pulls out a remote and fires another restraint net to them. Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt against it and Mason has her Crocnaw hose it down with Hydropump. The net is relfected back at the Rockets which sends the back into the sky.

The Poachers came prepared for this though. The cat-face brother pulls out another remote and starts up the machine from there. The machine charges right at them, everyone surprised. It gives the Poachers just enough time to snag Pikachu and Cronaw. And to prevent any other resistance, they fire a restraint at everyone but Larvitar! Ash tells Larvitar to screech, not only will it get Larvitar's mother's attention, but it'll distract the Poachers long enough. Larvitar nods and makes a loud Screech. It does distract the Poachers and Tyranitar notices. Soon Tyranitar wiggles around and breaks free but is stopped by a charge of electricty. If only they could get that remote somehow.

The Tyranitar however doesn't care for a little electricty, she still tries to break free by continously firing Hyper Beam charges. The front netting finally snaps and the Tyrannnitar swings around and fires a Hyper Beam at the balloon. Not only does the balloon go down, but the remote goes into pieces as well on the landing. Fortunately for Tyranitar, she's nowhere near the Poachers. Larvitar hurries to Tyranitar, but the Poachers still won't give up the match, they get into the machine and they try get them that way. Ash tells Larvitar to use Hidden Power to take them out. Larvitar charges up for Hidden Power, while Tyranitar charges for Hyper Beam. The two make a dual attack that blows the machines to bits, only leaving the Poachers sitting down on a metal plate before the whole thing breaks apart.

Larvitar looks up to Tyranitar and jumps up, the two finally are together once more. The Poacher's are left tied up with the whole organization Mason leads thanks Ash and the gang for their hard work. Later in the evening, Mason gives some pointers about the Silver Convention and the direction to Mt. Silver from here. The gang heads off, but after a while, Larvitar calls out to them. They look as see that Larvitar is waving goodbye to them and so the gang waves back.

As for the Rockets, they're left hanging from the bridge, still stuck in the restraint.

Thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing This for us

266: Mother Of All Battles!

266: Tyranitar and Larvitar!



Ranger Mason

Pikachu Larvitar
Ranger Mason:

Gives Larvitar back to it's mother