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Our last episode left off with Ash and Harrison facing each other in a quarterfinal match, down to the last round. Charizard and Blaziken have just been trying to out Flamethrow each other. Eventually, they blow so hard, that the whole field gets shaded by smoke, and when the smoke clears, they stand, glaring at each other! Charizard goes for another Flamethrower, but Blaziken easily avoids it by jumping. However, Charizard quickly turns towards Blaziken, and releases a Dragon Rage! However, Blaziken lands, avoiding it. Then, Blaziken goes for a Flamethrower, which Charizard easily avoids by flying in the air. Then, they get into another Flamethrower battle… and eventually Blaziken just stops, and quickly moves out of the way, using Quick Attack on Charizard, and Fire Punching him in the face! However, Charizard doesn’t give up, as he uses another Flamethrower, which gives Blaziken a bit more damage. Then, as Blaziken goes for another Quick Attack… Charizard quickly grabs him by the back, lifts him up, and goes for a Seismic Toss! As Charizard drops Blaziken, he hits the ground hard, unable to get up. The ref gets ready to declare Charizard the winner…

…Never mind. Blaziken easily gets up! As Ash is surprised, Brock thinks a bit deeply, and points out that Blaziken used a Flamethrower just before he hit the ground, which somehow caused him to avoid the hit. Apparently he was just playing dead. However, Blaziken may be still up, but he’s got lots of damage, and he’s nearly out of breath. Charizard is also nearly out of breath himself… Anyways, Blaziken goes for another Quick Attack… but Charizard counters with Flamethrower, hitting Blaziken. Charizard then tries going for a Seismic toss again… but Blaziken jumps up, avoiding it… and “Blaze Kick”s Charizard right in the face! Apparently, this was a hard kick… and Charizard has trouble getting up. …Charizard finally gets up, and just as Blaziken attacks again with Flamethrower, Charizard lets out a Dragon Rage. There’s a huge explosion between the two… and when the smoke clears, they seem to have both fainted!

…Or have they. Ash and Harrison yell desperately to get up, but they seem to have both fainted. This match is a— Wait! Charizard begins to stir… and Blaziken moves a muscle as well. After a load of struggling and suspense from the audience, they both manage to get up… and with all their might, they toast each other with the Flamethrowers of fate… and again, they both seem to have fainted— However, Blaziken and Charizard both manage to move a bit… but suddenly, Blaziken gets up on his feet. Charizard, however, seems to be out cold… no wait, he’s moving…

Yes… Charizard is finally back up… …Collapsing again. This match goes to Blaziken. Everyone applauds, Harrison bows, and Ash… well, actually, he takes the whole thing calmly, shakes Harrison’s hand, and congratulates him on winning . Misty and Pikachu are a little depressed, but they congratulate Ash on his good skills. Some of the other spectators applaud to that as well, and Ash bows.

So, Ash has finally finished the Johto league, and he decides to let Squirtle train a bit more with Jenny. Oak and Ash's mom say they'll be going home soon, Ash is surprised, but it seems that Mr. Mime was left to take care of the housework, and the herbs in the garden, and Oak also needs to get home to take care of the lab, which he'd left Tracey in charge of. Then, Ash asks Oak what he thinks of Charizard’s condition. Apparently, it may have to stay in the local Pokemon center overnight, but it will be returning to Liza tomorrow. Ash thanks Oak, as him and Delia head back to Pallet Town.

Meanwhile, today is the day the “badges” Team Rocket sold are “supposed” to be in. A bunch of people come to the front of the building to pick it up… but apparently, the badges being sold are not the ones they ordered! Everyone starts to sigh and boo…^^;.

The next day, Harrison faces Toshiya from St. Cherry Town in the semifinals, and as Ash watches, he loses (Houndoom VS. Rhyhorn I think). However, Ash notices that Harrison didn’;t use Blaziken the whole battle… but Brock, being smart, points out that from yesterday’s battle, Blaziken needs to recover at the Pokemon Center. Later that night, Ash and co. happen to be walking by the nearby pond, and they notice Harrison relaxing there. Harrison seems to be worrying about Blaziken at the Pokemon center, and then he notices Ash and Misty. They comfort him a little, hoping that Blaziken is recovering well. Then, Harrison goes on to another subject, and asks Ash if he really knows Oak personally. Ash, surprised, answers and asks why. Harrison then explains that he heard lots of rumors about Oak from Professor Odamaki, that he’s a famous Pokemon researcher, and that he also knows many battle strategies depending on the field, so he figured that was probably him. Harrison then finds out to his surprise that Ash has actually met Oak, been to his lab, taken his hand, and even got that Pikachu from him! Harrison then explains to Ash about how he left Mishiro Town to participate in the Johto league, and how Odamaki has explained to him that in different worlds they can meet different Pokemon, with a flashback showing Odamaki with 5 different new kinds of Pokémon. Then, Harrison explains how during his trip, he came across many different experiences, and states that meeting Ash was one of his important experiences. Then, Ash explains that he hasn’t been to Houen yet, and Harrison immediately recommends that he go. He also says that he should meet Professor Odamaki, the one who gave Harrison his Blaziken. Also, it would be nice to meet lots of new Pokemon! Ash then raises his fist in triumph, ready to set out… but suddenly, they hear a woman scream! They jump, and decide to go after the scream.

A bit later, Ash and co follow the screams, and find a bunch of people screaming by a hotel. Ash asks whats wrong, and one of the women points to three transparent white ghostly objects floating about! Ash then takes out Noctowl, and has him use a Foresight to see what’s causing this illusion. He does so, and it reveals a Misdreavus! Ash seems surprised, wondering what a Misdreavus would be doing there… but then, Gary approaches, also surprised to see the Misdreavus… and he can immediately tell that it’s looking for something. Wondering what it’s looking for, they all decide to follow it as it goes into the woods… Eventually, the Misdreavus leads him to a tree… which has another Misdreavus wedged under there, and stuck! They decide to try to help its friend. The push on the tree… harder… and harder… until, SNAP! The tree breaks, and Misdreavus is saved… or is it. It seems to be in a lot of pain! They all crowd around it… then, Gary puts his arms around the injured Misdreavus… and waits for a while… and then, Misdreavus opens his eyes, happy to see Gary saved him, and glad he’s safe himself. Then, Misdreavus goes back with its friend, and they disappear into the forest.

Misty wonders what just happened, and why wild Misdreavus would come to the Silver Convention, but Gary then explains that the Misdreavus have a habitat at the foot of Mt. Silver! Ash complements Gary on his knowledge, and tells him of the wonderful things he saw on his journey, such as a Magikarp evolving into a Gyarados, and a Remoraid evolving into an Octillery… Gary agrees that this is one of the many wonders of Pokemon… and then, Gary mentions that he plans on giving training a rest, and planning to become a great Pokemon researcher! Ash wishes him best of luck, and Gary thanks him and congratulates him on making it far, as they shake hands again. Misty and Brock point out how interesting it was that they started out as enemies…

Later, during the Silver Convention final, just as the battle ends, it’s Rapidash VS Rhyhorn (Rhyhorn belonging to Toshiya of St. Cherry Town), Rhyhorn wins, and Charles Goodshow, the chairman, awards Toshiya the Silver Convention trophy! He thanks him, and sets off. The Silver Convention is over now, and it’s a silent moment at the arena…

…But meanwhile, Team Rocket are inside the building cooking up an evil plan with the money. Suddenly, from the window, Team Rocket notice a mob coming… and they’re glad to see they have more “customers”. However, then they realize they are their old customers, coming to collect their debt from the scam! James is worried that they’re caught, and closes the shutter… but then, Jessie says “There’s no such thing as ‘no way out’!” as she pushes a button… Suddenly, their whole building turns into a ROBOT, which walks away, escaping…!

Meanwhile, Ash and co, Gary, and Harrison, are getting ready to part. Harrison says he’s planning on battling in the Indigo league, Gary says he’s gonna take the cut through Mt. Silver back to Pallet Town, and Ash is gonna take the path through Viridian City back to Pallet Town, together with Misty and Brock. Ash and Harrison shake hands, promising to meet again... when suddenly, Team Rocket’s building-robot approaches, ready to take Pikachu! They shoot a missile, which separates Ash and Pikachu, as they grab him with one of the hands! Quickly, Gary takes out Blastoise, uses Hydro Pump, which sogs up the net, letting Pikachu escape! As Team Rocket are surprised, Harrison takes out Blaziken, and burns the robot! As it heats up, Ash has Pikachu use a Thunderbolt, blowing up the robot and sending them blasting off.

Afterwards, Ash, Harrison, and Gary exchange handshakes, wish each other luck on their goals, as Harrison sets off (Gary still has to go with them part of the way)! A bit later, when they get to the path where Ash and co. separate from Gary, they shake hands, and Ash wishes him luck on his Pokemon studies. Gary then wishes Ash luck on becoming a Pokemon master, and they wave to each other… until Gary disappears in the distance. Ash then sets off on his way back to Pallet Town.

Thanks to Spinazak for writing This for us

274: Johto Photo Finish

274: To the End of the Full Battle! Each One's Way!!



Professor Oak
Delia Ketchum

Pikachu Charizard Squirtle Mr. Mime Noctowl
Togepi Politoed
Houndoom Blaziken
Jon Dickson:
Rapidash Rhyhorn
Rattata Oddish Gloom Vileplume Bellsprout Hitmonlee Hitmonchan Rhydon Magikarp Gyarados Eevee Vaporeon Jolteon Flareon Espeon Umbreon Misdreavus Remoraid Octillery Houndour Tyrogue Hitmontop Poochyena Zigzagoon Lotad Seedot Shroomish Sharpedo Wailmer

Ash loses his battle with Harrison

sends Squirtle back to the Squirtle Squad

sends Charizard back to the Valley

Harrison loses in the Semi-finals
Harrison tells Ash that he should go to Houen

Seedot makes it's first anime appearence

Lotad makes it's first anime appearence

Zigzagoon makes it's first anime appearence

Shroomish makes it's first anime appearence

Wailmer makes it's first anime appearence

Sharpedo makes it's first anime appearence
Ash, Harrison and Gary head their seperate ways
Harrison heads to the Indigo League
Gary heads back to Pallet Town
Ash, Misty and Brock head back to Pallet Town