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Our last episode left off when Ash and Harrison were about to fight the semifinal battle in the Grass field. Ash deicdes to use Pikachu, as Harrison takes out Kecleon! Suddenly, Kecleon disappears into the scenery, and Ash tells Pikachu to be careful. Suddenly, it appears again! Oak, from the audience, mentions that there are lots of Pokemon Ash has not battled yet. Ash’s Mom mentions that if Ash wins this he’ll be in the top 4. Then, the ref signals the match to start!

Pikachu starts to head towards Kecleon, but it disappears. Pikachu starts to look around, considering the pattern on its stomach is still visible. Suddenly, he finds it, and goes for a Quick Attack, but Kecleon is just too fast. It disappears yet again into a grassy area. Pikachu desperately runs around, but has no luck. Then, Ash has an idea… he has Pikachu try to use its hearing sense to track down Kecleon! He does just that… He closes his eyes, listens deeply for a rustling sound… suddenly, he hears it, and runs towards it! He managed to find Kecleon, but then he sticks out his tongue, and licks Pikachu from head to toe! Pikachu gets paralyzed, so Kecleon uses its chance to camouflage and run around confusing Pikachu. Just as Kecleon uses a Psybeam, Pikachu regains consciousness and dodges it. Kecleon goes for another lick, but Pikachu runs off to hide in the nearby grass. However, Kecleon does give his tongue-lashing up, and tries to Lick Pikachu again… but Pikachu stops him by grabbing the tongue with his hand! While Kecleon cant move, Pikachu Thunderbolts it, winning the round! Brock, Misty, and even Gary congratulate Ash on his strategies.

As Harrison returns Kecleon, Ash and Pikchu do the victory pose, and Harrison uses good ol’ Sneasel! Pikachu starts with a Thunderbolt, but Sneasel avoids it quickly with its great speed. Then, Sneasel uses a Metal Claw, knocking Pikachu out! Misty gets worried as Ash runs up to the field to make sure Pikachu is ok. Apparenly it get hit, but Brock says not to worry, considering they have a whole match ahead of them. Ash congratulates Pikachu on its battling, as he lets him rest with Misty.

Next, Ash takes out Totodile. He starts off with a Water Gun, which Sneasel easily dodges. Sneasel counters with a Metal Claw, but as he starts to do so, Totodile Bites his arm, and starts dancing around. Totodile then uses an Iron Tail, knocking Sneasel out! Harrison returns Sneasel, and states that he’s not as easy as he seems…

Hypno is taken out next. He may be a strong Psychic type, but Hypno tend to be resistant to lots of attacks! Totodile starts off with a Scary Face, but its totally ineffective, as Hypno doesn’t flinch. He just keeps staring . Then, Hypno uses Hypnosis, putting Totodile to sleep! Then, Hypno picks up Totodile with Psychic, and throws him across the field, making him faint!

Next, Ash takes out Snorlax… but to his surprise, Snorlax is already sleeping! J Ash may be a bit surprised, but he seems relieved that now Hypno’s Hypnosis will be unaffective… However, Misty worries that it can still use physical attacks… but it doesn’t! It goes up to Snorlax, and uses Dream Eater! Misty and Ash get worried at what will happen now… but then, since Snorlax lost its dream, it wakes up! It seems to be really upset… so upset that it starts too go in a rage of Hyper Beams, knocking Hypno out! Now that 3 of Harrison’s Pokemon have been knocked out, it’s time for the intermission.

Ash goes to talk to Misty and Brock for the break, they congratulate him, and Gary waves from way back in the audience… Meanwhile, Team Rocket are arguing over what to do now with all the money and badges they got. Eventually they come up with a plan, to go and trade them, and then sell them, and maybe get something special for the boss…

The intermission is over, and now Gary is rooting for Ash… Back at the field, for the second half of the battle, Ash takes out Noctowl, and Harrison takes out… Steelix! Worried, Noctowl starts off with a Confusion. However, as the whole field gets covered in the blast, Steelix Digs into the ground, and pops out, hitting Noctowl! Misty and Brock seem to be impressed at how fast Harrison’s Steelix is… even though its not on their side. Anyways, Noctowl tries to use Hypnosis, but Steelix attacks it with an Iron Tail, fainting it! Ash’s Mom seems a bit worried about this battle, but Oak explains to her that Harrison tends to mainly use the counterattack strategy.

Now they both have 3 Pokemon left, and Ash takes out Snorlax again. Snorlax starts off with a Hyper Beam, but Steelix quickly dodges it and starts to Bind Snorlax! Then, Steelix Bites Snorlax… but Snorlax desperately goes for an Ice Punch! Steelix’s curled up body gets all frozen, and Snorlax manages to easily slip out. Then, Snorlax uses a Hyper Beam on the frozen Steelix, knocking it out!

Misty and Brock realize that Ash used a great strategy, since Ice attacks are effective to Steel type Pokemon. Next, Harrison, challenging for another interesting strategy, sends out his Houndoom! Snorlax desperately lets out a Hyper Beam, but Houndoom quickly uses Counter, knocking the Hyper Beam back at Snorlax, fainting it! Brock is surprised at how Harrison managed to get a Houndoom with COUNTER. Harrison then boasts about how his Pokemon are special… However, Ash is ready, since they both have two Pokemon left.

Ash then takes out Bayleef! However, Harrison, Misty, and Brock are surprised at his choice, since Grass types are weak to Fire… Oak also wonders whether it was a mistake. But Ash seems confident… yes, he has Bayleef start out with Razor Leaf, which Houndoom easily burns with Flamethrower. Brock then shouts that Grass type attacks are no good against Fire type Pokemon, so Ash has Bayleef use Headbutt… but as she comes near, Houndoom tries to Bite Bayleef’s head! However, Bayleef quickly sends out her Vines, and ties Houndoom’s mouth shut. Now that Houndoom can’t use Flamethrower, Bayleef lifts it up, and smashes it against the ground, fainting it! One more Pokemon left for Harrison…

Crossing his fingers, Harrison sends out… none other than Blaziken! Professor Oak recognizes Blaziken as one of the Pokemon that can only be gotten in Houen, and Ash checks the dex, and to his misfortune, its another Fire type, which Bayleef is resistant to! Misty and Brock desperately watch, as Bayleef starts with Razor Leaf again. Then, Blaziken just kicks, and his foot simply burns them. Bayleef better be careful now! Bayleef tries a Vine Whip, but Blaziken simply catches the vine, and starts pulling Bayleef towards him. Bayleef tries her hardest to free herself, but Blaziken, is just too strong. When Blaziken finally pulls Bayleef close enough, he uses a Fire Punch, and knocks out Bayleef! Now, Ash has only one Pokemon left. Among Ash’s supporters, Macey from the preliminaries happens to be in the crowd, greatly impressed by Blaziken’s strength, wishing she had one.

Ash thinks fast, and sends out Charizard! They finally got to the final battle… but Harrison seems nervous. Blaziken may be at a really high level, but so is Charizard! Charizard starts with a Flamethrower, as Blaziken counters with his own Flamethrower! Who will win? Tune in next week…

Thanks to Spinazak for writing This for us

273: Playing with Fire!

273: Blaziken Returns! Battle with Harrison!!



Professor Oak
Delia Ketchum

Pikachu Charizard Snorlax Bayleef Totodile Noctowl
Togepi Politoed
Hypno Steelix Sneasel Houndoom Blaziken Kecleon
Special/Other Trainers:
Machoke Machamp

Ash has his battle with Harrison
The match does not end