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The episode begins with our heroes walking through the countryside, with Ash admiring his new Guts Symbol that he just won off Greta at the Battle Arena. The group are on their way to the Battle Dome, and are making good progress... before May notices something and runs off, running down a small hill and standing to admire a cute looking building. So wrapped up in her new mind, May fails to notice two Pokemon slide up behind her- Voltorb! Max shouts to warn her, but it's too late as the two Voltorb electrocute her.

May sits on the ground, recovering from the attack as Ash asks her if she's okay. Brock wonders why Voltorb attacked her, and is answered when a young girl appears with a pitchfork. The girl explains that the Voltorb are under orders to protect the private property, and May nervously apologises and says that she didn't realise. However, the girl recognises May from somewhere, and runs towards her, excited and saying how she saw May in one of her Contests on TV. The girl blushes and stares at May in wonder. Just then, an older man and woman walk out and call the girl, who appears to be their daughter, for a break. We then cut to a scene of the group and the family having some coffee and biscuits, and the father asks Ash if he is taking the Battle Frontier challenge. Ash says that he is, and May adds that she's trying to be a Top Coordinator. The mother smiles, and says that her daughter, Shiromi also wants to be a Coordinator and enter Contests. May wonders why she isn't out on the road, and entering Contest, and Shiromi's father explains that she's reluctant to go because of their work. The family takes care of Pokemon Eggs. May and Max repeat the words 'Pokemon Eggs' in surprise, and comment that they've never seen one before, seemingly having forgotten their adventures with Old Man Mudkip. Ash smiles, and Shiromi's father offers to give them a little tour and see them. May and Max smile happily, and thank him.

Later, outside, Max busily brushes Munchlax while sitting behind it, and tells it how it has got to look its best for the upcoming Pokemon Contests. Shiromi then walks over, and she and Max argue as she lets slip that she's interested in Contests, not knowing that Max already knows. She then grits her teeth bitterly... why can't she enter Contests too? May greets her, and walks over, telling her that she's happy to hear that she wants to be a Coordinator too. Shiromi isn't impressed, and realises that her mother and father probably told her. She huffs, and says that it isn't really her business. May is a little confused, especially when Shiromi turns around and insists that they have a battle right here, right now. Before May can say anything, Shiromi points at Munchlax and orders her to use it. May looks a little worried, as she hasn't really had a lot of experience battling with Munchlax, but Shiromi doesn't care as she sends out her Vileplume. May asks her to wait a second, and Shiromi ignores her and orers Vileplume to use Petal Dance.

The battle starts, and Vileplume uses Petal Dance as ordered to fire off a barrage of petals which smashes into Munchlax and takes it by surprise. Munchlax seems confused after the attack, and randomly starts to use Metronome much to May's dismay. Max wonders what attack Munchlax could use, and is soon answered when a bright flash of light emits from Munchlax's fingers and... Munchlax uses Splash. Max and May grumble at the attack's lack of success, but Shiromi sees this as her chance and orders Vileplume to use Stun Spore. The paralyzing dust smokes around Munchlax, and causes its body to freeze up. May begs her Pokemon to try to fight it, but Shiromi quickly orders Bullet Seed to finish Munchlax off. Laughing, thinking she's won, Shiromi says that she's surprised May got so far in her Contests... she ain't that hot. May becomes angry, and shouts at Munchlax to try to shake it off, to focus!

Munchlax literally does that, and emerges from the smoke, and dashes towards Vileplume with its fist clenched and sining bright. Vileplume, surprised, simply stands there as Munchlax smashes its fist straight into Vileplume and sends it flying. Shiromi calls out to her Pokemon as May wonders what in the world just happened. Max says that it must have used Focus Punch. May becomes excited at this, happy that her Pokemon had just learned a new attack. Not willing to let Shiromi recover, May orders Munchlax to use Solar Beam and finish the battle. Munchlax charges up and fires Solar Beam straight at Vileplume. Vileplume manages to duck, but the beam seems to hit its weak spot of Vileplume's petals. Vileplume faints, and Shiromi calls her Pokemon back to its Pokeball.

May apologises, and Shiromi says it doesn't matter... Vileplume will be okay. It's strong, after all... turning away from May however, Shiromi looks really worried. May congratulates her Munchlax, and says that it was amazing! Ash then calls over, and Brock shouts that it's time to go see the Pokemon Eggs. May and Max smile in delight, and they join Ash, Brocm and Shiromi's father.

The group enter one of the egg storage houses, and May and Max look around, excited at seeing all the cute Pokemon eggs. Shiromi's father explains that there are many different types, and points out a Cleffa egg, while May and Max look in wonder at an Elekid egg.

Outside, Team Rocket stare at the breeding center from a group of bushes to hide them. The three wonder how to get in with the Voltorb on guard, and James clicks his fingers... he has an idea.

Later that evening, the group have just finished eating a delicous meal provided to them by Shiromi's mother. The group thank her, but Shiromi doesn't look impressed. Ignoring her mother's attempts to talk her her, Shiromi gets up and says that she's going to go check on the eggs. May looks at the door Shiromi walked through silently, and wonders if there is anything to do that could help. Her thoughts her interrupted by a blinding flash from outside however, as in the far off field which Voltorb protects, a huge electric attack flares. Max wonders what could be happening, and Brock mutters that someone is probably trying to break into the Breeding Center.

Going outside, the group discover Shiromi and the two Voltorb from before standing in front of a giant Pokemon egg. Shiromi's father wonders where it could have come from. Just then, a sheet of paper flits down into Brock's hands. Brock reads it, and the letter asks them if they could look after the egg. The group look surprised, but they quickly get to work and fetch a device to help carry the egg from the fields and into the egg storage room. Watching them cart the egg away is Jessie and James. The electricity from Voltorb's attacks causing their hair to from into afros, but neither seem to find as Jessie wonders if they could give all the eggs to Giovanni as a present.

Back inside the egg storage area, Shiromi's father shows them a redish egg sitting on what appears to be some sort of high-tech incubator. Ash, May, Max and Brock then head off for the night, but May notices Shiromi inside one of the egg storage buildings lovingly warming up an egg with a cloth. May enters alone, and greets Shiromi. The girl doesn't look too pleased to see her, but May smiles and tries to get on with the girl. Taking one of the eggs from the shelf, May starts to rub it like Shiromi. Shiromi tells her to stop however, as she's doing it all wrong. When dealing with eggs, she has to be gentle, and rub the egg softly. May says that that's amazing, and Shiromi smiles to herself. May approachs the subject of being a Coordinator, and says that if she wants to, she should follow her dream. Shiromi smiles again, and says that she wished she could... but she's worried about leaving her mother and father, and all the eggs that she's been taking care of. May says that she understands, but says that beig a Coordinator brings you closer to your Pokemon, and is lots of fun too. She knows that Shiromi would enjoy it, especially if it's her dream.

Up to no good is Jessie and James, who float above the breeding center in their Meowth balloon. Using a communicator attached to her head, Jessie talks to Meowth and tells him that it's time to put their plan into operation. It seems that Meowth managed to sneak into the Breeding Center by hiding inside the huge Pokemon egg, which is a disguised mecha. Jessie asks if Meowth can do it, and Meowth tells her it'll be fine. Starting up the mecha, it sprouts some arm and legs as well as several grabbing arms used to grab all the eggs inside the storage building. Having collected all the eggs inside, Meowth proceeds inside the egg robot to make his escape... until he notices a loan egg- The same redish egg that Shiromi's father showed them. Deciding to catch 'em all, Meowth uses the mecha to smash through the window and grab it. Having got his prize, Meowth runs off, but not before the two parents can call the alarm which alerts May, Shiromi, Ash, Max and Brock. They instantly come running, and Shiromi's father tlls them what happened.

Meowth, still inside the egg mecha, runs through the field to meet with Jessie and James. The Voltorb try once again to stop him, but their attacks are harmless and they are knocked out by the feedback. Shiromi and the others than catch up to Meowth, and Shiromi wonders what in the world is going on. In response to her question, Jessie and James float down in their balloon and begin to recite their motto, with Mime Jr taking Meowth's place in it. They then use a huge plunger to pick up Meowth. Shiromi's parents then ask who they are, and Team Rocket begin to recite their motto again, before James realises that they already did it and then snaps at their ignorance. Max explains to them that Team Rocket are a bunch of thieves, and Shiromi notices that one of the eggs is glowing... her parents finally realise the serious nature of the situation, and ask if they are really going to take away their precious eggs. Jessie says that that's right, and James says that that's exactly what Team Rocket does. Ash angrily ommands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, bu Shiromi tells him to stop and reminds him that they can't harm the eggs. Meowth continues to dance in celebration, and Ash says that they can't just let them get away. May grits her teeth in frustration, but realises that there is something they can do. May suggests that Shiromi send out her Vileplume and have it use Stun Spore to stop Team Rocket. The attack hits straight on, and Team Rocket's balloon goes backwards and forwards in confusion. Shiromi decides to make things worse by calling for a Petal Dance which sends a state of confusion over Team Rocket to go with their paraylazation. The egg continues to glow as it is rattled around by Team Rocket's confusion, and eventually the eggs all fall out of the container Meowth was holding them in. The group dash towards the eggs, and manage to catch them before they break. All apart from the glowing egg however, and Shiromi watches it fall in despair.

May isn't about to let it crack however, and sends out Munchlax to grab it. The egg falls on Munchlax's stomach, and it bounces off Munchlax and into Shiromi's mother's arms. Jessie and James aren't happy though, and James screams at Meowth to do something. Meowth grins and says that he'll handle it, and sends out several of the grabbing arms to get the eggs back. Shiromi isn't having any of that though, and orders Vileplume to use Bullet Seed. The attack destroys all of the mecha's grabbing arms, much to Meowth's dismay. May and Shiromi then team up and order their Munchlax and Vileplume to use a double Solar Beam. The attack fires straight at Team Rocket, destroys it, and as the smoke clears... Team Rocket are still there, with their basket still intact but the actual balloon part gone. Jessie laughs, and orders Meowth to carry them away, with the basket still attached to the egg mecha. Ash then orders Pikachu to use Quick Attack, and Pikachu begins to speed towards the mecha... but something is a little ifferent, and its speed increases and it starts to glow. A yellow aura surronds Pikachu, and it slices straight through the egg mecha as it makes contact with it. The mecha explodes, and May is amazed at Pikachu's awesome power. Max wonders what happened to Quick Attack, and Brock explains that Pikachu just used a new attack, Volt Tackle. Ash congratulates Pikachu as his Pokemon poses and Team Rocket blast off once again.

Early next morning, the egg is still glowinga as the group watch it in the field. The egg suddenely hatches, and a Vulpix emerges, smiling happily. May checks her Pokemon, amazed at having seen such a miracle. Brock says that it's a nice, healthy looking Pokemon, and Shiromi comments on how cute it is. May then remarks on her battling skills and how she's sure she can do the same in a Contest Hall and do all sorts of beautiful combinations. Shiromi asks if really means it, and May nods, smiling. Shiromi thanks her, and says that she's going to try just that. Looks like May just found herself a new rival, as Ash comments.

As the group stands outside the breeding center, ready to head off, Shiromi hands May a Pokemon Egg. May looks a little worried, but Ash, Max and Brock say that they're sure she'll take care of it well. May accepts the egg and thanks Shiromi happily.

The episode ends with the group waving goodbye to Shiromi and her parents, on their way to the Battle Dome and May's next Contest challenge

Thanks to Alfonso for writing this for us

427: May's Egg-Cellent Adventure!

427: The Breeding Centre & The Pokémon Egg!



Mime Jr.
Special/Other Trainers:

May's Munchlax learns Focus Punch
Ash's Pikachu learns Volt Tackle
May gets a Pokémon Egg
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