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The episode begins in a Pokemon Centre far into the countryside. We first find the group inside, with Ash just getting his Pokemon back from Nurse Joy. Ash is excited, and Pikachu cheers, both anxious to get the nearby Battle Arena where Ash's next Frontier Challenge Opponent is. The group seem impressed at Ash's excitement, as does Scott, who has been listening to the group's conversation from the corner where he's been sitting drinking coffee. Ash is surprised by happy to see the man, and the rest of the group bid him Good Afternoon. Scott asks Ash is he's heading for the Battle Arena, and Ash says that he is, and says that it'll be his second symbol once he wins.

The scene then cuts to what appears to be a fighting dojo. In the middle of the dojo's courtyard, several karate uniform clad students follow the movements and thrusts of a blond haired woman at the front of the various lines of students. All apart from Team Rocket however, who seemed to have joined in on the training for some reason, with all three having donned the dojo's martial arts uniform. The tough training seems to have worn them away though, as all three falter and struggle to continue. Jessie, having enough, screams at James and Meowth and wonders why they have to do such hard work to get what they want. James, tired also, reminds her that they know that Ash and his friends will be coming to the Battle Arena to challenge the Frontier Brain... and he'll bring Pikachu with him, which means another chance to nab it. The man standing near the dojo's leader shouts at them to get back to work. The three tiredly agree, and the hard training continues. The next step involving all of them balancing small bwls on their heads while putting their hands forward; a technique used to perfect balance and coordination. The three fall over and all the bowls smash, not having the energy to go on.

The man who shouted at them before, who appears to be the dojo leader's assistant, runs over to said dojo leader, who he calls Captain, and tells her that Scott has just sent them a message... that a new challenger will be coming soon.

Back with Ash and co., we find them listening to Scott as he explains to the group about the Arena Captain, who's name is Greta. Max asks what sort of Pokemon she uses, and Scott tells him that she uses Pokemon like Medicham and Hariyama. Brock remarks that these are both Fighting Types, and Scott goes on to explain that she excels with Fighting Types, much like the Cianwood's Chuck and Dewford's Brawly. The group then leaves the Pokemon Centre, but Ash slows down behind them and starts thinking. The group asks him what's wrong, and Ash mutters something about Medicham and Hariyama... and then runs back into the Centre, telling the group that he'll catch up to them.

Later on, we find the group, including Ash and Scott, at the gates of the Battle Arena. Ash screams hello, but there is no response. Scott steps forward, and tells him that they won't let him with a greeting like that. He shouts something of his own, and the gate opens. The group enter, and are greeted by an amazing sight. Greta stands before the dojo entrance, with a whole group of her martial art students behind her. Greta greets them, and introduces herself... she is the Arena Captain, Greta. Scott formally introduces the group to her, especially Ash, the challenger. Ash says hello, and introduces himself and Pikachu. Greta seems impressed at her challenger, and the two face off... May seems a little overwhelmed by the fighting tension between the two though, and smiles nervously. Greta then calls for a Roulette, and Ash looks at her confused... what does she mean? A huge roulette wheel emerges out of the ground, and Greta explains the purpose of such a device... the wheel will spin, and whatever numberof dots it lands on, that will be how many Pokemon they shall use each. To make sure it's fair, she tells Ash to spin the wheel, and Ash does so, pulling the lever to make it spin. After some slow spinning, the wheel finally lands on two spots; which means two Pokemon each.

Watching all of this is Team Rocket, who are resting in a far off corner. Jessie grins, and Meowth comments that they'll have to catch it... and then get promoted! James is a little busy however, and isn't really focusing on what his team mates are saying, enjoying himself cleaning the dojo's floor. Mime Jr appears and starts to help clean also, and he wonders how exactly they can go about catching Ash's Pikachu.

One of Greta's students hits on a large metal plate, and all of Greta's students sit to watch the battle. The two opponent's face off, and Greta sends out the two Pokemon that she'll be using, as both trainers must show them before the battle begins. Throwing her Pokeballs, Medicham and Hariyama emerge and stand by their trainer. May remarks that Scott was right, and Scott smiles and wonders if Ash is good enough to stand up to these strong Pokemon. Ash then sends out his Pokemon, Grovyle and... Snorlax! May is shocked, and Brock remarks that Ash must have called his Snorlax from Oak's Lab especially for this battle. Scott wonders about his choice, as Snorlax is a Normal Type and Hariyama is a Fighting type... and thus as an advantage over Snorlax. Greta announces that her first Pokemon will be Hariyama, and Ash chooses Grovyle.

The battle begins! Ash starts off by ordering Grovyle to use Quick Attack, and Grovyle speeds towards Hariyama. Greta orders Hariyama to defend itself with Arm Thrust, and Ash counters by changing tact and ordering Grovyle to use Bullet Seed. Grovyle leaps up, and fires a volley of seed bullets at Hariyama, but the fighting Pokemon uses its arms to defend against the attack. Greta then orders Hariyama to attack, and Hariyama charges towards Grovyle. Ash counters by ordering another Bullet Seed. Grovyle attacks again, but Hariyama dodges much to Ash's surprise. Hariyama then grabs hold of Grovyle's leg and slams it down on the floor. Greta then orders Hariyama to use Arm Thrust again, and it does so, thrusting forward its huge hand and slamming Grovyle against a nearby wall. Ash, frustrated, tells Grovyle to use Quick Attack, having noticed Hariyama's own speed.

Grovyle races towards Hariyama, but the bulky Pokemon dodges out of the way once again. Ash, having seen a chance to attack, calls for a Leaf Blade.Grovyle does so, slicing hard against Hariyama and sending it crashing to the floor. Greta isn't worried however, even when Ash orders another Leaf Blade. As Grovyle leaps towards Hariyama, Greta orders her Pokemon to use Focus Punch. Hariyama's hand lights up, as the Pokemon focuses its energy into one unstoppable force. Hariyama thrusts up, smashing into Grovyle square on the chest just as Grovyle is about to attack. Grovyle is sent back, and sent flying up to the roof. Grovyle smashes into it, and then falls back to the floor. A dust cloud appears around Grovyle, and when it clears, the referee announces that Grovyle is unable to battle.

Brock is amazed that not even Grovyle's speed was able to win it for Ash and Scott remarks that the power of Hariyama's Focus Punch is a force to be reckoned with.

The next round begins, Ash calling out his second and final Pokemon, Snorlax. Greta shouts encourage to her Hariyama. Team Rocket look on at the battle, annoyed and James tells Meowth that they'll never have a chance to strike!

The battle begins once again, and Greta starts things off this time by calling for another Arm Thrust. Deciding to take the defensive, Ash tells Snorlax to use Protect, which makes all of Hariyama's thrusts useless. Hariyama continues to attack however, and Snorlax is eventually sent flying back. Greta smiles, knowing that it wouldn't be able to keep the Protect up for too long. Greta orders Hariyama to attack, and Ash tells Snorlax to dodge and then use Headbutt. Snorlax does so, dodging the attack and smashing its head straight into Hariyama. Greta smiles, and orders Hariyama to use its ultimate attack once again. Hariyama clenches its fist, focusing its energy for another Focus Punch. Storing up enough energy, Hariyama runs towards Snorlax. Knowing what such an attack can do, Ash orders Snorlax to use Protect again. The force of the attack is too strong however, and it sends Snorlax flying back. Greta smiles, and decides to finish the battle off with one final Focus Punch. Hariyama charges up again, and umps towards Snorlax. Snorlax dodges quickly however, and the punch smashes straight into the arena floor and damages its main way of attacking. Seeing its chance to attack, Ash orders Snorlax to use Ice Punch. Snorlax does so, and Hariyama falls to the ground, frozen. The referee announces that Hariyama is unable to battle and that Snorlax is the winner. Max cheers, and Scott looks on, proud about Ash's victory.

Greta sends out her second and final Pokemon, Medicham. Max encourages Ash, and May wishes him and Snorlax luck. Jessie and James aren't impressed however, and Jessie mutters that they'll NEVER have their chance and that all this waiting is getting really boring.

Greta starts thing off again by ordering another Focus Punch. Medicham spins around and vanishes, moving too fast for eyes to see. Medicham reappears in front of Snorlax, and Ash quickly orders Snorlax to use Protect again. Snorlax does so, and Medicham's attack forces Snorlax back. Greta then orders Medicham to follow up with High Jump Kick. Medicham does so, smashing its knee straight into Snorlax sending it flying back. Seeing her chance, Greta orders another Focus Punch. Medicham speeds towards Snorlax, and Ash tells Snorlax to use Hyper Beam to stop Medicham with Hyper Beam. Medicham skillfully dodges however, and twists around and quickly uses Focus Punch on Snorlax anyway. Snorlax is sent flying, and several of Greta's students run to avoid the falling Snorlax. Team Rocket fail to notice Snorlax however, and the huge Pokemon lands near them and the force of the attack sends them flying straight into the battle arena, minus their martial arts uniform. Ash sees them, and asks them what they want. Team ocket notice that their disguise has gone, and then proceed to recite their motto.

Greta seems to know what Team Rocket as an organization do as a living and shouts at the Pokemon thieves. Jessie smiles smugly at Greta and tells her that they're only here for Pikachu. They jump at Pikachu, but Ash orders Pikachu to use Thunderbolt which sends Team Rocket flying out of the window and blasting off again.

Greta says that it's time for the battle to begin again, and she orders Medicham to attack. Ash orders Snorlax to use Ice Punch, and Greta does the same. Medicham is faster however, and Medicham's Ice Punch connects first. The smoke clears from the attack, and Snorlax has been encased in a block of ice. The group look on in shock, and Max wonders what Ash can do. Ash sees the only thing that can do, and orders Snorlax to use Rest. Snorlax does so, and falls asleep inside the block of ice. Greta seems impressed, but that's not going to stop her from winning as she tells Medicham to attack Snorlax with Focus Punch. Medicham does so, and starts to chip away at the block of ice as Snorlax rests. Ash grits his teeth, and tells Snorlax under his breath to do his best and to hang on. After several attacks, the top of the ice breaks off and Snorlax's head is exposed. Greta then calls for another attack, and the ice breaks and shatters, leaving Snorlax still sleeping but free.

Snorlax then wakes up however, and Greta orders for Medicham to finish Snorlax off with High Jump Kick. Medicham does so, jumping up into the air, spinning around and thrusting forwards towards Snorlax. Ash shouts at Snorlax to dodge, and Snorlax dodges quickly. Greta is impressed, and Ash smiles before ordering Snorlax to use Hyper Beam. Snorlax jumps into the air and fires off Hyper Beam. Medicham dodges, then uses Focus Punch on Greta's order. Medicham does so, and Snorlax is sent back. Ash orders Snorlax to use Hyper Beam again, but the attack fails and Brock remembers that Hyper Beam needs to recharge before it can be used again. Greta tells Medicham that its their chance, and orders it to use Focus Punch. Medicham runs towards Snorlax, and quickly unleashes its powerful attack. Snorlax does its best to dodge and it recharges. Ash grits his teeth and tells Snorlax to use the attack as soon as it can, as Snorlax is forced to take the attacks, unable to move while it recharges.

Just as the attack is charging up again, Greta tells Medicham to use its final, most powerful Focus Punch. Just as the attack is about to hit however, Ash tells Snorlax to fire Hyper Beam at the floor to thrust itself up into the air, thus dodging the attack. Greta is shocked, and Ash tells Snorlax to use a full power Body Slam on Medicham, using the full force of the drop back down to the ground in its attack. The dust clears, and Medicham has been knocked down and out. The referee announces that Medicham is unable to battle, and that Ash is the winner. Ash then hugs his Snorlax in happiness, and May, Max, Brock and Scott cheer.

Outside, with the sun setting, Greta congratulates Ash on his victory and gives him the Guts Symbol. Ash pulls his usual pose and May and Max congratulate him. Scott tells Ash that the next challenge will be the Battle Dome.

The episode ends with Ash, May, Max and Brock walking through a forest as the sunsets.

Thanks to Alfonso for writing this for us

426: Wheel...of Frontier!

426: Battle Arena! Fighting Confrontation



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Ash beats Greta and gets the Guts Symbol
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